News from flo – Chapter 13: The gift in the black box

Again slave Flo wrote about her life for our blog. As always, I didn’t Change slave’s text but just formated it and removed some typos. This time I added the illustrating pictures again. Thank you for writing, slave. I assume you got some fans and followers out there in the meanwhile already. Enjoy reading, everybody!

Once last week – I can‘t remember when – Mistresses gave me a new gift. It looked like a red color leather hood that covered all my head but left my face free. To wear it was pretty nice as it was well fitting and Mistress Diomita pulled the laces in the back so tight that it felt like a second skin. First it was this marvelous feeling of cold leather on my skin and my hairless skull. The smell of new leather excited me and in a way let disappear my sadness on having no hair growing never again.

Diomita with slave and Angelique at The Secret Club

Diomita with slave and Angelique at The Secret House

Mistress Diomita pulled and adjusted so the hood gave the feeling of soft compression on my head. I was aroused and felt the tickling starting between my legs. My trapped temple longed for touching so I lowered my hands and was trying to move the CB to give changes of pressure what normally lets me come pretty fast and hard sometimes without touching.
That was something my owner doesn’t like and she quickly took out a similar red looking leather item that trapped my arms behind my back that fast I could not even ask what for or resist the appliance. My arms where bound in a single sleeve that reached up over my shoulders and covered them. My question why she was doing that was needless – she shook her head and pointed at my paradise with a whisper…. You should never touch yourself without asking permission, little slave!
A bit frustrated but some kind also in a strange mood of happiness took me. This was the moment, I longed for – be tied by my loving Mistresses – I felt wonderful. My smiles couldn’t be hidden and Mistress Diomita smiled back “ you will enjoy my slave… you will”. Out of her pocket she took several tiny padlocks and each of then gave me a lovely shivering when I heard them locking shut. I was so thankful to get into bondage like this – I would have embraced my Mistress immediately. I saw myself like one of these bondage models I have seen on the web – they look mostly smiling as they have their pleasure in these shootings.

Then….. something I didn’t get aware….. the hood had added some buckles and Mistress Diomita showed me the function. She added a strap with a huge mouth-filling gag that forced me to open my jaws wide and let this intruder slide deep inside down to my throat. My tongue wasn’t able to move and I choked and fought against the gag reflex. The padded leather covered my lower part of my face an made any attempt to remove the intruding gag impossible. Mistress whispered „ and I can expand my pleasure to restrict you by adding a blindfold – you sure would like little slave“

hooded slave flo with her owners Diomita and Jenny Maurer

hooded slave flo with her owners Diomita and Jenny Maurer

This way my Mistress kept me bound and gagged the entire weekend. I was in heaven… felt my body and my sensual body parts playing never known pleasures. I won’t get out….. no…. this might go on ….. but how this will end?

Thank you my loved Mistresses

Remark: The hood and the restrictions stayed on locked for more than a week and slave got used to it. She’s unable to talk or start IM’s (she can receive IMs). Tied like this she’s accompanying us and if you look at her and her short emotes, you notice how deeply she is enjoying it and how she dives away into her own little world.

Kisses from Diomita and Jenny

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