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Our slave Flo (florence.riddler) gets deeper and deeper under our spell. And she is an excellent roleplayer as well as writer. Again here’s another chapter of her diary uncensored and in full length. Enjoy!

Quality of life

Little doc Flo is reflecting her actual situation. What started with blackmail and like a nightmare has changed.  There were no chances to refuse and the only way to accept the fate, be someone’s slave.
Very long weeks in hard bondage and isolation, mute and deaf, forced the little doc to leave all resistance.

The first humiliating……. have used panties in her mouth and taste the unused scent down her throat made her unexpected sexual feelings.  Very nice feelings as she drifted in dreams be loved and give love to the person spending her panties. With the second experience Flo learned that everyone has its own taste – but the sexual feeling became even more intense. Not knowing why but those from Miss Diomita had a more spicy taste and the circumstance to get them, was for little doc like a signal of love to her.

The next step followed with less strict bondage and more participating in family affairs. Little doc Flo learned that the “title doc” is’nt that important as in her former life, even her knowledge in consulting for the disease of Angelique and Fae – has been acknowledge by Miss Diomita. As long as diapers or plastic panties are solving the issue there are no need for further steps. But maybe catheterization might be much better for the surrounding instead of the urine smell by soaked diapers. Little doc also offered a surgery to do an optimized placement of the too low placed bladder.
Such short moments…. be accepted at Eurobrat Family are rising the wellbeing for little doc.

And there is another important person in the family – the black princess – Argi. She cares for suffering ones as the lawyer of them. She always takes part of the weak. Flo is thanking her for the help she got while she has suffered a strong throat infection and cough. Only by her intentions Miss Diomita released some restrictions – thank you Argi.

Then after more than 2 month of chastity ……. The impossible, never more expected moment…. came true.  Miss Diomita removed my CB and let me rest on my back, presenting my temple to Rona who was immediately teasing my so long not touched, very sensitive, dripping paradise. It was the first time another woman touching me – showing me her love only with her tongue – it was an incredible experience. Only few kisses and my body reacted and my labia’s swelled and my rose spot was on fire. The moment she parted them with her tongue, digged her tongue into my pussy was close to catch my breath. The last thing I can remember was my cramping muscles and the huge orgasm washed my sins away. Even several hours later – all have been restricted as always my Temple was in sensitive mood and made me shivering in afterglow. Thank you Rona- you were great and thank you Miss Diomita for that surprise.

Flo's reward

Flo’s reward

Once last days Miss Jenny asked Miss Diomita if Flo would be ready for next step of training. Yes they used the word training. I really be curious about what training they will apply to me. It begun by shopping tour – a new black body suit was the target to step into. I like such suits but this one was different….. very compressing and up to 4mm thick. Dressed like that I look really ugly – lost all my pride of being a doc.  And the add-ons to suit …….. horrible that’s the right word, horrible! Tubes that goes in any orifice of my body……. mouth….. pussy…… and the worst…. my rear. I begged Miss Diomita to be careful as I really fear for any games on my ……. These tubes are locked and the one on my mouth is acting as a gag.  I’m not allowed to wear any shoe so the sweat of my own make me floating inside the attached water thigh foot pieces.

Now back to the main issue of this part of my life. I believe that I have found something much more important than reputation as honored surgeon and popular person in high society. All my mind is like cleared to the situation I never felt before.
I’m part of a group of people – I hesitate to say of a family as I think it’s too demanding from my side – a group who show me my real inside, my desires, my dark desires that are more important for a equilibrated life then money and fame.

slave Flo with Jenny

slave Flo with Jenny

I feel the quality of my life is much higher than it was as “normal” surgeon. I guess be prepared to switch into that submissive role what is the fate for me – be the slave doc of Miss Diomita and Miss Jenny. I can’t say that I fear anymore about what comes next…..
Thank you both for showing me a complete different, never expected way of life’s quality.

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