Eurobrats Headquarter @ Mount Everest – Part IV: The Keep

Somewhere in RL is a run down chapel that inspired one of our friends, Danii Szydlowska,  to build a replica of it for SL. There’s a link to her blog under the links section. Danii built it and for a couple of years had no place to build it or to see its glory. So she donated it as a gift as we had made a hillside that needed a centre piece. When we first saw it we had the spontaneous idea to add some toys and a cell inside to keep someone. You can imagine that we do have already someone in mind. Thus the name was born: The Keep.

Danii, being a scripter, began to develop this thought and as an add-on she scripted the chapel for rlv-users. So when rlv-users wear their relay they can have a particular experience inside the chapel as it is dark and foggy inside providing a mysterious atmosphere to the scene. And there might be more restrictions so that visitors do behave appropriate to the place. We will not reveal more now.. go and explore.

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