The Kidnapping Part 2 (Jan 1st – Jan 2nd, 2013)

20130101 Dio and Jen kidnapped by Kim Carson_001We were hidden at Kim’s home. When Kim came home, she brought her human pony and a male visitor with her. Immediately she commanded us at her feet and reluctantly we did as commanded. She introduced us as her new pets and ordered us to lick her feet. With a sadistic smile she told her visitor that she first caught and transformed me and then took Jen as well and that I had to collar her. I insisted that I was only forced otherwise I wouldn’t do that. She just laughed and pulls at Jen’s leash and made her lay on her belly on the floor.

20130101 Dio and Jen kidnapped by Kim Carson_002

Then she took her flogger and stroked is playfully over Jen’s exposed body. “You Dio, will even whip your wife with a flogger, if I order it. You will beg me to whip her!”, she said with an evil grin. I denied again glaring at Kim and boiling inside. She only laughed at me and began to whip poor Jen. “Stop”, I screamed. “Beg me to whip her yourself, Dio”, she just said. I had to see how poor Jen’s back turned red and how she suffered. “You only need to beg me, Dio”, Kim repeated. Jen whimpered and begged me to cooperate and finally I gave in trying to grab the flogger. But Kim just lifted her arm and I couldn’t reach it.
Kim looked down at me and with a sharp and strict tone, she said “Never resist, silly pet. You make things only worse. Do as your told .. and I will beat your resistance out of you”. Immediately and without any further warning she began to whip me badly until I was close to faint. Jen and I lay side by side helplessly on the floor. Then Kim send us out of the room.

20130102 Dio and Jen kidnapped by Kim Carson_001The next day Kim has a lot of guests again. She gags poor Dio so that she can’t talk or warn the new arrivals. Then Kim let her cat in and introduces her as familiar and proves her witch power transforming her into a femsub of hers (Remark: a familiar is a witches cat that is more of a spirit in a cat’s body.) She confirms that she can switch her back and forth as she wants to. Then she sends Dio and the femsub, her name Kristin, up in her bedroom.  Dio learns that Kristin feels bound to Kim and seems to be content with her life.

20130102 Dio and Jen kidnapped by Kim Carson_002There are no signs of rebellion or thoughts of escaping. In Kim house is a lot of traffic, people coming and going and Dio tries to adjust. Jen seems to handle the whole nightmare easier and tries to be good and make friends with everyone. On the other hand she gathers a lot of information about Kim and her environment what might help escaping.

Later the same night Kim summoned us and introduced us to a potential buyer of us. She discussed to sell us! But in the end but they didn’t end their negotiations.

20130102 Dio and Jen kidnapped by Kim Carson_003

Then Kim decided to “walk” us as she called it. Like you walk your pets. She brought us to Venustus Club, a club where we used to hang out a lot in former times. And she brought us there naked as we were and Dio gagged as she was! Luckily it seemed that none we know closer was there. Kim unleashed us and leashed me to Jenny.

20130102 Dio and Jen kidnapped by Kim Carson_004 Then she left with an evil wish: “Have fun with this terribly embarrassing gift of a dance.” So we made the best of it, listened to music and chatted and tried to ignore the eyes on us poor naked teenie pets. But of course we saw friends at the club… but they didn’t recognize us … teenies as we are.

20130102 Dio and Jen kidnapped by Kim Carson_005

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