Mistress Jenny

As this blog is still also a diary to save our memories I have to write about Mistress Jenny.
On New Years Day this year, Jenny announced that she will take more control over me. She didn’t reveal any details. So far we had green and red lights. Red light means, that Jenny is treated as my slave, my Ehesklavin, that she has to kneel, to address me properly, simply that she has to take the place at my feet until I release her of it. As we both wear our jewelery collar all the time, we began to use the RR vixen leather collar to indicate a red light as the leather collar looks quite strict. During a red light the leather collar is locked in place around her neck.
Same goes for green lights. So far I granted green lights by offering my keys to Jenny. And she locked a leather collar around my neck. Green lights were shorter and way more discret. Rarely Jenny took me out to a club and in front of our subs she allowed me to command and act as usual. As I said .. so far.

Diomita's first red light

Diomita’s first red light (1)

While our subs have to address Jenny with Mistress for quite a long while, Jenny first introduced that I have to call her Mistress Jenny during green lights as a rule for me too. And slowly I got used to it. Jenny experimented with me, tested my limits but still was discreet and kept most of the green light time in private. With time it was more me who began to address Mistress Jenny also in public and in front of our subs as Mistress and it felt good to let go. I enjoyed, relaxed and recovered my strength during green lights.

Diomita's first red light (2)

Diomita’s first red light (2)

Coming back to the beginning of this entry. Those who know Mistress Jenny know about her persistance. She’s amazing. Shortly after our 6th wedding day, Mistress took control or to be more precisely, I couldn’t resist to kneel for her as she radiated a lot of will, strength and dominance. In addition, Mistress can take what she owns without asking. This was 3 weeks ago now. And this time the word green light doesn’t fit anymore. I’m under a red light. Mistress Jenny took full control and it is her to decide when she’ll end it. Three weeks! I can hardly remember a green light with more than 3 days. And Mistress did stretch my limits. She did not only expose me as her property in the clubs, she demands that I address her properly always, also in front of our subs. She selects the gear I have to wear, she even put me into a strict hood. And I won’t report even here, what else she does. It is a fully turn of tables. And the longer it lasts, the more I get addicted to Mistress Jenny. I want to please her and I admit, that it feels just right. She owns me and I submit to her.

Owned domme Diomita (1)

Owned domme Diomita (1)

Owned domme Diomita (2)

Owned domme Diomita (2)

And my red light isn’t ended yet. Could go on forever? It could but it will not. When ever it ends it changed me in a positive way:
I learned to let control go for longer.
I know my place at Mistress Jenny’s feet if she demands it.
I am proud to be owned by Mistress and happy to show it.
I will be even more proud showing that I own such an amazing domme like Mistress Jenny.
I learned last but not least variations in play that will be useful in future.

Thank you for owning me, beloved Mistress Jenny.

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  1. jennymaurer
    Nov 09, 2014 @ 22:43:22

    Thank you my wonderful wife for those kind words. During our visits to other sims I rarely get impromptu IM’s but during the past 3 weeks I have been getting flooded with comments like,,,, Diomita looks good at your feet or happy to when I control her,, needless to say, we have been very close for almost 7 years and you can only last that long if you develop together sharing the same goals. We have often heard it said that together we are Awesome, well I would not be anywhere near Awesome without you so thank you 2380 times as that is approximately the number of days we have known each other.



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