Santana aka. Kitty Maurer collared 3 years

slaveboy Santana Thibedeau

Tomorrow … 22nd November, 2011 marks the 3rd anniversary of the day that we finally collared our slave Santana. Known to us then as our slaveboy he worked the hardest of anybody to deserve the right to call himself owned. First of all by Diomita and over time by us both. Santana was a cocky self assured bragger would take great delight in telling us how he would break us and how we would both kneel to him. Diomita being the most experienced of us at the time took the bragging for what it was and enjoyed the banter. For myself, at the time I was always wary of what might happen if either of us let our guard down.

We kept Santana in a very secure cell safely away from all civilisation and we visited him every chance to tease him and to break his resolve. To be fair I don’t think we ever did and we all enjoyed the scene as it developed.

So after the longest trial known to SL Slaveboy was collared and locked very securely for safety. Diomita and I both agree that since that day our slaveboy was very loyal and devoted to us. We had no problems allowing him to roam with his keys out courting trouble and socialising with our family in the hours that we slept. Slaveboy was our eyes and ears and most of all our contact with our friends in different time zones. Yar and Jill O were two of the people that Slaveboy saw the most and they often explored new places and slaveboy reported back to us and gave us a tour of the interesting ones.

Kitty Maurer

One of the biggest changes came during New Year 2011. Tasha ( Yar) and Jill tricked Slaveboy into becoming Necko our slave boy tried to avoid us until he was free to change back but we discovered the change and went along with the RP. At first I wanted our slaveboy back but both Diomita and I quickly realised that as Kitty we saw a new side to Slaveboy that was not expressed before.

Suddenly Kitty did a lot of damage to our home, broken floor boards and scratches to sofas. simple but fun scripts that made us both laugh out loud and really brightened up our day. We set Kitty the challenge to do similar damage at yasminia and we would see how long it went undetected. Honestly it went further than we imagined. Kitty excelled herself with the invention and ideas that produced a lot of fun texts all over the house there. Mozi got the blame for most of it and Kitty almost got away scot free until Yasmin did a script count and returned them all en masse.

Kitty is a good friend to us both also. We never invade each others RL but we share our experiences good and bad and this makes us closer. In SL, Kitty is very caring about our family members even if she does give the impression that the title Brat is an understatement. Kitty as she is now, is showing us all how to look to SL for the things that make you smile.

Kitty is a very important member of our family and much loved by all. The 3 years have flown and we expect the next 3 to do so just the same.

We do love you Kitty Maurer!

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  1. Kitty
    Nov 22, 2011 @ 03:38:57

    WOW!… WOW! … is the only thing this one can say beyond just being speechless and very, very happy – with wet eyes and all. Thank you, Mistress Diomita and Thank you, Miss Jenny for your love, your care, your time, the fun and all the other many great things that you’ve given to this one. Most of all though, thank you for letting this one become a part of the family. There is no place like home 🙂
    With love,


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