News from flo – Chapter 16: What a surprise

We visisted a club lately together with Angelique and slave Flo. Those, who know her, know that slave Flo tries to break the usual silence in these clubs by just complaining, moaning, or by whispering remarks. It’s not meant bad or offending or disobedience, we usually support it as someone has to liven up the mostly standing crowd. Well, sometimes though a remark can be inappropriate or can be misunderstood as offending. And that happened to slave Flo. She provided this next chapter for you to read and enjoy. As always, i only revised typos and added the picture. Here’s slave Flo’s chapter 16:

I need to tell about the scene we where into lately when we visited a club.
Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita invited Angelique and me to share her time in this club. As always we looked at the different kind of visitors as one of them took all my attention. A dark tanned woman – not easy to ignore was standing out in the crowd. In my eyes she looked like a giant from another universe.
Obedient as always I asked my Mistresses by whispering, to stand at this woman’s side to see the difference of tallness. So far nothing bad, and Mistresses allowed me. I walked slowly and shy at the right side of the giantrice. She was soooooo BIG! A the moment she noticed me I greeted her with a smile. I walked back to the family and whispered that I guess she might be 8 or more feet tall.
A person that tall should be able to see much more far then me – so I suggested in a humorous way that she might tell us a weather forecast. I repeat – I all did by whispering and at pleasure of my Mistresses. But Mistress Diomita told me to be a bit more discreet, or it could happen that I get sold.
I did what good educated girls do – I stood in silence at the side of my sister Angelique who smirked and commented that she would not be sad in case I get sold. Such a brat – she doesn’t like her sister, or at least she feels much pleasure to tease her in her own way. Time passed and Mistresses suggested going home.

slave Flo and Angelique mounted in the racks, Mistress Jenny supervising

slave Flo and Angelique mounted in the racks, Mistress Jenny supervising

Back home the commands were short and sharp. Undress to me and Angelique – why Angel ? I had no clue. We both where mounted in strange and unbreakable racks. We have been exposed in a very humiliating way. I would try to argue but my words have been blocked in my throat. Therefore i could not understand why we have been punished – but it happen.
While Mistress Jenny fondled on Angelique’s pussy, Mistress Diomita slapped my butt. Not hard but steadily and that was quite surprising – I felt no pain, as opposed to I got aroused. I tried to hide my feelings but I guess Mistress Diomita recognized that as well. Finally our Mistresses punished me and Angelique with a night locked in this racks. Angelique begged and whimpered while I was sure, Mistresses won’t get weak. And they did not punished us because we made mistakes – no – they did because „THEY CAN“

Thank you my wonderful Mistresses.

Thank you, slave Flo for your report. We know, that the incident put pressure on you. Hopefully the punishment helped to get over it – it certainly was at least fun for us!

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