The RF Adventure Challenge

There are days, when lounging in deck chairs just doesn’t have enough pizzazz and you feel much more like being Indiana Jones or Laura Croft for a day. Very well…

Your bravery, brains and hunger for adventure are urgently needed.
There is an island in SL where a beautiful young lady has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Wicked forces are suspected to have taken her away. Her mother has desperately tried finding her. However, it takes the skills and guts of a fearless hero or heroine, just like you, to return her daughter to safety. The task is daunting and not for the weak, nor for the feeble-minded. Many have gone before you and failed bitterly. Some never returned from their quest.

There were hardly any witnesses to the abduction and you must conduct your own investigations. Some say, she was last seen in town near a strip club but this intel might be a ruse, purposely spread to lead you on the wrong path. There are rumors of creatures protecting the path to her, of mind-boggling mazes, of secret riddles, evil headmistresses, long tunnels and even giants.
Are you cunning enough to outwit them?
Will you find all the clues and be able to solve the mystery?
Do you have what it takes to free this poor young lady?

Look for a woman near the landing area. Here’s the according LM
You will recognize her by her black dress. She’s the missing girl’s mother and can give you the latest intel on the situation before she sends you on your way. What you will find could arguably be the best-written RLV adventure game in SL and it will require all of your brains and guts to solve it. Here’s a little appetizer. This is Jenny and I doing the adventure. We had fun! Well at least Jenny had as she doesn’t see me often bound like this *giggles

So, my dear deck chair lounger, next time your inner Indiana Jones or Laura Croft is calling, you mustn’t waste time: Head over to Restrained Freedom Island at Xolanthia for the next 6 or so hours and see how you measure up against Katie Paine’s remarkable masterpiece.

Good luck, brave one… and stay alive!

(Text by Santana Thibedeau, thank you slaveboy)

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