Backflash August 2019 – SL variety (August 26th, 2014)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
Five years ago I wrote a blog post about the variety of kinks and passions we, our family and friends are persuing. That hasn’t changed much! What changed is that some of the people mentioned in that post from 5 years ago have left Second Life (ronapotter, Queen Takacs) or that we have lost closer contact to them (Fae Howlett, Jill Freenote). Enjoy reading:

SL variety

Today’s post is about several things that happened the last days. I choosed the headline “SL variety” as I think it matches best and this post deals with several aspects of our SL within the Eurobrats right now. Dana and Kitty, both are at Stones ‘N Rubber (sNr) being ponies. Although ponyplay is not my major kink, I got drawn into it by our brats again and again. And I admit, it has “something”. First of all the restriction part of it is exciting. A pony really depends on the trainers and their moods. There might be play or not, they can’t influence it at all and their communication and abilities are very limited. Secondly also the training part is fun as the ponies have to learn and exercise, they have to be passionate. And thirdly, for the domme the total control is the kink and that is a kink I really share and enjoy.
As already mentioned before, our ponies Dana and Kitty are both at sNr right now and so is also my former sister Jill Freenote. When Kitty started her pony life, one of her trainers and friends was Merjeni (mer7maids8 resident) and Merjeni is still caring about Kitty’s pony life and her progresses to become just perfect. Today I got a message from Merjeni and 3 pictures that I’m going to share here:
The first photo is of Kitty standing in front of the cart track score board, I decided to train her over at Wildfire stables cart track, I am also a Wildfire trainer as well.

pony Kitty at Wildfire Stables


The cart track can be tricky but no difficult, require some skill to get the best score as possible.  Kitty actually did very well as you can by the score board, we were there for quite awhile.  I had also taken Kitty to Wild Ponygirls for the 24 hour slalom event to compete, these 24 hour ponygirl events are great for ponies who have different time zones, so it was perfect for kitty.  While Kitty did not place, she did put her pony heart into it, showing true spirit.  Later on I did bring FreeHoof (remark: this is my ex-sister Jill Freenote) to the Wild Ponygirls 24 hour slalom event that same night, she did place!  6th place to be exact after the event was entirely over.
I also included a favourite photo of me and kitty hanging out in the stall.

Merjeni and pony Kitty at sNr


Today I took Kitty and FreeHoof for some training on Wildfire’s race track, Kitty did so well, she is now on top of the scoreboard!”

ponies Kitty and Jill at Wildfire Stables


Ok, these are the news of our ponies. Mii, who I know from deviant Art, is also a trainer at sNr and she also helps to train our ponies there. Mii herself has several kinks and there’re not just about ponies – she also enjoys tight bondage and restrictions. Just a couple of days ago she called me being excited of her newest gear: an inflatable latex bag. While she looks funny in it, it might not be that funny being locked into the bag. Of course it is very restricting and can be locked up to total helplessness including taking away any way of communication. So don’t think, that it is only funny. Well, we fulfilled her wish and locked her into the bag and restricted her. Mii loves it, maybe because it is warmer inside than our European summer? Maybe. But I can also quote her: “Miss Diomita, I would like say something more .. I just love that suit so much as I wouldn’t like get out of it.” And as it looks funny, for example when she crawls over the ground like a worm, Mii (or “Maurer’s Toy” right now) gives reason for banter and chitchat. Just last night I took this picture as the family gathered and it really documents the variety of kinks we have within our family.

Various Kinks(1) from left to right: rona, Dio, Sarah, qt, Fae, Mii and slave

Various Kinks(2) from left to right: Dio, qt, Fae and Mii

And also last night I took this snapshot of slave and rona when Jenny joined. I like this picture and it demonstrates passionate dedication and submission without strong or restrictive bondage, thus another kink.

