Diary 2017 (121) July 26th – one night busy, one night quiet

I often wrote about how unpredictable Second Life is. Wednesday night, July 26th, was another example. After the quite busy night on Tuesday, this night was quiet. Besides Mistress Jenny and me, just slave Flo was inworld and we took her to Domme a Domme and watched the crowd there before we went home and played greedy until it was bedtime for slave Flo. After a short visit at the Heavy Bondage Club, we went to club DeLust like we often do before retreating to bed ourselves. Even club DeLust was quiet, at least when we arrived there. Mistress Jenny summoned our new slave maid Karen, who appeared online in the meanwhile for cleaning our house, to the club and ordered her to dance for us and for the other guests. It became a bit fuller and slave maid Karen gave reason for a chat among the guests. And that’s it for this quiet Wednesday night.

July 26th – a quiet night: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at DaD with slave Flo, at HBC and at Club DeLust with slave maid Karen dancing for us

Just two things to add:
Firstly Mistress Jenny decided to fit the “Ehesklavin” collar around my neck again signalising her full control and dominant mood.
Secondly Rubbertoy (Bianca Lamplugh) left us Wednesday night. And no, I won’t comment it – at least not here.

Diary 2017 (120) July 23rd / 24th slave slut cecy is back

Sunday night, July 23rd, was one of those nights in Second Life, where Mistress Jenny and I were just caring about technical issues. When we arrived at home, slave Flo and the new slave maid Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid) were dusting and cleaning at home. We first began to instruct slave maid Karen about the basic rules in our household. Karen is a well behaved and willing sissy boy and so far we’re pleased with her behavior during her first hours with us. She’s not very experienced with restraints and restrictions but eager to learn and she’s patient. Patience, obedience and the willingness to please are the key manners for a good maid. We had to get her a new open collar and to teach her some commands. We were just about done with that, when slave slut cecy joined us and this time, she didn’t crash again. Nonetheless slut cecy had to wait until we finished instructing slave maid Karen.

slave slut cecy had detached all gear as I told her to do by email and that cured her crashing issue. We put the chastity belt and her cuffs back on and finally added her ball gag and she crashed again. It took quite a while until we finally found the reason for her troubles. With our permission slut cecy had joined the bondage team group, a group where I am a member myself. The bondage team, founded by Aimee Riptide, is a female-only group committed to bondage in SL. They use Marine Kelley’s RR restraints and regular competitions are arranged, for example in struggling out of restraints. For these competitions RR serious shackles set and the RR ballgag is mandatory and particular extra scripts are added to them. slut cecy crashed when she put the RR ballgag on, hence there was the reason for her crashes. For some reason, the extra scripts made her crash, most probably there’s a conflict with other (extra) scripts, that we use. Honestly I have no idea.
slave slut cecy is not familiar with scripts nor with technic. The next problem we had to solve was instructing her how to remove the scripts. Issues like that are part of Second Life, at least when you use the RLV features. Luckily they don’t happen often though.

When we were done and slut cecy was “resetted” it was bedtime for us. slave Flo and slave maid Karen followed patiently the labourious process. And we also had a little bit of fun with some banter while “working”.

Monday night, July 24th, was very relaxed. When Mistress Jenny and I came online, everything was cleaned by slave Flo and slave maid Karen. That’s how it should be! We played one round “greedy” and went to The Secret House with both. slave Karen wears a butt plug. She wore it already before she came to us. And this butt plug causes her to squirm and moan every once in a while and we teased her about it. What a nice toy,  particularly for a sissy. At TSH it provided reason for some talk in main chat, something that is rare enough there and we had fun. It was a very enjoyable evening, just perfect after Sunday night with the technical issues about slave slut cecy.

Diary 2017 (119) July 21st – July 23rd slave Summer, slave Flo, slave maid

Mistress Jenny began preparing me for a red light, that is going to be a tough one according to her words. Friday Night, July 21st was still quite relaxed. We had our Friday night party and enjoyed it to the fullest. The pary is always a good start into the weekend. There’s not much more to report from Friday.
Saturday afternoon, July 22nd, Mistress Jenny and I met Summer Robertson (summerlong) again. Summer is one of our guests (read here). It was the first time that Mistress Jenny could take a closer look at her as the first meeting with her was very short. Mistress layed out of the basic some rules for Summer when she’s with us and she accepted that obediently.
At night we took slave Flo and Summer to our Fetisch Club Chez Maurer. slave Flo got some time on a spanish horse. I think she really missed one decisive part on that horse, a part that she enjoys when she rides her pony (well I guess you can imagine what I mean). In the meanwhile I tested how talented Summer is with her tongue and she was allowed to clean and worship my boots. She did quite well. Then I put fiexed her on the stocks and fucked her with my strapon. Summer, or now slave Summer, is an obedient girl. Mistress and I couldn’t see any dominant part in her behavior. For now, we decided to keep slave Summer naked and at our side. She can watch and learn to please us.

