The health study – by slave Flo – part I

Slave Flo had the idea of writing a fantasy and sent us the flollowing text. So here it is, part I of slave Flo’s fantasy :

This is the attempt to try my skills as novel writer. This is a story that is just fantasy. Enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to comment. Until I get your personal preference of the next study steps, I will follow on my own.
(please respect that this should be a story with adult content about fetish, bondage and wicked actors in a medical environment ). The written language is n’t the author’s tongue. She try her best 🙂

Invitation to join a study

My Mistresses got an e-mail and showed me. It was strange as none outside their fetish scene, knew their relationship to me. The mail looked very professional with the well known logo of the hospital where I has acted as successful surgeon some time ago. A small difference was the Clinic name – „PP CLINIC“. The subject was :  take part of our new health study – woman only. I was very curious as the one who signed this message was never known by me. The study was described to contain a physical as well as  psychological part for females with academic background older then 45 years. Well with some weeks more then 45 I could imagine to fit this profile. These tests should be done in only 4 days and the result would be collected as anonymous data.

Mistress Jenny looked at me and begun to talk „we should send you there“ the cheapest way to know if you are a worthy and healthy one. Mistress Diomita argued – with a good result we can earn more money if we sell you Flo. I felt like my blood would freeze and opened my eyes wide.  We gonna send them the acknowledge and wait for further instructions when this tests will start.

Two days later my Mistresses smiled and greeted me very nice with a long and tight hug. We have new information from Clinic Flo. Your journey starts tomorrow at 9. Until you can do your chores, dusting the house as we like to have it clean, before you leave. We like to get you see dressed in the black white skirt and blouse, ready at 8 so we can drive you to the clinic. I really was scared now. I feared as maybe someone would recognize me and asking why I left the clinic without any sign, or I could met the nurse who started to blackmail me when I was wearing my fetish CB at work. My mind raced an I prepared some excuses like my mother died and so on.

slave Flo getting ready for the health study

slave Flo getting ready for the health study

The Clinic

My heart pounded hard when my Mistresses open the back door of her car, helped me out and handed me a small bag. “We prepared the most important clothes you need the next days. Try to be concentrated and fulfill the tests as best you can. Think about us as we are proud to get this opportunity for your extended health check.”
A short hug and they pushed me toward the main door. I looked back and waved as both Mistresses droved away. A faint tap on my shoulder catches my attention as a white dressed nurse asked friendly my name.
“Florence Riddler? for the health study”? Her voice had a lower tune than expected when she said: “well then, I’m Ona, on some tests I will lead you. Please come in I will show you the room where you can stay until professor Chai is ready to see you.”
She took my bag and lead me to the first floor in one of the patient rooms.
“May you like to have a drink, like water, juice or coffee” she asked friendly.
“Ehh….. water, just water please” was my surprised expression. She left and I tried to calm and sat on the chair near the window. How many visits I have made myself in these rooms after the beauty surgeries I did to my clients…. and now I’m here and be eager what would come next and would I see some known faces?? I heard a knock on the the door and same time Ona opened and brought me the water.
“Please prepare for the visit at Doc Chai in ten minutes. You better get dressed in your training suit…. you have one in your bag?”
“Trainings suit.. ” I repeated with faint voice as I started to explore the bag. There was no such suit. Mistresses might have packed wrong. I raised my head shy at Ona and shrugged my shoulders.
“Whats wrong Florence?” With a quick hand she reached into the bag and pulled out the transparent latex full body suit.
“Hmmm……. you got this as your trainings suit?”
I stammered “eehhhh….  might be a mistake by the one who prepared my clothes”. Ona started laughing.
“You didn’t read the e-mail for preparation yourself?
“No“ I whispered and blushed.
“Ok…. then we don’t want waste time – prepare yourself in that dress – naked, you understand, and I will pick you in minutes“.
Ona left the room with kind of strange smile in her face. I stood there like a showered dog, watching the suit and shake my head. I remembered the words of Mistresses to do as best I can – so I stepped out my clothes, hesitated to get out of my undies, unhooked my bra and folded all on the small table behind me. For dressing in this suit I needed some lube and so I searched in the bag for that known black bottle. That way I slipped easy into, pulled them over my hips and slides my arms into the sleeves. The back zipper slides well and soon it reached my neck. Some tug and sliding made the suit me like a second skin. The feeling was incredible by the thought that I was doing this in the hospital where I have worked once. Then I found a note inside the bag “please wear this Florence, make us proud and show these cuffs as the sign of us – your Mistresses”. I should put on these cuffs myself? in hospital for health check? I got scared more and more but as I love my Mistresses, I clicked them on my wrists.