Various Kinks (3) Mistress Jenny with rona and slave

Last but not least this leads to rona and to her art. Rona is developing her own style of art, mixing different elements of SL as well as some RL and putting it together into pictures that tell a story or are simply just exciting. These 2 pictures are new and not yet published on deviant Art (but will be published there too very soon). Thank you rona!

cage room by ronapotter

latex reflection by ronapotter

That’s it for right now from our varied SL.
Love from Diomita
And here’s the link to the original post:

Letters from our naughty Kitty

March 23rd: Kitty Maurer (santana.thibedeau)

March 23rd: Kitty Maurer (santana.thibedeau)

Every once in a while we get offline IMs from our Kitty where she shares her experiences and adventures with us, who are on a very different timezone. Most of these IMs conjure a smile on our faces and I thought, it might me a nice addition to add Kitty’s latest report here on the blog. So here it is:

20160323 AquabarbieHello Mistress, Kitty has no access to inventory. Kitty wanted to share a few things from Kitty’s nightly prowl with you: Last night, Kitty spent time at Lochme, chatting with Shae and many others. At some point Shae (shae.thatcher) remarked that she had the Abba song Knowing me Knowing you stuck in her head all day. That gave Kitty the wonderful idea to stick songs into other people’s heads as well… so Kitty started singing a few of them… but the most successful (and likely most annoying one, too) was from Aqua ‘Barbie Girl’….. I’m a barbie girl in a barbie wooo-oorld… c’mon barbie let’s go party … ah ah ah yeah…
Kitty is certain that a lot of them have that one stuck in their heads even now… a day later…
20160323 Final RetreatThe next snippet is about MzT (mztania.vella). MzT is a friend of mine and I visit her place way not often enough being busy woth our Family and all my other interests here in SL. Kitty is often also a link to firneds that we miss seeing or Meeting due to being busy or being in the European timezone. Last time I met Kitty and MzT, they were talking about cows and how fond some are to humans cows in SL (it is not my favourite kink at all, but our Dana has been a cow for quite some time). Kitty insisted that our Island has enough room for cows and that we should start farming at our homesim. You Need to know this background to understand the smile on our faces reading the following:
Diomita and Kitty visiting Cow Slut 6868

2013, Oct 24th: Diomita and Kitty visiting Cow Slut 6868

Today Kitty stopped by at ~The Final Retreat ~ est. 1815 and MzT seemed inworld.. well .., she wasn’t really inworld… only her voicemail was. Here is what happened next…
MzT (mztania.vella): (busy response): You have reached MzT’s answering machine.  zzzz  beeep ~ ‘Currently errmm.. tied up, for want of a better terminology.  (I wish) Please leave IM and I shall respond asap’
Kitty Maurer: Hello MzT
Kitty Maurer : LOL.. funny !
Kitty Maurer: Well, dear MzT’s answering machine, it is wonderful to have a conversation with you… even more so in light of the fact that you won’t talk back, which makes you an excellent listener by the way… Kitty wanted to thank you for committing MzT to volunteer her time for cowboy training lessons at Dio and Jenny’s sim. It so important to get this training as the cows will soon arrive and Kitty has to round them up from time to time (do you go left first and then right or the other way round??). Anyways, Kitty really appreciates MzT’s initiative here. Oh… also, dear MzT answering machine, Kitty would like you to make a suggestion to MzT about someonethat MzT calls her ‘Beast’… a pretty girl with a cat tail… She shared with Kitty that she’s called Beast because it’s the lowest possible title MzT could bestow on anyone… Kitty had a chat with that girl and suggested to her that she can go even lower by being renamed to ‘      ‘ – meaning, nothing… just a blank silent space. The Beast was really fond of that idea… and she also expressed desires to be locked away permanently in a deep dark pit and only be let out for a few minutes of sunshine every couple of weeks. Maybe you can pass this on as Kitty’s suggestion.  Oh and then… well… ok that’s really enough for the first call …  so, have yourself a great day dear answering machine… and give MzT these messages and a hug. Ciao, Bye Bye, Adios…. go on, hang up now… oh.. yes. ehh… this was Kitty speaking… now you got to hang up…
March 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at "The Final Retreat"