We went to club DeLust and as it was time to leave for bed, slave slut cecy appeared. slut has a lot of troubles with her viewer and crashes again and again. Unfortunately the problem isn’t solved yet.
Sunday, July 23rd, I saw a maid, Karen Jenkinson (forcedmaid), at Domme a Domme while I waited for Mistress Jenny to get online. Her original SL name caught my attention. As we’re still seeking a good and reliable help for slave Flo for keeping our house neatly clean, I talked with Karen and took her over to our house to show her what needs to be cleaned. Karen got a new set of cuffs and a brand new duster gag, and then I put her to work. We will see if this slave maid is a reliable help – as in real life good maids are really hard to find.

Mistress Jenny is not just back in control. She claimed what is hers strong-willed and consequently. And that is just the beginning of the red light that she announced to start after the weekend. She already pushed me deep into subspace and to be honest I struggled inwardly, I tried to discuss but with no success. As opposed to it made things worse for me. Hence I try to avoid mistakes in order not to provoke her – with the effect that I find myself even deeper in sub space.

July 23rd: Mistress Jenny and Ehesklavin Diomita

That’s it for right now for this diary post.

Diary 2017 (67) April 30th – Triple win

What is dusting and cleaning in Second Life good for as it’s just a script and pixels? I asked that myself often enough and I try an answer here. We do have chores in real life that occur regularly and that seem to be a Sisyphean labour, dusting and cleaning is one those, most housework is. Once you finished, you can start all over again. In the ancient world slaves did this work and who would be obliged doing it in a bdsm relation nowadays?
It is no physical dust that maids and slaves clean in Second life. It is stupid standing animated in front of a virtual object and after a while the script tells you that the object is clean. You need imagination to make this kind of “work” senseful, like you need imagination in Second Life for everything. Second Life works as we dive into our fantasies and live them out mostly in our head, supported by what we see in Second Life and supported by the interactions with other avatars, other quite real persons. Having that in mind dusting and other stupid work in Second Life begin to make sense, they support our imagination. Mistress Jenny and I are pleased when the slaves do their work, when they show and prove their dedication, when they invest time just for us to see that they have cleaned and cared about the Sisyphean labour. Slaves don’t sit around waiting for their owners to play with them, to turn their attention to them, slaves do their work first.
Sunday afternoon, April 30th, slut cecy was dusting while I went on a simploring tour. Upon my return she had finished her work at the house and just the Shangri-La was left over to clean. Mistress Jenny and I took our slut to a club and had her kneeling between us while we caught up with RL and SL and we gave slut some attention. I instructed slut cecy to finish her work later and that I expect everything cleaned at night.

April 30th at the patio near our Stonehaven wall: Mistress Jenny and Diomita watching slave cecy licking slave Flo. (for those looking for details, I didn‘t find my glasses and took my green spare glasses instead)

Sunday night when I came online, I saw slut cecy being at home. I went window shopping, tried on this and that but didn’t find anything suitable. Upon my return about half an hour later, I went to the Shangri-La and found it dirty. I summoned slut cecy, who had no valid excuse (a valid excuse would be RL for sure, but she simple waited for me to come home and entertain her). Our slut seems to test her limits! I had told her several times that I will punish her for disobedience and the punishment won’t be something she’d like (in SL and RL) and I really don’t like punishing a slave like this but I will if necessary. slut apologized and started to work immediately. And I tend to give a second and a third chance if I see any insight of the slave.
While slut was dusting slave Flo showed up and when slut had finish working, I took the slaves to our patio. Moments later Mistress Jenny joined us. I ordered slut cecy to tell Mistress Jenny about her laziness before, mostly as I wanted to strengthen her insight. Mistress Jenny and I agreed to punish our slut just a bit and be generous a last time. We removed the shield of slave Flo’s chastity belt and ordered slut cecy to lick her sister slave. Mistress Jenny and I watched and relaxed. This way we had the triple win situation that I choose as a title for this post. Why triple win? Well, firstly slut cecy was punished and had to focus on her sister’s pleasure, secondly slave Flo was rewarded for all the cleaning work she does mostly with just little complains (sometimes she complains, we’ll have to work on that) and thirdly Mistress Jenny and I were entertained.

