Catching a slave

When I came online yesterday, slave Flo was hanging around at the Heavy Bondage Club (HBC).  She hadn’t left over much time online but she brought my attention to one of the subs, who were there: Nikkita Femme (Lisastormie.resident). I read quickly over Nikkita’s Profile, then I ordered her over to me. Not to my surpise she obeyed and I had a closer look on her. I checked her cuffs and found her keys out ready for me to take them. I didn’t hesitate and took control. It can be so easy to recruite slaves. I made sure that she was well restricted and took her home. She resisted, glared at me, argued, ranted, pulled at her chains – all in vain. I locked her into a cage at home and layed out the alternatives left over to her: “Either accept her fate becoming our slave quickly or …. resisting, ranting, getting more restrictions and learning our rules the hard way and becoming our slave”. To my pleasure she first decided for the later and I could satisfy my cruel needs. Simply enjoyable. Of course it didn’t take too long for her to realize her situation and today she was already a lot more mannered. Slave Flo was kneeling by her cage and the slaves had already made first contacts, when I logged in.

Dio and slave Flo with the catch of the day - slave Nikkita

Dio and slave Flo with the catch of the day – slave Nikkita

As a reward for good behavior, I took the new slave out for a walk and showed her a bit around at her new home. She was behaving well although it is still hard for her accept her fate. It just takes time … *evil grin. There might be more to write and report soon.

Dio taking slave Nikkita out for a short walk

Dio taking slave Nikkita out for a short walk

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  1. Flo
    May 26, 2015 @ 12:22:38

    with a smile I take note about the new girl, starting to join us. I hope one day, maybe it takes a long time, she can be left ungagged for free talk and other opportunities 😉
    let us hope the time difference isn’t the big issue.


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