Back in town and all geared up for…..The Battle of the Hoods!! Part 1: The History

Tyra began writing again. And it is really worth reading. This time she began writing about gear and its development over the last years in SL. She begins with hoods. And as it is part I, there should be a part II soon. Thank you for this idea, Tyra. We look forward reading more from you again.

Tyralove's Blog


Hey There!!!!

I’m backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

“Who the hell is she?!?” you maybe be saying *pouts*

“Oh her again!!”…. “I thought she were long gone!” …. “She retired to a nursing home, never to be seen again!”

A little bird told me that I had a small fan base.

So I would like to take this opportunity thank a Mrs Norma Braithwaite of 34 Penton Place, Norwich and her lovely cat, Horace.

Thanks for all your support and the pictures of Horace in various hilarious poses.


((Awww pampered pussies!))

Well I think it’s about time i got off my butt and tried to show my appreciation to Horace and her owner and came back to do….hmm, something to contribute to this blog.

Dust the cobwebs away, wade through the clutter of Kat’s disguarded proto-types, sweep out the overused & broken restraints, Pet has worn out,  and bin all the chocolate wrappers that’s gathered over the last six months or…

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