March 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at “The Final Retreat”

Kitty Maurer: Hello MzT’s answering machine… this is Kitty again… yes… K-i-t-t-y… got it?? Kitty is calling to leave you the name of that girl currently known as beast and where Kitty is suggesting a name change to ‘         ‘        …. she is also known by the name of Nxla Mxrxxxx (remark: name changed by the Eurobrats censorship association)… there you have it. Now go on and give that message to MzT…
I recommend visiting MzT ~The Final Retreat ~ est. 1815 – “A place for Authorative people and Retreat’s servants to relax … and be used and enjoyed.  Black females always wanted.  Free homes for Dom/mes and wvs.” (quote taken from MzT’s Profile)

Dear Diary (25) March 19th: Exploring, chatting and Mistress Jenny’s rezzday

Saturday, March 19th, was quite a mixed day. It started with a visit to “The Trace Too“. I have visited this sim already several times and each visit was different. If you read the sim’s welcome notecard, you’ll know why: “Since 2013, owner Kylie Jaxxon has been showcasing her seasonal SIM, The Trace. In 2014, she was joined by Elvira Kytori also the owner of White Dunes Estate rentals. They have successfully collaborated  together on the continually changing SIM design

March 19th: Another visit to "The Trace Too" (1)

March 19th: Another visit to “The Trace Too” (1)

The sim offers many spots to sit and to look plus it is just great for taking pictures. I walked along the beach and to the lighthouse. What caught my attention in particular were fields of blooming lavendar. Although a bit too early for this time of the year, it just looks amazing and I could seemingly smell the odour.

March 19th: Another visit to "The Trace Too" (2)

March 19th: Another visit to “The Trace Too” (2)

You can read about The Trace Too and see pictures of it at various sites in the net like in The Trace flickr Group. There are also some posts about this sim not only in my blog but also in Inara’s blog “Enjoying spring at The Trace in Second Life” or in the SL Blogger Support “Location in the Spotlight: The Trace Too“. Thank you Kylie Jaxxon & Elvira Kytori for providing your lovely place for us throughout the seasons. I really enjoyed a lovely and relaxing hour at it.
March 19th: Another visit to "The Trace Too" (3)

March 19th: Another visit to “The Trace Too” (3)

As I waited to see Mistress Jenny in the afternoon, our slave Nina showed up and I took her to the “Lost Domme Resort”, as I had met slave Dana there. Usually that is a place for dommes to chill and to live out their softer (submissive) side. I should bring Mistress Jenny here next time *winks*. Anyway I spend time with slave Nina, teased her and chatted with her. She was a good girl, just like a slave should be.

March 19th: with Orja at the Lost Domme Resort

March 19th: with Orja at the Lost Domme Resort

Then Mistress Jenny showed up and of course she had to get her rezzday spanks: 8 smacks for 8 years :-). I enjoyed that very much and Mistress Jenny did not object and she even counted each smack. Congratulations, Mistress – and thank you for being with me and us all these years!

March 19th: Mistress Jenny's 8th rezzday. Slave Nina watching in the background.

March 19th: Mistress Jenny’s 8th rezzday. Slave Nina watching in the Background.

Diary 2016 (1) Dec 31st, 2015 – Jan 3rd, 2016

I want to try something different this year and call it “Diary 2016”. I intend to write more often but sometimes the entries might be a bit shorter (not this one I admit :-))

Besides selling Dana on New Years Eve, I had also a little bondage session with slave L. I stored her at the entrance of Gwen’s storage. Hopefully she found some time to think about good resolutions for 2016.

Last bondage in 2015: Dio with slave L at Gwen's storage.

Last bondage in 2015: Dio with slave L at Gwen’s storage.

