Danii and Dana – bubble plaything and latex bag

Cutie (Danii Syzdlowska) ended her pony training by passing an exam in blindfolded cart pulling and in dressage. Congratulations! And thank you, Arka, for exercising with cutie. You made cutie’s wish come true and helped us fulfilling the promise that we gave Danii for winning the greedy once.
Danii wrote a text about the end of her pony girl adventure in her blog (http://daniiszydlowska.blogspot.de/2013/04/the-end-of-pony-girl-adventure.html).
Now that she ended this adventure, she is ready for her next which is: “Bubble plaything”. Danii now wears an inflatable suit, filled with some sort of dense gel, so the arms can’t really move around. This suit became her body for at least 96 online hours . There’s no exit at all. Even I can’t unlock it anymore. She can’t talk or emote. But she can hear and teleport. Later i can change the colour of her suit and set the suit to pulic so that anyone can leash or gag or blindfold her and enjoy the “bubble plaything”. I am curious about Danii’s feeling inside the suit. I’m sure we’ll get something to read about it in her blog.
When I had just locked the suit on her, we got a message of Dana, who were roaming in a sim named “sexy”. She ran into a trap and was caught in a latex bag. We took a picture of our latex encased subs. You have to trust me – that’s really Danii and Dana inside 🙂

20130506 Dana in a bag - Danii in a bubble_002

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