The Kidnapping Part 1 (Dec 29th – Dec 31st, 2012)

One of Jenny’s and my wishes was to spend some time together as subs, maybe kidnapped or in a roleplay. We called it making a sort of vacation within Second Life. We were looking out for an opportunity for about one year now. Just a couple of days before year end 2012 the opportunity suddenly arose. While I was roaming around I read the profile of Kim Carson, who is a pony trainer at several places, loves transformations and kidnappings. She lives at the end of a long, snowy road in a very isolated part of SL.  When I peeked at her place she was there and I knocked at her door. She was not alone, a femsub knelt by her feet and she had a male visitor. I asked her if she would train with our cutie who wants to learn pulling a cart as a blindfolded pony girl. Surprisingly she agreed and her time table didn’t look that bad for the upcoming weeks as well as she happened to be near to our time zone. Bingo – Pony trainer found!

20121229 Dio unconsicous at Kim's feetSure I had to meet her again with Jenny to clarify the details.  I noticed her eager view on us and had a the suspect that Kim might plan anything else but I tossed the thought as she must have read our profiles and as we talked about our subs and ponies. A few days later Kim invited me to a bar pretending that we need to talk about further details of the pony training. We exchanged just a few words. I felt her being cold and somehow odd the way that she was looking at me. “Why don’t we have a dance to melt the ice between us”, she proposed. I agreed and she took my hand and led me to the dance floor.  She just took me into her arms and we began to kiss, and dance and talk.  All of a sudden the world around me began to turn and my knees felt weak…. and i fell to the floor.

I could hear and see but was unable to do anything. Kim took a piercing needle and a strong Dark Jewel nose ring. Efficiently, as if she had done this many times and I was just another piece of meat Kim pulled back my nose and pierced my septum, then locked the ring on and leashed me.  She dragged me, the little bundle, outside and stripped me naked and waited for me to wake up.

20121229 Dio kidnapped by Kim Carson_001When I woke up – I was brought to a strange place.  It looked like a horse stall. Kim gagged me and tied me on a rack and began to tattoo my body. She said she’s going to transform me into a pretty pet girl or perhaps a human pony, or perhaps something not human at all. “Noooo…”, I screamed into the gag, totally helpless tied and restricted. She went on with the tattooing, and it formed a rose pattern, from my neck to my toes!  As she was finishing my tattoos, she began to negotiate with another woman who had just walked by and was watching but not helping me about the price she would charge for me. Selling me? O My god! I fainted.

Waking up again….
My body has been transformed!  I guess that she decided on me being a human pet, because I’m teenie – 5’3″, thin, curvy, with firm little breasts, blonde long hair. golden cuffs, golden nipple clamps .. and the painted tattoo of before OMG! My kidnapper brings me to a place where slaves are sold….lots of men standing around and she explains that she will sell me. Terrified, I beg her not to and I promise to be obedient, accept being turned into a pet. I am lost! Weak as I am now and pierced with this nose ring I have no choice, I kneel, I even lick her heels and make plans how to escape, how to call Jenny to help me. Kim took me to other places, kept me gagged so that I couldn’t get help. Strange, everyone seems to think I’d do that willingly. “Help”, I want to cry, but instead just a “mmmpph” is heard.

20121230 Dio kidnapped by Kim Carson_003Back at Kim’s home things were settling down, I knelt at her feet and see her bossing maids and human ponies around. Then … Jenny knocked on the door.  Before Kim opened the door, the witch used another spell on me, quickly putting me up on a statue plinth and turned me to marble.  Though Jenny was nosy, she did not figure things out, but she suspects. I can see her worries in her eyes. I can hear nothing, I don’t know what is going on..but I am scared, very scared. I follow the scene helplessly and Jenny leaves the house again. She’s worried, very worried.

The next day, Kim seems to enjoy bossing everyone around serving her. She wore a business suit and you can sense her power particularly in comparison to poor me, naked, with piercings, short and weak. I kneel at her feet and hate my fate. I have to get out here. Finally Kim decides to leave the house with me. She pushes a ballgag in my mouth and locks my cuffs. Then she takes me to the bar where I met her. Nobody seems to be surprised seeing poor me kneeling at her feet. To my surprise Kim takes her cellphone and calls Jenny who arrives shortly later. Kim pretends she wanted to help Jenny finding me – and Jenny doesn’t recognize me in my new short teenie body. I want to shout “RUN” but no single tone gets out of the gag.

What I did not know is that Kim asked her to stay away, but she insisted so Kim told her that she had found a “Dio”, and that Kim had been told that a friend of a friend of a slaver had offered a “Dio” for sale and that Kim had bought her in case it was the right one, but Kim needed Jenny to ID the property as being “her Dio”.  Jenny came to Judie’s all trusting and well she soon ended up just as as Dio had – unconscious. Kim collared poor unconscious Jenny and forced me lock her collar and to hand the key to her. She took us both  to the farm again and I had to watch how my poor wife was painted just like I have been painted, just a darker tone, an Hibiscus pattern. Then she took me back to her home, leashed me there replaced the nosering by a collar and I had to wait. When she returned ….. Oh my god!

20121231 Dio & Jen kidnapped by Kim Carson_008

Jenny kneels next to me at this witch’s feet – a teenie super cute and sexy girl pet to a witch just like myself!! If I were not transformed myself I wouldn’t recognize her. That is pure horror! And all Kim does now is laugh sadistically saying that she is not even half way done with our transformation. What more could she possible do?

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