Ralf’s Dark Paradise

Here is another report from slaveboy who explored Ralf’s Dark Paradise and wrote a report for us and for you to read and hopefully to enjoy your visit there. Thank you, slaveboy!

Ralf’s Dark Paradiese is a very unique sim and begs to be discovered and explored. The landing area is in the main square of a medieval village, which is situated in the center of the island. It has a chateau nearby and also a large tower.

The chateau is elegantly furnished and has many rooms to explore for play or just curiosity. The tower belongs to Miss Marcy, a very clever magician. She uses it to conduct experiments. Have fun checking it out – it provides a nice, authentic play space and some cages.
The village has a number of stores which are worth exploring. It also has a church for those who need to say their prayers before venturing out into the sim.

When you come to Ralfs and you want to enjoy more than just the shopping area, bring some time with you because you will need it. Take time to explore the small alleys and walkways around the village. There are many little surprises hidden in the area. For general navigation, look for the blue tp-map in the village square. Of course, you can always use the green call button in the center of the square to get a ride. As is the case with Miss Marcy, this little village doesn’t come without some mystery and magic. On its outskirts are secret doorways to be discovered.
Behind Miss Marcy’s tower are the docks. Don’t play around on the ships unless you have a good friend who you can bribe into rescueing you and don’t go through the Gate to Hell – if you happen to find it.
To visit one of the main residences, cross the bridge near the docks but be aware of active traps. In the front yard of the residence (which has a soapball arena in the backyard) is the entrance to a tunnel, leading to an underwater dome. The dome is a beautiful place to party, chill, observe marine life or simply pod.

For the cage and cell lover, a visit to Miss Aanne’s is a must. The skybox is accessible through a tp pad on the outskirts of the village and has one of the most diverse collection of cages and cells. Outside of the village is a large fortress-like castle which is a gem and certainly worth a visit. It has a myriad of floors and rooms and is a popular hang-out. The locals know the place very well and it is advisable that you go with one of them when visiting for the first time. If you don’t see one around, go to the center of the village and find a green call button to summon one of them. Once you have been familiarized with the facility, there will be lots of opportunity for fun and play.

Around the fortress is dense brush and forest which is used regularly to stage slave hunt games. To participate in slave hunts, both subs and dommes need to register first (if not, no hunt. Make sure you bring some friends along with you to see the sim). If you still want to do something daring, go to the BDSM tower. It is a large steel structure near the fortress.
In case you couldn’t do the Eiffel Tower in Paris, here is your opportunity: Climb to the top level, pick a chute and base jump! (For all others, there is an elevator).

For any applications, filings or complaints, you can visit the island administration. Next door is the Dark Rope Club to dance and party hard. Should you not be in the right mood for that, the island offers you the opportunity to go fishing. A small boat, bait and tackle are available in front of the island administration offices. Crossing the large suspension bridge brings you to Homestead, where you can find not only a number of beautiful private residences but also Jacky’s world famous teddy and gadget factory.
As long as you bring time and an open mind with you, you will find Ralf’s to be a very diverse sim with lots of wonderful surprises.  Enjoy the friendly locals!

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