After slave Flo was satisfied, I put the shield of her chastity belt back on of course and I gagged slut cecy tightly so that she can savour her sisters taste for a while. Then I took her to Psi’s realm where I left her exposed to everyone as a small foretaste of what she has to expect if she continues being disobedient and lazy. I really hope she doesn’t dare to challenge me.
Something else to report for the diary? Yes! I visited our former slave Dana who is a cow at MzTania’s sim at the moment. Dana is still in regular contact to our Kitty (their timezones match better) and we do see Dana every once in a while. Being a cow was and still is one of Dana’s favourite kinks. I admit, she really looks like a human cow like this and not too weired (I don’t like it too weired).

bdsm closeup

20170206-bdsm-closeup-signMonday night, February 6th, we were invited to the opening of the exhibiton “bdsm closeup” of Barbara Reiter-Jewell. Lady Barbara is a friend of ours who attends our Friday night party sometimes.
Our niece Angelique is a member of her House BHoL and serves as a maid there every once in a while. Also our friend vero, Madame Sarah’s sub, has close connections to Lady Barbara.
Lady Barbara Reiter-Jewell (in SL since 2006) is the Second Life character for a swiss based international pro photographer (born 1962) specialized mostly into fashion and beauty photography for advertising and editorial. In SL she runs a gallery named “20][21”, where she shows some of her work. “bdsm closeup” is the sequel of other exhibitions and moves to a brighter lustful side of the topic. As well the series get into more intimacy by showing only close-up’s, like breaking into that dream and working out the more erotic part of the submissive side.

February 6th - opening of "bdsm closeup" at gallery 20][21: Diomita, Angelique, Mistress Jenny and Lady Barbara

February 6th – opening of “bdsm closeup” at gallery 20][21: Diomita, Angelique, Mistress Jenny and Lady Barbara

The exhibition “bdsm closeup” will stay open throughout February and maybe March until Lady Barbara replaces it with another exhibition in her gallery 20][21. Pictures are sold unframed, modify only (to adapt the size), no copy, no transfer. Price per picture for this series is L$ 500. If you like erotic pictures have a look at this exhibtion.

February 6th - "bdsm closeup" at gallery 20][21 opened for public

February 6th – “bdsm closeup” at gallery 20][21 opened for public

Landmark to Gallery 20][21

Diary (117) November 22nd / 23rd

What else is going on? I took slave maid cecy to Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) as I decided that they shall literally enjoy bondage there – and so far BSP is less laggy than Lochme for example. Tuesday night, November 22nd, I had Angelique with me and I showed her around at BSP a bit after I stored slave maid cecy at the slut platfrom.

November 22nd at BSP: slave maid cecy stored on the slut platform (2 random subs watching)

November 22nd at BSP: slave maid cecy stored on the slut platform (2 random subs watching)

And Wednesday night, November 23rd, I stored our slave maid Flo next to slave maid cecy. Our home might become a bit dirty now as the slave maids are stuck at BSP but they can work hard later to clean it again. While I was busy getting slave Flo perfectly stored, Mistress Jenny cuddled with our niece Angelique and that is where the lovely picture below was taken.

November 23rd at BSP: slave maids cecy and Flo stored on the slut platform

November 23rd at BSP: slave maids cecy and Flo stored on the slut platform

November 23rd: Aunt Jenny and her niece Angelique

November 23rd: Aunt Jenny and her niece Angelique

Anything else? Yes, Mistress Jenny took full control again and exposed her property (me) at several clubs after we left the slave maids at BSP. She visited Mesmerize Dungeon, Domme a Domme and The Secret House with me, before she took me home – and stored me at our private rooms. Times have changed …. 20161123-times-have-changed_006


Saturday, November 19th, I visited Dreamshire with slave Flo. It is the sim slave maid Flo selected when we ordered the maids to find new places for playing. Dreamshire is a lovely build place. You arrive at a train station and can take a train every 5 minutes. The train takes you around the island, to the beach, to a brewery. a farm and of course into the town. On the first view Dreamshire doesn’t look like a sim for kinky play. It is a moderate sim and impresses more by it’s nature and the love for little details.20161119-dreamshire_013
slave maid Flo had contact with Nim (nimoui) the partner of Lily (lilychenier). Both own Dreamshire as far is I could find out. There’s also Miss Loiyan, a friend of Nim and Lily, who’s maid school is in the town, just next to the police station. It is a classic school, a room with a desk for the teacher and simply chairs and desks for the pupils, the maids. The main rules for maids are written on big boards so that the maids can easily learn them by heart and are reminded to them all the time.

