Happy Thanksgiving – Happy Stuffing Day

Living in a family with a larger part of Americans I can’t blind out either Halloween nor Thanksgiving. Today I got an IM from slaveboy which made me laugh heartly and which reminded me so perfectly to Christmas in Germany. Christmas in Germany is “the” family event of the year as it is Thanksgiving in the US. And the whole life focusses to “the” day. Everyone is very busy before – and shops are crowded. People buy food enough for weeks as if there’s nothing left over to buy tomorrow.
Back to the IM of slaveboy which made me laugh so wonderfully as I can really feel with it:
“This boy has also renamed Thanksgiving to “Stuffing Day”: First you stuff yourself into a parking lot to get into the store, stuffed with people who all are stuffing their shopping carts, then stuff the fridge, stuff the turkey, stuff themselves with food, stuff the trash, and then rush into overstuffed mall-parking lots for black-Friday sale to buy stuff that they don’t need. Happy Stuffing Day! :-)))) slaveboy”

Thank you for the laugh, slaveboy … and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you

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