Later we ended last year and started this year in Second Life dancing, just Jenny and I. Well, to be more precise, we ended 2015 GMT and started 2016 GMT. That was a nice begining.

Diomita and Jenny dancing into 2016

December 31st, 2015 / January 1st, 2016: Diomita and Jenny dancing into 2016

New Year’s Day was a surprise for me. Jenny granted a green light to me “just because she can” and of course I didn’t hesitate to take advantage of that. I brought her to Lochme and tied her up exposed and restricted. She really makes a nice decoration and she enjoyed some time just thinking and watching the “This resident, That Person, Some People ….” crowd. Later I had my way with my property at Damsel. Unfortunately it was very laggy over there and that did spoil a bit of the fun.

Jan 1st - The first green light: Jenny on display at Lochme

Jan 1st – The first green light: My property Jenny on display at Lochme

Saturday, Jan 2nd, I was in shopping mood and went to Ricielli. This shop has some really nice clothes and shoes at least for my taste. There was a Christmas hunt still ongoing which had some great offers for just 15L per piece. Later Jenny also joined me and we both grabbed a lot of hunt items. I had to do a lot of unpacking and sorting later. While I was still sorting the clothes from Ricielli, slave Flo came online and told me that her duster doesn’t work anymore. Hence I had a look a few hours later to check the equipment. I tried myself, cleaned one baord and found no mistake.
At night, when slave Flo came online, I told her to demonstrate what’s wrong – and the dusting worked fine (of course!). No question, slave Flo had to be punished for making me dust one board! She was put into her confinement suit to think about her behavior. The confinement suit is a rubber bulb which has just one breathing tube with a valve. Thus you can control airflow and you can add some extra’s like nicotine, aphrodisiac, or other smelling liquids (you might guees). Although dangerous, this suit is quite extreme as the slave fully depends on her owner and learns her place (hopefully!). Jenny was online in the meanwhile and we both took slave Flo to Heavy Bondage Club where we had some fun with slave Flo.

Jan 2nd: Diomita and Jenny with slave Flo (the red rubber bulb) at HBC

Jan 2nd: Diomita and Jenny with slave Flo (the red rubber bulb) at HBC

But Saturday was not over yet. When we retreated to CM (Chez Maurer, our private skybox), I unlocked my property. I was aware of the consequences as Jenny had told me in advance, that she will lock me into a short red light if I unlock her before Sunday. Yet, I couldn’t resist the temptation. Although surprised, Jenny switched quickly into being Mistress Jenny and she took advantage of me right away (no picture!). It became late that night as Mistress Jenny took me to The Secret House to wind down a bit.

Jan 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at TSH

Jan 2nd: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at TSH

The first Sunday of 2016 was quite relaxed. In the later morning I went to DaD. Mistress had placed a hover text above my head “Owned Domme” and she had attached my serious wrist shackles and prevented that I could take the keys from the cuffs. Thus I was quite vulernable, particular at a place called “Domme a Domme”. I admit, I simply wanted to see if anyone would take even notice. Well, I got some attention, but more the way I’m used to get it *winks*

Jan 3rd: "Owned Domme" Diomita at DaD with Kim

Jan 3rd: “Owned Domme” Diomita at DaD with Kim

In the afternoon we had our niece Angelique, our slave Maurerien Orja and Poison with us. We chatted, Angelique got her belated Christmas present and something from Ricielli’s Christmas hunt in addition, we got something for our Orja and we watched the confined slave Flo. After all, it was very nice to chat a bit again and to relax, as we often do on Sunday’s.

Jan 3rd: A Sunday afternoon at home: Diomita, Maurerien Orja, Poison, Angelique and Mistress Jenny inspecting slave Flo in her confinement suit

Jan 3rd: A Sunday afternoon at home: Diomita, Maurerien Orja, Poison, Angelique and Mistress Jenny inspecting slave Flo in her confinement suit

Dio’s 7th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2015

Incredible but true: Today marks my 7th rezzing anniversary in Second Life. It has become a tradtion for me to write a longer blog post summarizing the last year. Again, at the first glance nothing has changed, we enjoy a rare stability within our Second Life and I am very thankful about it. But of course we had some changes and many events and joyful moments.