November 19th: Dreamshire Maid Training School

November 19th: Dreamshire Maid Training School

November 19th: Dreamshire Maid Training School - the classroom

November 19th: Dreamshire Maid Training School – the classroom

The basic maid rules are:
1 Never question
2 Obey promptly
3 Always curtsy
4 Accept all punishment
5 Do not sit on furnishings unless directed. Stand or kneel as instructed.
6 Remember you’re inferior to all
7 Use proper forms of adress
8 Do not initiate any conversation with your Mistress unless to deliver a message or it is absolutely necessary.
9 Never offer your opinion unless it has been asked for
10 Maid will wear a collar

Very clear rules and easy to understand one could think. But it is harder than it looks like *winks*

Besides the rules the maid training is outlined on the main board ….

November 19th: Diomita with slave maid Flo at Dreamshire Maid Training School

November 19th: Diomita with slave maid Flo at Dreamshire Maid Training School

Firstly above all else a maid nust be obedient. She must strive for perfect obedience in all that she does. It is not enough to just do as she told but she must do her duties to the best of her ability and gives her all in every task. She is passionate about obedience and respects the smallest rules as much as the more important rules.

November 19th: Diomita with slavin maid C at Dreamshire Maid Training School

November 19th: Diomita with slavin maid C at Dreamshire Maid Training School

Secondly a maid must be respectful. She must never talk back, never use bad language and greet her superior in the way her superior wants eg. curtsey. She must also show respect by never talking badly about her superior behind their back and never touching anything of their superiors without permission. She must open doors for her superior, and never sit down if her mistress is standing.

November 19th: slave maid Adarra at Dreamshire Maid Training School

November 19th: slave maid Adarra at Dreamshire Maid Training School

Third, the maid should be humble. She must always put the needs of her superior before her own. Humility means listening to her Mistress and taking correction in a spirit of gratitude. Humility means never making assumptions and making sure she asks permission for any changes to her schedule or if she is unsure if something is allowed or not. A maid never back chats and only expresses opinions if asked.

November 22nd: slave maid cecy at Dreamshire Maid Training School

November 22nd: slave maid cecy at Dreamshire Maid Training School

Next to the classroom is a little office that contains just a few tools to discipline the maids. Miss Loiyan’s office is closeby and there are a few more tools to teach obedience to the maids. And there’re some nice erotic pictures. If you take a closer look into the police station and the bar you’ll notice that Dreamshire’s inhabitants aren’t that innocent as the town looks alike. In particular the farm seems to offer a lot opportunities for roleplay although I don’t know how the equipment is used.

November 19th: Mistress Jenny, slave maid Flo, Slavin maid C and Diomita at Dreamshire farm

November 19th: Mistress Jenny, slave maid Flo, Slavin maid C and Diomita at Dreamshire farm

Monday night, November 21st, I went back to Dreamshire on my own just to check something for this blog text and by accident I met Nim and Lily and we talked a bit about the concept of Dreamshire. It is not finished yet, there’s more to come. It shall be a Dom/sub friendly sim yet no sex sim. The farm is a farm and the products are sold and exchanged with others. I’m not into this kind of bit business but I heard about it, just like there is a market in Second Life for milk for example. But Nim was open for the idea to have some roleplay on the farm (the puropse I suspected). So both might be possible in future. Right now Nim and Lily wait to get more prims as annouced by Linden Labs (we wait for them too *winks*) to continue realizing their ideas.

November 21st: Diomita meets Nim and Lily, owners and creators of Dreamshire, at the farm

November 21st: Diomita meets Nim and Lily, owners and creators of Dreamshire, at their farm

Another big part of Dreamshire is the train, that is Nim’s project in particular. She is the main constructor as Lily told me. Nim told me that it is not easy to get it running as it does now (I bet!) – hence do consider the effort behind it when you travel by train in Dreamshire. The train as well as the monrail suspension rail is a big part and embedded in the concept of Dreamshire. There might some more kinky areas or opportunities for play in future but overall I understood that it shall not get in the foreground (just as in RL btw.).
If we get the opportunity we might send she slaves maids into this maid school.
Thank you Lily and Nim for this lovely place and for the nice chat we had. We’ll come back *winks*

Landmark to Dreamshire:

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