Getting to know you

Looking at a lot of profiles particularly the 1st Life tab, I often see many different ways that people want to keep their RL private and separate from SL.

I appreciate this and I would not ask anybody to talk about anything more than they are comfortable with. However there are a few ways that we can learn more about each other and develop as close friends and learn about different cultures without giving anything personal away.

One of those ways is by using You Tube to create a group account and for all members to have their own play list. Diomita and I have a family log in and we are adding to our lists all the time.

It is especially beneficial when you visit a Zone that has little or poor music. Listening to each other’s personal song lists and learning about new music that you would not have come across in any other way.

Feel free to use this idea or if you are family and want to join our log in then ask Diomita or me for the password.

Here is one of the songs I have just discovered because of Friends in SL




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