Our home might be one reason for the stability. It is my base, the base for our family and friends. And it’s the family and friends who make a home. Home in SL is where they are. We still have our homestead for more than 3 years now. Tyra (Tyra.Sciarri) and Virgo (Virgo.Babii) on one side and Sarah (Sarah.Fhang) on the other side are still our neighbours. Thank you! Our island didn’t undergo dramatic changes but we continued to develop it.
We buildt a new main house. It is larger and has a spacious main room, so it is better for when we stay inside to play or chat and we stay a bit more inside now. We also added a new waterfall – Angel Falls just close to the Shangri-La. And we made new pathways and stairs and did some minor changes here and there. No big changes, slight improvements. When I get online and see our island, I know its time to recover and relax and to enjoy my free time. I’m at home.

The new main house at Eurobrats HQ

The new main house at Eurobrats HQ

With regard to our family we had some changes:
We released Danii on May 24th 2014, as she  got hooked to other activities (“real” games) and her visits got rare.
We collared rona, “Maurer’s Künsterlin”, on June 26th 2014. Again: Welcome to the family, rona!
We sold our slave Dana on December 27th, 2014. Dana was our collared brat for more than 4 years. Her submission and dedication despite the timezone issue was and is amazing. We gave Dana into the hands of centi (centaur.mcGinnis) at least for now. Dana will stay close and will stay a family member – and we only sold her for her good (and we will buy her back if needed *winks*)
We released our niece Luna (Fae) on December 26th, 2014. Fae has and always had her own kinks and ways. Fae found a new passion being a fairy in Second Life. She shaped her avatar into a dwarf and has wings and she renamed herself into Luna Dewglitter. We’re happy for her. And whatever kink she’s exploring, Fae is welcomed at home and in our family. It just doesn’t need a collar as Fae gets close for some months and then vanishes again for some months.
We also sadly released Delilah, our concubine, on December 30th, 2014. Delilah had some problems in her RL. We hope that she overcame them. But she decided to stay off and she didn’t reappear for half a year, no sign of life, no email reply. Where ever you are, Delilah: Good luck to you! And feel free to say hello to us when you return online one day.
Our official family has shrunk a bit but the family and friends group is still growing.
Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau) was a pony for a very long time. On the occasion of her 6th collaring anniversary, we allowed her transformation back into her Kitty shape. We can tell that Kitty is very excited about the change and particularly that she can see her new skin and shape now. She looks like a real woman now, just her manners and behavior need some let’s say improvements. We look forward to Kitty’s ongoing adventures!

our beauty Kitty Maurer

our beauty Kitty Maurer

Maurer’s It (queen.takacs) is our strict restrained bondage victim for over 4 (!) years now. Recently we moved her to “The Keep” for some weeks, where she enjoyed her isolation and can fantasize about how to escape from us (what weill never happen *grins*). Now she’s back to her place at the decking and gets some eye candy at least every once in a while.
Angelique, our sweet niece, is also already close to 3 years with us. She is very special for her aunts. Always a brat, always different and always faithful. Thank you for being with us. You belong to us, Angelique.
Slave Flo (florence.riddler) was acquired more than 1 year ago. Slave Flo cares reliably about dusting and keeping our home clean. She pleases us with her devotion and with her blog entries (“News from Flo”-series) and gives us a lot in return for caring about her.
And rona, who is our youngest with regard of being collared, added a lot to my and our SL. It’s because of her that I discovered new ways of taking and processing pictures. And Jenny and I are really happy having her in our family. She added different kinks and preferences to our family. And this is what makes this family so particular for me – it’s variety. Rona had an exhibition of her art on our sim in fall 2014. It was exciting to set it up, to make the boards and ads and of course to see it. I hope that her exhibitions will become a regular event in the years ahead.
As for right now we’re missing rona for 2 months already. We hope that she’s doing well and wait for a sign of life. If you read this, drop us a line please, Rona. We do miss you!

