There’s another life – slave Flo’s new life

Again news from our slave flo, who’s a talented writer. As always I just revised some typos but did not change anything. Flo titled this post with “There’s another life”. Enjoy reading.

With much effort, Flo followed her way to become a good behaving slave, she worked the last weeks. The pain she had to suffer from being whipped by her Mistress Diomita was so hard that she could barely sit for 10 days. Her owners treated her… or educated her some pretty hard lessons like punishment with sexual denial and sexual frustration.  Her Mistresses let her suffer several times in frustration when they removed the chastity belt and teased Flo close to the edge and then stopped. Flo begged and cried, but the very intelligent Mistresses knew too well how to make a slave behave. They never, really never responded on her slaves begging. And as these punishments were not hard enough to bear, they forced her slave to stay in a cell, locked with no chance to get free by herself. Inside the cell she could cry as much she could, the cell was soundproof and no one reacted. Slave Flo was close to death by the hard treatment she was being forced.

slave Flo

slave Flo

These moments … when she sat in her cell she reflected all her life of the last month’s and she came to the decision that there is a big change needed or she will become a sad and frustrated slave who never gets a chance to see the sun again and the good side of life.  Maybe she would end as permanent imprisoned slave or even worse as a slave who would be used only to be abused and badly tortured by anyone in the family. No … Flo wouldn’t end like that, Flo would be the slave for her Mistresses but one who gets rewarded by her Mistresses, be loved by her owners due her proper manners and her polite doing. Flo would work hard to become a loved part of the family and might quick forget the taste of soiled panties she had been forced to taste as gag below the tape that sealed her lips. Flo would become a kind of slave for her family, who keeps the health of all and to give pleasure and massages. Flo would like to become a perfect slave!

All this was the result of some very rough days her Mistresses let her suffer – to find her way. Flo remembered the days in freedom, she was the successful surgeon with the kink to wear a chastity belt for fun. The experiments with bondage when she was that much excited she exploded by the faintest touch of her so sensuous temple. Flo would try to do her best to become her Mistresses’ pet, one who gets the fortune to be loved, a part of the family who doesn’t receive punishments – she would become free, free in her mind. Punishments should become rare. Maybe she could reach a state where her owners use punishments as kind of reward like to tease her – to make her feel the love of her Mistresses.
But she always remembers – Mistresses do as they like and how they like….. (shakes my head slowly).

maid slave flo at work

maid slave flo at work

With the new motivation in her mind, Flo started to clean the house more often. She stopped her complaining .. or at least reduced to some minimal whisper. She took care to greet her Mistresses properly and immediately at their arrival, never more used their short names. Flo offered herself the small ring on her collar to get connected to the leash. Flo learned the small difference of Ladies and ladies, to honour the Ladies correctly. One of the hardest task was given to her, had been the writings. Sitting on her desk and repeat all those sentences that would reprogram her mind without mistakes. Flo had to exam 50 sentences without any mistake what was very tricky as there had been more than 30 different sentences and some had provoked mistakes like “aks” instead of ask or punctuations and forced all of her concentration (remark – it wasn’t possible to use copy paste!). Flo tried hard and needed several attempts,  then failed after 33 sentences without mistake and had to restart new. But she was driven by the motivation – she will become a perfect slave.

So Flo concentrated more and at the fourth attempt reached 56 sentences and only 4 mistakes. Pouahhhhh…. It took her several hours and she started to feel herself proud about her result. Yes she is not a silly slave , she’s the doc who reached her diploma as one of the best in the studies.

The first step was taken and her Mistresses smiled when they saw that her slave did the task at the best. Then her owners talked about a first small reward. They brought me down to the dark dungeon. I got more and more fear as the rack where Mistress Diomita chained me and stretched my arms and legs hard and uncomfortable. Mistress faced me with a grin. Her hands where in medical gloves and a sharp metallic needle glanced in the spotlights. My body started to  tremble and I begged not to hurt me. Mistress shook her head and with a cold smile…… pinched within seconds…. both of my nipples. I bit that hard on my lips that just a faint cry could be heard. I pulled on the chains but nothing helped – within minutes my nipples where decorated with 2 tiny little bells. With tears in my eyes I thanked my Mistresses for that unexpected gift.

Jenny and Dio with sweet slave Flo

Jenny and Dio with sweet slave Flo

Then my Mistresses decided to go shopping with me. Every step.. these bells have been chiming and signed where her slave girl was. Mistress Jenny chooses to show me a wonderful white leather corset – first I thought they will just tease me….. but…. they purchased it to make me wear. To complete my new outfit they allowed me to slip into the white ballet boots to make them matching to the whole ensemble. I…. couldn’t resist…. I spontaneous jumped in the arms of my loved Mistresses and hugged them tight. With my new outfit my Mistresses leaded me to TSH – and ….. I got the chance to caress Mistress Jenny’s boots and to give her a soft massage on her stressed leg muscles. Mistress Jenny stroke over my head and let me feel her love.

And if I hadn’t received enough rewards…… my Mistresses gave me permission to stand aside them …. on some rare situations. I am that happy and proud….. and the duties to clean the house are a much bigger pleasure as I learned that I will get a much better life when obeying my Mistresses. Until now …. I am just lightly restricted with the locked and sexy chastity belt – feel like the time I was in hospital only with the important difference, now I have no key for it. I don’t long to have my mouth filled with anyones used panties – nor do I miss the strict bondage torture….. but I wouldn’t complain if my loved Mistresses use the leather monoglove on me…. as I like to please them and show them my love in any way they need.

I love you my Mistresses and kisses you both on your…..
little doc Flo

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