slave Florence in her training suit

slave Florence in her training suit

I checked my bag again to search my pyjama and my toothbrush. But the only thing I found, was a small box, like one that is used for jewelry, but this was locked and only a small keyhole was the difference to normal. As it knocked on the door, I stuffed that box back in my bag and sat upright when Ona came in. I covered my naked boobs with my crossed arms and peeked at her. She opened the cabinet and pulled out a white warm and soft bathing cape.
“Here some textile as you can’t show up like this in the corridor until the study started”.
These words…. can’t show up… until study started? I got more and more curious about the coming. She then pushed me out and forward, along the corridor until we faced the elevator. I looked nervously if anyone could have seen me. When the elevators door opened I sighed and was surprised as we got down to the -2 floor – the one that has been left as spare place when I worked here. Now it looked in bright light and pretty nice architecture, close one I have seen earlier in a wellness hotel. A glass door opened and a warm and friendly voice welcomes me.
“Hi, I’m professor Chai, come in, take a seat and feel comfy”. The one who spoke to me was, dark tanned with black hair that contrasted nicely to her white blouse and the red skirt. She was marvelous looking and had wonderful glowing brown eyes. „you can leave us until I call you, Ona“ and then she turned to me.
“Is that your training suit Florence?“ I immediately would have slipped into the tiniest hole to hide – that hard it hit me, her smiling comment. My face reddened and I lowered my head to shy to look back at this doc.
„C’mon – don’t be shy, maybe you did not prepare the bag for the journey yourself, did n’t you?“
It looked as she enjoyed my shame but soon she started like I know doctors as they can switch pretty fast and change the subject.
“We prepared a „paper of accordance“ that we present you here. Please read it, you got all time and feel free to ask if something is n’t clear.“
I know such study papers as they just touch the surface of any case. In my mind I had that the subject is psychological and physical health, so I finished reading and looked up to doc Chai.
“well, no questions?” and in next second she offered the pen to sign.
I put my signature under the document and doc Chai smiled at me when she took the document.
„Then lets start, we have to clear some important informations about the study and you“.
Questions about my eat and drink, my thought about tobacco and alcohol as well about the situation that the study need my full cooperation as far as its useful or possible. Then she came to my trainings outfit with a smile.
„Those who packed for you got some early information about the study and one point is to see your reaction in a unexpected situation – You managed quite well so we are sure, you are comfortable in this suit for most of our tests“. She stepped behind me, put one hand on my shoulder and same time I heard a clicking sound as she put a small padlock on the zipper.

Professor Chai started to introduce me that these tests would be different from well known examinations.
„We do some tests that are quiet new in medical environment – and some would care for *until now never examined* senses in conclusion of medical health”. All sounded strange but doctor Chai spoke in a manner as it would be like to sell strawberrys.
„Best for you Florence is, join in without big curiosity as you know as earlier surgeon, all comes to a fine end at all – next step, Ona will bring you to the first examination room where we do a quick check of the actual lung function“. In next second, like the name Ona would be a signal, the nurse entered the room and helped me friendly to stand and guided me out of office.
„We will inform you detailed about every step in this health check will, so relax. We will have a good time next“. She twinkled while she opened the door to the room. There was a examination table and this known apparatus with dozens of sliders and knobs as well as indicators.
“Please lay down on your back Florence.” I tried to stretch as best I could while Ona prepared some things I could not follow.
“I will slip this mask over your nose and mouth for measuring the oxygen concentration while you breath slow and deep please”. Then I felt the cold rubber mask touching my skin while Ona was fastening some straps behind my head to hold the mask in place. I would touch this mask with my hands, but Ona pushed them back with a firm grip and comment “just let me do my job dear”.

20150306 Slave Florence fantasy picture 2The smell of the air was fresh but axiomatized  with a kind of rubber taste. Breath was easy and so I lay there an peeked the manipulation Ona did on the machine. I could see the bellow moving up and down in same rhythm as my breath.
Within seconds I recognized some sweet taste ………..”sleep well – victim Florence, your journey has started” where the words of Ona but I just heard “sleep” and then drifted away. I can’t remember what happened while I slept, I woke up sitting upright in a device and immediately felt my feet hurt in pain.
“Welcome back Florence – did you slept well – sure you did. We have seated you in this wheelchair as you wont be able to stand that easy in the training shoes we laced tight for you”. I could not bend as I felt kind of groggy so I tried to ask “wh….ey….. id…. ou… ag” my tongue was not reacting due sedation and I stopped to ask.
“You will adapt quite soon as we help you as best we can. Now we go back to your room as you need some rest now.” Ona pushed me and opened the door for a new room.
“This is your room for rest, doctor Chai will visit you in next hours and inform about the lung function test”. She helped me on the bed, covered me with a sheet and left the room with a smile. I heard a sound like a turning key and then drifted away. I woke up with much more clear mind and started to examine my hurting feet. They have laced kind of ballet shoes on my feet and secured them with small padlocks. I could not even reach the laces under the security straps, all was hidden and locked. I sat up and waited …. waited… until the the key was heard turning and doctor Chai came to visit.