20140921 Exhibition Announcement

What else has to be mentioned about my 7th year in SL?
We continued our “Enjoying bondage”-series on the blog. It has become a regular event to think about something different every month. And I truely enjoy it.
I improved my skills taking and processing pictures. And I uploaded some of my pictures to deviantArt (dA). I have fun doing that and it became sort of a 2nd diary just for the best pictures that I took on SL. And I learned some new tricks about taking pictures and how to make videos. It was fun to learn how to do it and the results are at least a nice memory.
Inspired by the Living in a modemworld blog of Inara Pey, I visited several sims. One fascination of SL for me is the creativity of people around the world. It is simply amazing what is created by others inworld. I visited “Umbral”, “The Bay”, “The Citadel”, “Dawn of Radiance”, “The Lefevre Mansion”, “Sanssouci”, “France Portnawak”, “Santorini”, “Angel Manor” and several galleries. We made the Halloween and the Christmas tour, both were real events and left fond memories. I enjoyed the colours of autum in several sims. Exploring and discovering what the human spirit can produce is for sure something that keeps me excited here.

Diomita Maurer 2015 (picture taken at Angel Manor)

Diomita Maurer 2015
(picture taken at Angel Manor)

We also tried new toys and gear and lately we used more often Katie Paine’s “Restraind Freedom” (RF) gear. Particularly the hood, the stealth gag and the mittens took our attention. Besides Marine Kelley’s Real Restraints (RR) those became our favourite toys and our subs mostly are equipped with them for our pleasure (and their pleasure too).
I also need to mention Virgo and our Friday night parties. The parties are a part of my everyday life and I look forward to every Friday not just because the weekend starts. We enjoy great music, we have fun with the themes and we find time to chat in public and in IM while we listen to the music. Thank you Virgo for playing the music for us. I really appreciate it a lot.
Still there’s a lot to explore in SL be it ourselfs and or fantasies and kinks or be it art or creatively build sims. We also like to play games like greedy or ludo and lately also cards against humanity. So at least for me Second Life hasn’t lost its facination and I enjoy the time that I can spend here online.

Diomita "Owned Domme"

Diomita “Owned Domme”

Jenny and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversay on October 24th, 2014. This is even in RL a long time of being together and we continue to enjoy our relation. And we continue to explore eachother and our kinks. We both developed in our relation and became collared to eachother years ago. But this last year, November 21st 2014, Jenny took even more control and she replaced my jewelery collar with a thick leather and steel collar signed “Owned domme” and I submitted. Thus she took away my status of being equal to her. She became Mistress Jenny for me.
The experience of being submitted to her as well as giving full control to her changed me and us. For my part it is that I truely submit to my wife like she did and does for close to 7 years now. I do fully accept being owned property. I enjoy her control and her guidance and I see her submission to me in a different way now.
On New Year’s day 2015 Mistress Jenny restored my status and granted that I wear my jewelery collar again. We started 2015 as a domme couple, fully equal and partnered in love. As we see fit and feel for it, we will give full control to the other. Thus we can recover strength and enjoy our both submissive side as well. Thank you, Jenny, my world!

Besides Jenny, the brats, our neighbours many others contribute to our SL and became close friends for us. Thank you all for making this world for me and for us. SL is first of all about people and it’s you all who make my and our SL what it is: Still enjoyable and exciting! It was a great 7th year in Second Life and I look forward to the 8th.

