A message from Kitty

Our Kitty spend again some time as a pony trapped by Jill Freenote, a former sister of me. After some fun her latest messages sounded not that convinced about having fun anymore, but still Kitty succeeds to conjure a big smile on my face when I read of her. Kitty has a real talent to express even her wish to be freed into another fun in SL in a funny way. Here is the message I got:

“Dear wonderful and most amazing Mistress Diomita, Kitty wants to leave you a quick note to report that all is well, SL and RL. The stall needs mucking out but the service here is like the current stall condition- it stinks. Also, since Kitty already on the topic of this sim, their entertainment program leaves a lot to be wished for. Even watching paint dry is more exciting.  Last but not least, the trainers here must be part of the teachers union. It seems that they’re always on strike or on break, vacation or holiday. Kitty is glad that the sim doesn’t have to worry about their pony’s level of education because all the ponies here are pretty smart (Kitty’s helping them with their developing intellects). Well, Kitty hopes that your days are fun and sun-filled and that you find lots of time to do the things you want. With love, Kitty ((oh.. very important, not to be forgotten: Kitty’s behavior has been absolutely perfect. No damage to report, no mischief logged, just perfect …*yawn* … perfect behavior,))”

Ok, I admit, I’m flattered by her way to address me. That’s why we needed to free her – and Jenny did today. So Kitty (santana.thibedeau) is back home, ready for the next fun in her SL.
Welcome home Kitty!
ok – no blog post without a picture, so I include one of Kitty as a pony. Maybe it will remind her of this part of her SL whenever she see’s it.

Our Kitty Maurer as a pony

Our Kitty Maurer as a pony

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Flo
    Mar 07, 2015 @ 09:28:06

    Nice to see you back in the family – loving and teasing one 😰
    Kisses Flo


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