20150306 Slave Florence fantasy picture 3 “Hello doc Florence” she greeted with a smile. “how do you feel? adapted to your new trainings boots? Your result from the lung check shows you are very healthy. You will be able to easy follow the tests what we have planned during the study. Try to stand dear!” All she talked in a professional manner not even waited any answer to her questions.
“this shoes …..” I pointed on, while she put her finger over my lips to keep me silent. Doctor Chai gabbed my left upper arm and pulled hard to get me standing. I cried out as this was so painful while my leg muscles worked hard to keep balance.
„Head up Florence, stretch your back, it all will be easy as you just follow our instructions“. I balanced and with the helping hand, reached to stand upright, while I bite my lower lip and concentrated.
„See, its that easy, you will get adapted to these position of your feet pretty quick. Now try to stand alone while you place your hands on your back, touching your bum“.  She released her grip and I stood there like limp bow, in fear to fall any second.
„Straight upright, shoulders back, show us, how proud you are, to join the study Florence“. This was easy to say then to do as I had to stretch more, pushed my chest out and keep my head upright. I felt that my feet made some small steps, just some millimeters but balanced well as long as I stand still. Only the pain in my flexor digitorum, the muscles on front side of my feet where close unbearable.
„Try a step forward, while you hold both hands behind your back together. And don’t complain, you can get it or should we help you to keep silent!” These words where shocking me , keep me silent, they wont…
„This study will force your strength a bit, as it’s the first time a clinic is doing such researches. We will continuously examine how flexible you are and therefore use those shoes to show results for shoe industry what happen to woman, who wear high heels. I can imagine you are pleased to cooperate this kind of study, don’t you?“
„Ehh… I’m not sure doc, it looks pretty….. how to say…. unused to wear a transparent latex suit, locked on neck, ballet boots also locked, have a room that is locked and all just for a study about physical and mental health”.
“Now come take few more steps, lets go to next step as we don’t like to waste time to argue about”.
She poked me as I only could try to keep balance and we walked out of my room. I guess there has been about 20 meters until she opened the next door. Inside I saw what looked like a walking trainer.
„You will now try to balance on your shoes, walking while we measure your pulse, heart rate, blood pressure and more. Keep your hands on your back, watch the green dot in front of you and ….. up we go“
I tried really my best and felt that I have to swing my hip more, stretch my back as well as my shoulders to step on.
„You do really fine Florence, what about the pain, tell me“ „it’s painful doc…“ and one more time she showed a shhht…. like she asked without any interest of my real feeling. I walked about 100 steps as doc stopped the machine.
“That‘s enough for today, we stop here and I bring you back to your room for a short rest. We have prepared some light lunch, I hope you will give our cook your compliment“.
“Would you please let me remove.. ”
“Florence ! this is a study what will go on as it has been planned by our clinic. Don’t ask anymore for release, you have signed to cooperate, else we have to follow the lower part of the described study, you have read…. did n’t you”?
“Lower part ? I signed for a mental and physical health study, what else”?
“Well, If you are not cooperating, complaining more and more – you signed to give us the accordance to go trough the whole tests in more restrictive way – therefore you wear these cuffs and give us permission to add some, for us useful gadgets to keep you like we need”!
“Cuffs, restraints, study, doctor Chai, what did I signed in “?
“Calm now Florence, don’t think about, as long as you cooperate and none of us is upset about your complaining, all will be fine – now enjoy lunch, relax so we can follow the next tests in 2 hours”.
She left me in my room where a well tasting lunch washed my sorrows away.

Slave Flo would like some suggestions as to what kind of tests have been prepared for Flo. You can use the comment function of the blog or contact her or us her inworld.
Please vote for next steps:
A = more restraints, gag, blindfold, monoglove
B = the locked box in the bag
C = physical stress
D = naughty and wicked nurse
E = any suggestions

Thank you for the idea, slave Flo!

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  1. jennymaurer
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 20:28:22

    Thank you Flo for the contribution. I enjoyed reading it while checking it and again after it was published. I look forwards to reading more so lets hope you get some suggestions or it will be another week in Iso


    • little doc Flo
      Mar 17, 2015 @ 20:00:37

      another week in…… looks like you win Mistress Jenny as the suggestions are pretty rare 😉


  2. Baroness Capelo
    Mar 09, 2015 @ 22:21:46

    Fun read …..I choose the alphabet !


  3. diomitamaurer
    Mar 18, 2015 @ 19:15:59

    ok, Flo … we can certainly choose the alphabet in the end. But to start with, I’m interested in D “naughty and wicked nurse”. It might give me and us more insight what wicked things to do with you *winks.


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