The Kidnapping Part 3 (Jan 3rd- Jan 4th, 2013)

It is Dio’s 6th day kidnapped, Jen’s 4th day kidnapped by Kim Carson. We didn’t see her all day and hang around in her house. Naked and helpless and in addition leashed together there was not much we could do but talk a lot. The dance the night before was very embarrassing first particularly as there were some of those we know from another life. Kim had Jen locked without the ability to see name tags and kept Dio gagged and leashed together they had to rely on each other, Dio for seeing the name tags for both, and Jen for speaking for both. So today Dio and Jen relaxed and talked about their emotions and feelings. Definitively being locked in a girlie body, combined with cuffs, nipple and clit piercings and kept naked does reveal a lot of submissiveness. Besides the spirit, the talent, the arrogance and care you need for being domme your self-confidence is also influenced by your appearance and more than we both have guessed before. That combined with our helplessness made us very vulnerable … and in the end cooperating with our kidnapper.

Thus the day went by quietly. At night Dio was alone in Kim’s house, when she returned home. After Dio greeted her appropriately this time by kissing her feet, Kim took a new pony and led Dio out for a cart ride.

20130103 Dio and Jen kidnapped by Kim Carson_003

Kim was upset about the pony’s expertise. Instead of training her how to pull a cart she considers to start with inspecting her gear and tack. She is really upset and tells her off badly.
Kim Carson: So pony, do you know why I would choose to cart with a pony? Is it only obedience?
Pony stomps twice (for no)
Kim Carson: is it good looks? – NO – is it competence at being a pony? – No
Kim Carson: It is because the pony is interesting, fun, she emotes and participates, she has spirit, even when the driver is a bitch. Which is unfortunately sometimes.
Kim Carson: So right now, pony, GET MOVING!
With these words she brings the whip down on the pony savagely.
This whole scene made our trainer mad and tired – and she stopped cart riding and went off to her room. Dio went back in the house to warm up a bit after the cold being naked outside.

The next day the teenie girls Dio and Jen spent alone, always alert in case they were summoned by their kidnapper and unable to talk (Dio) or to see name tags (Jen). Then she showed up witnessed the girls much improved behaviour and dismissed them for a night off without restrictions.

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