Eurobrats Headquarter @ Mount Everest – Part III: Beach Disco

Friday nights are party nights for the Eurobrats and their family and friends. The weekly party has a long tradition particular in SL terms of time. It has its roots back in 2008 when the Bratz Club was buildt in Rivers Rock. And since 2008 Virgo Babii hosts the Friday night party and she plays the music. After Goddess and her family left Rivers Rock the party survived. Listening to great music and chatting became a regular part of our SL and thus also of our RL Friday nights. And there’s always a different theme for every party. So we prepare for it, we look in our wardrobe to find an according outfit or we go shopping for something that is according in our opinion. And what we choose is also a good starter for the chat and for banters.
When Rivers Rock was closed, the club was lost. But we didn’t want to miss out our fun. So we build a new club, a smaller one in a skybox sphere at Dragon Cove and were able to keep the tradition up. We also created a new group for the invitation as we lost control over the group with the loss of Rivers Rock.
And now? When we moved to Mount Everest the first thing to do was to rebuild the club. In fact we didn’t even miss one Friday! As we have enough space on the island itself now we decided to give up the skybox sphere and to build the new club at the beach. You’ll find it in the West corner of Mount Everest. It’s an open air beach club. What an advantage of SL that we don’t have to care about rain or bad weather at all. When you set your environment in SL to sunset the place has a very particular light. So our parties go on. Thank you Virgo for the music and for hosting. Thank you all for keeping the party alive. It is our start into the weekend SL and RL.

If you want to attend just come by Friday 1 PM (SLT) / 9 PM (GMT). If you want to join our group just click the large board at the club itself. There’s no cost for joining and you’ll get a weekly reminder that it’s time again to dance and the theme of that night. Enjoy!

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