Mrs. Jenny Maurer – Ehesklavin

The German word “Ehe” means marriage, the German word “sklavin” means slave. An “Ehesklavin” is a married slave, in this case my Ehesklavin. The day I married my slave is 2 years ago now. Another reason to write something about my love. But what shall I add what hasn’t been written down here yet?
Particularly the last months of our partnership were coined of a deep mutual understanding, we’re aware of our strengths and weaknesses. We’re very sure about eachother. Jenny is devoted to me more than ever – and I am devoted to her in another way. We’re enjoying eachother and we still explore eachother as well as we explore SL together. Lately we also spend nights just relaxing playing games like Greedy or BondZee. We often go to Venustus, a lesbian dancing club. We met quite a lot new people there and made new friendships.
After the loss of Rivers Rock we had a busy time in SL filled with the search of a new home and moving to Dragon Cove. But the result is a new home, a new start, a place to play, to relax, to dance and to have fun.
Second Life is simple good to us – and makes us happier and more content in our RL’s. Just as it should be. Thank you, Mrs. Jenny Maurer, for the last two years.

I love you, my Ehesklavin !!

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  1. Jenny Maurer
    Oct 24, 2010 @ 23:01:45

    Thank you for 2 wonderful years and I hope for many more to follow.
    Dio’s Ehesklavin


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