Impressive Impressions

It’s Sunday and I found the time to explore a bit. This time it was kind of a very special exploration. Inara has her own art installion in SL now. Too bad that it is temporary! I’m really impressed.

Impression: Inara's art

Impressions: Inara’s art

The center piece of Impressions is Inara’s personal interpretation of Fallingwater. Fallingwater or Kaufmann Residence is a house designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 in rural southwestern Pennsylvania, 43 miles (69 km) southeast of Pittsburgh (see Wikipedia). Looking at the original house, Inara’s interpretation is quite close to it.
20150823 Impressions_012The house is fully furnished and there’re lots of details to admire. All walls are used to display Inara’s pictures all of which are taken in SL. In addition there’re video boards where you can watch her videos clips about the places she visited. This way at least parts of this temporary virtual world is saved for longer. I really hope that Inara takes lots of videos of her own place. Exploring the house is a bit tricky as you have to find your way to get to the different Levels. I saw a lot of pictures of places that I visited mainly by recommendation of Inara. I felt home.

Inara's art is displayed at Impressions

Inara’s art is displayed at Impressions

Spread over the house and outdoor you’ll also find sculptures by the young artist CioTToLiNa. They are not dominating the place but fit into it very well, making the house and the sim a pure exhibition for those who love this kind of art.

Sculptures of CioTToLiNa are spread around at Impressions

Sculptures of CioTToLiNa are spread around at Impressions

Last but not least, Inara has also created a beautiful place. Her Fallingwater is embedded in a lovely New England landscape and there’re enough spots to sit and dream, to cuddle and talk or to simply enjoy the views. I also liked the little pavillion at bit below of the house. I really can imagine to sit here, to listen to the piano or to have a drink with friends at night.

The pavillion at Impressions

The pavillion at Impressions

Dio dreaming sitting in the pavillion at Impressions

Dio dreaming sitting in the pavillion at Impressions

I really love the place. I’m a fan of great architecture and particular of this house (and yes, I saw it already in real). And as a follower of  Inara’s blog I’m really excited about her first own Installation. Thank you so much, Inara!

Fallingwater at Impressions

Fallingwater at Impressions

Ok, most important, here is the URL to Impressions:
And of course there’s also a post about Impressions in Inara Pey’s blog. Here’s the link to it:

Enjoy your visit!

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