Flo’s story – the next step

Again there’s news from our slave (florence.riddler). She began to take the next step and she began writing again. As before, I didn’t change a word. I just added the pictures. Enjoy reading!

Diomita with hooded slave

Diomita with hooded slave

Why Mistress Diomita ordered me to prepare a drink, using the green strange looking bottle was a mystery. I have to say that I promised some days ago to never more touch any alcohol due the fact I got drunk and ….. as far as they told me.. I lost my good behave and was quite nasty to my family members.
The bottle was hidden behind others in the bar. The mixture of fruit juice and the small shot of this called XXSFXX looked inviting. My first thought was that I have prepared for my Mistresses. I was wrong! I should be the happy one to taste and drink this. Mistress Diomita told me that the mixture with XXSFXX – a form of special medicine would help me not to fall back to alcohol. My first sip… fruity and.. a little bit bitterness. Mistress pushed me to drink it quick. As the one who learned to obey.. I did.
Mistress Diomita the showed me a new jacket – I have recognized pretty fast that this was a special straight jacket which would embrace me within seconds and make me helpless. The feel was not that bad and the combination of leather on the outside and latex inside made me shivering in happiness. A new adventure in bondage … i longed for!
Soon my body was snuggly encased in this very expensive kind of cloth piece. But at same time I felt a strange reaction in my body. My stomach felt sour and was cramping. My head became hot and my eyes started to produce tears. Next was my boobies … they poked under the jacket and showed kind of excitement. My sexual organs seem to react on the drink. Mistress Diomita grinned and asked about my feelings, well knowing what happened by XXSFXX!
I got horny and my tripped pussy longed for for being touched and stuffed. All my struggle and fight couldn’t help….  I squirmed and whimpered and begged for stimulation but my Mistresses just laughed.
When I awoke next day I had horrible headache…. and my desire for stimulation was still there.
Mistress told me that she would care for me and… mixed the second drink herself. I hesitated to drink because I was in fear. The substance in XXSFXX might be a dangerous medicine with side effects. But I was forced to drink and swallow all the green and bitter tasting „medicine“. I felt immediately that it was more bitter then before but then all my senses became irritated very fast. Cramps and shots of heat passed my body… my vision became foggy and my hearing was like behind a thick wall. Epileptic attacks caught me and I lost control of my physical functions. My legs became weak and I fall to ground. Then all went dark and black. Lightnings, dark clouds, fearful figures with giant proportion and dragons……. all passed in front of my eyes in this dream like a nightmare.
I woke up but my legs where like paralyzed. I couldn’t get on my legs anymore. Mistress Diomita was standing close by and watched my attempts to come back to life. she helped me to stand and then seated me into  wheelchair. Yes, a wheelchair like used for handicapped. There was a big difference…  this wheely  had several straps that could be strapped and locked to keep the handicapped in place. That way Mistress Diomita kept me until my legs got back her strength.

DIomita with slave

Diomita with slave

My life is so complicated….
I feel pulled between the wonderful feeling when my Mistresses embrace me and whispers how they love me and….. the hours they are using me as their slave. One of last days Mistress Jenny ordered to remove all clothes….. slaves don’t need any she argued. So I was naked except of that belt who encases my pussy and give me helpless to touch myself or to get touched. I was ordered to take care to clean the house by dusting naked as I was. by doing this i found a pretty nice smoke colored transparent latex bodysuit. I couldn’t resist to slip in and completed the dress with my high heels. Mistress Jenny was really upset about that she immediately forced me to get out of it else she would apply the “hood”.  Same time i was forced to beg for the medicine … else the “hood”….. so I begged for the medicine.
This time they didn’t mix with fruit juice … no .. I had to drink them pure. The taste was bitter and strong and it made my stomach rumbling. This time the concentration of the substance wasn’t that strong to fall faint….. but….. I recognized a kind of other reaction. My temple began to react and sent me arousing shivers all over my body.  My boobs showed also reaction as the nipples got harder and the aureoles became very sensitive. At the beginning I kept this feelings for me as my secret but my Mistresses have seen the poking nipples and grinned. “slave is horny – isn’t she?” what could i do? nothing! The medicine seemed to be a special mixture to help against headache with side effect of making sexually excited.
After some hours the effect against headache disappeared but the feeling of horny didn’t leave. I begged for more but Mistresses refused.  The longer I try to think about, I become aware that the substance can’t be a medicine. It must be a drug. They begun to make me drugged – the drug is making horny and dependent !
It is an absolute other way as I thought at the beginning. The side effect is that it helps against headache and the main purpose is to make horny and dependent to the drug. I can’t stay without….. I need the medicine…. and my Mistresses know that. They put pressure on me to beg for with the “hood” – knowing I hate to be isolated – so had an easy way to make me dependent to the drug. But some times they are so lovingly…… as they have seen me freezing naked as I was the last days, they got shopping with me. they purchased a white body corselette what is very contrasting to my tanned skin.
Mistresses have started to touch my sensitive body parts and caressed me…. but they alway stopped when I was close to cum. Both seem enjoy  to see the pain it causes when her slave suffer in frustration as their sexual pet.

I love you my Mistresses.
little doc Flo

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