Resident family

There is a new rapidly growing family in SL, the “Resident”-family. No, this entry is not about the “Resident”-family, it’s not about newbies. We all began as newbies in SL and were happy that someone helped us with technical advice or with an advise where to go or who to speak to. This entry is funny but has a serious background and gives reason for a bit of ranting. Jenny and I were out dancing and vanessa was with us. We both had our group tags showing that we’re more domme, vanessa was on our leash. So our kink was quite obvious, even if you didn’t look on our clothes. While dancing and listening to the music we chat a lot mostly in IM .. and I get randomly IMs from people around. Sadly this short IM is quite typically:
NN Resident: hi sweety
Diomita Maurer: hello
NN Resident: i like what your wearing
Diomita Maurer: thank you, NN
NN Resident: are you here with anyone
Diomita Maurer: yes with my partner and one of our subs
NN Resident: Are you sub or domme
Diomita Maurer: LOL .. you should at least read my profile, NN, before IMing me
NN Resident: so you are a miss
Besides that IMs like that provide a good laugh, they also show some sort of unpolite behavoir. So please: before you IM me switch on your brain, look at me, peek into my profile .. and think of a good, surprising or convincing content for your IM.

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