Once again I traveled in SL following the “Living in a modemworld” blog of Inara Pey. This time I went to WindWept:

A Visit To WindWept

A Visit To WindWept (1)

Windwept provides a watery environment filled with some surreal art and places, naked trees and nonetheless cosy places. Quite close to the landing point is a place with 4 hoovering windows of which 3 are actually offering teleports to skyboxes. And they are also worth visiting. If you climb down the ladder close to these windows you’ll find a small cosy room.

A Visit To Windwept (2)

A Visit To Windwept (2)

The creators of WindWept inez pennell (nezzy) & cinderr resident (imp) wrote a notecard about their sim:
I want to kiss the wind. Even as her stern hand makes impossible my mission of motion, even as she disrobes the world, even as she slices through my trappings and musses my hair.
In other dreams, she wakes and whispers in terrifying clarity that the valley has been robbed of all its trees in the night. I smile, she sobs… out each window, other worlds are inscribed across the distinct “Now. Here Now. Here. Now.”.. nowhere.
Welcome to WindWept, feel free to wander and explore. Touch the surrounding windows for a journey into other windswept worlds. Join the group to stay updated on all sim happenings, for lovers of photography: temp. rezzing rights (please be courteous and pick up when you leave) also please consider joining our flickr group ( to post all your lovely shots.
Bring a friend, a lover.. or just yourself, and discover another way to know the wind.”

Chilling at WindWept

Chilling at WindWept

WindWept offers nice motives for pohotographers, some surreal art and al lot to discover. Here’s the url for your visit:

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