Love from Diomita

Dear Diary – Between the years and year end changes

The time between christmas and the new year is always a time to look back, make good intentions and to clear up. So we did to some extent in our Second Life as well. Just a few days ago I cleared up the family and friends group, ejecting those who don’t belong to our closest friends. We like to keep the group restricted to the family itself, former members and to neighbours and longtime friends. If you were ejected, please don’t feel offended at all!

Regarding the family we just sold our slave Dana. That was bittersweet. We are convinced that Dana will always stay close and that she will enjoy serving her new owner centi.
Jenny and I also decided to change our niece Fae’s status within the family. We release her as our collared sub. Fae (or lately Luna) has always seeked her own ways and adventures in SL like her latest adventure becoming a “mini”-fairy.  She’s a lovely niece, a close and beloved friend, but we use (or should I say more precisely abuse) her as a sub less than rarely. Therefor it is only consequent not to see her as our sub. Fae shall keep her tag and her priviledges as our niece. Her home is at Mount Everst and she’ll stay a family member. We will only not list her as our collared sub anymore. We’re aware of her dedication and her submissive nature and we will not hesitate to boss her around nonetheless.

Dio with Rona and Delilah in May 2014 - one of Deli's last visits

Dio with Rona and Delilah in May 2014 – one of Deli’s last visits

Sadly we also released Delilah Maurer (delilah.ormidale), our concubine. Deli is a wonderful sub and has pleased us a lot and added so much to the Eurobrats. During the last year Deli came online less and less due to her RL and finally didn’t appear at all anymore for the last 6 months. We lost any contact to her and she didn’t give any sign of life or replied to our offline IM’s or emails. We can only hope that she’s doing well and wish her all the best. If you read these lines, Delilah – we miss you! Deli will of course also stay a family member and will be welcomed back home in case she joins us again one day.
With these changes it was about time to update the family overview which I did.

20141227 Mimi Singer Hadisson in concert at LDaMS_002Between the year is not only time to clear up, it is also time to have fun with a bit more time online (at least I could spend a bit more time online). And there is no blog entry without some more pictures. On Saturday, Dec 27th, we visited a concert at the Lesbian D/s M&Y Society. It’s always surprising to visit a concert in SL and this one was again proving what is possible in a virtual world. We enjoyed the performance.


This year I bought a HD Video System from Marine Kelley, the creator of our favourite bondage gear “Real Restraints”. A good entertainment for these days between the years is watching a video together. Marine published lately several movies from her “Gina-series”. And watching together, making remarks and cuddling is much better than watching alone.

naughty owned Mistress Jenny

One of these days Mistress Jenny teased me a full night long wearing a transparent latex dress. When we retreated to our private rooms, Mistress offered me her keys for just one hour.
I immediately took the opportunity and locked her arms behind her back and then forced her to sit on our sybian and began to play with the litte remote control. As the picture proves my naughty owned Mistress did enjoy it a lot – and I did too watching her *winks*

Jenny and I playing like kids at Baja NorteDuring this of the year many sims are decorated and changed according to the season. So now is the time to visit as long as they exist in this virtual temporary world of Second Life.
We went to Baja Norte and enjoyed a fabulous winter decoration with fairies, elfes and dwarfs.  You’ll find a description and the landmark in Inara’s “Living in a modemworld”-blog.

And of course we didn’t miss to tease and teach our subs between the years…..

Dio and Jenny having fun with slave Flo and Angelique

Dio and Jenny having fun with slave Flo and Angelique


So – lets enjoy the last hours of 2014!

