Changing Names

Two years ago Goddess sent a message out to the whole family asking everybody to think of something special they would like for Christmas. It made me think about the things I really would like from SL as in the surface I already had everything .

One of the things I did want was a way to show everybody I was Mrs jenny Maurer.

Diomita knew this and we looked at ways to do it. Somebody had already used Jenny Maurer and had long since stopped using SL. I would have started again with that name if I could. I would also have paid Linden Labs for a name change in the same way that you can pay to partner. For me it would have been money well spent.  With no obvious way to make the change at the time we had the great idea of giving me a Eurobrat group tag of Jenny Maurer. I was proud to wear it and it went a long way to show people who I was.  My name Laylady Lay seemed like a fun thing at the time and when I started off in SL I was not sure where it would lead or even if I would like it, so I chose a fun name instead of my real name  just in case I wanted to remain in SL but not give away much about my RL.

The only problem was when I went someplace where I had to wear a group tag. I had to look out for  people calling me Lay and if any of my friends were around it sometimes caused a bit of confusion.

So I was very happy to hear that SL was to allow name changes. I saw a lot of forums discussing the pros and cons and I understand a lot of the arguments against allowing people to change names. Having a 7 day lock after every change should stop the ‘griefers’.  It also means that if you are having a bit of playful fun that you have to remember the consequences.

Our loyal Slave Santana knows this all too well as he is now named Little Tiger for the next 7 days. If you want to know why I recommend that you find him in world and see for yourself. It all happened as a spur of the moment thing and it had Yar and me in stitches while our plan developed. Thank you Tiger for the smiles you gave us.

Back to myself.  I am very very happy to now be known officially as Jenny Maurer.  Something I really wanted 2 years ago has become a reality. What did I ask for two years ago? Well that will remain a secret between Goddess, Diomita and me.

Please enjoy name changes in SL and I fully recommend updating to the latest versions of Phoenix or SL.

Take care

Jenny Maurer.

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