Chilling out

We like to go dancing at the end of our evenings. That is our time to talk about SL and our adventures or simply to listen to the music. For the past few months we have been going to Venustus, a ladies only club. We have never seen it empty and it is usually quite laggy, but once you managed to teleport there and rezzed that doesn’t matter as long as the music stream doesn’t break and as long as you chat in IM. There’s always a theme like we have for our Friday Nights at Club Eurobrats. This adds to our fun as we can see what others wear for these occasions. We can recommend visiting and as a teaser I enclose a pic of Jenny and me taken yesterday as the theme was bondage. Although I am biased – Jenny looked really yummy. Here’s the SURL to Venustus

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  1. JennyMaurer
    Jan 19, 2011 @ 13:30:05

    I think you look great too Mrs Maurer….
    Just in case Goddess reads this, did you notice Diomita is bound in both of the last two pictures, perhaps she is hinting something 🙂

    I have 4 days to find a good hiding place.


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