Dana Maurer sold

Just 10 days ago we celebrated Dana’s (dana.drezelan) 4th collaring anniversary (
I wrote: “4 years in SL is a long time, particularly when you’re not in the same timezone and thus contact is reduced to weekends or only to short times all other days. Often Dana gets online when I am about to go to bed. Even more Dana surprised us with her dedication and true submission.”
And I hinted about a present for christmas. And yes it is a very special present. On December 27th, 2014 I sold slave Dana to centi (centaur.mcGinnis) for a reasonable price. We must never forget that slaves are merchandise and so is Dana also. In this particular case selling Dana was bitterswet because of all she gave to us and the Eurobrats.

centi, slave Dana, Dio "Price negotiations"

centi, slave Dana, Dio “Price negotiations” (1)

Diomita Maurer: “welcome Centi”
slave Dana Maurer: “greetings Mistress”
Diomita Maurer: “good slave Dana”
Centi unleashes dana out of respect
Diomita Maurer: “strip slave Dana”
slave Dana Maurer: “yes Mistress”
slave Dana Maurer slowly strips away looking up at Mistress smiling
Diomita Maurer takes a hood and pulls it over slave’s head
Centi: “What a lovely hood”
Diomita Maurer: “I deafened the slave”
Centi nods

centi, slave Dana, Dio "Price negotiations" (2)

centi, slave Dana, Dio “Price negotiations” (2)

Diomita Maurer: “so did you think about my offer”
Centi: “she will only be distracted”
Centi: “I did and it is acceptable”
Centi: “19.900”
Centi: “a fair price for the nigger… she is trained”
Diomita Maurer: “you were hard to negotiate with. Yes, it is a very fair price”
Centi: “no ***peep*** is worth 20.000”
Diomita Maurer: “that’s why I made her 19.900”
Centi: “they are more like monkeys than humans and have limits”
Centi: “their brains only comprehend so much”
Diomita Maurer laughs …. “you’re right – but this one is well trained and quite strong”
Centi smirks… “all sellers say those things…but she seems a value”
Diomita Maurer: “ok..if you’re not content, I’ll take the object back .. let’s call it.. warranty”
Diomita Maurer: “valid 6 months …. 6 months warranty is really fair, isn’t it?”
Centi nods…”more than fair”
Diomita Maurer: “so if you’re not content, I’ll refund the slave and take her back”
Centi: “agreeded then… 19.900 and full title to the ***peep***… my property now”
Diomita Maurer nods and reaches her hand “Deal, centi”
Diomita Maurer: “she can hear again”
Centi shakes and smiles…transferring funds now
Diomita Maurer: “you have been sold, slave Dana”
slave Dana looks up not knowing what has happened
Centi: “as agreed, you remain on her collar”
Dana’s collar: Dana Drezelan has a new owner, Centaur McGinnis.
Diomita Maurer: “remove your hood, slave”
Dana’s collar is locked in place.
Dana’s collar: Dana Drezelan has a new secondary owner, Diomita Maurer.
Diomita Maurer: “thank you, Centi”
Diomita Maurer: “now greet your new owner, slave!”
Centi: “thank you Diomita, I trust I will not be disappointed”
Dana’s collar: Dana gives Centaur McGinnis a big subhug.
slave Dana: “thank you Missa”
slave Dana: “Mistress what has happened?”
Centi: boxes dana’s ears… “I am your Mistress now”
Diomita Maurer: “face your owner, slave. Not me!”
slave Dana looks up shocked “but, i thought that was just talk…”
Centi: “you know thinking only causes you problems”
slave Dana: “yes Missa”
Diomita Maurer: “slaves can be sold, slave Dana. And I could achieve a good price for you. I hope you will prove that you were worth it, slave.”
slave Dana: “yes Miss Dio”
Centi: smirks…”oh she will”

centi, slave Dana, Dio "slave Dana faces  her new owner"

centi, slave Dana, Dio “slave Dana faces her new owner”

So now slave Dana has a new owner. I’m pretty sure that she will loose her last name “Maurer”. As you read I gave a 6 month warranty for the slave. If Centi isn’t satisfied, we will take slave Dana back. In any case Dana will stay a close friend to us, is always welcome at our home and we will stay in contact and I will hopefully write blog posts about her and her further second life. Thank you for the time with us as our collared brat, Dana!

We love you
Diomita and Jenny Maurer

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