Personal Journal of toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) – Part 2

Our toy began writing a diary when she was caught. It gives a lot of insight into her feelings and emotions as well as it describes what happened to the Karen, the former housewife and how she became our toy. I will publish her diary with her consent and I didn’t change anything. I just added some pictures as far as I took the according pictures. Here comes part 2:

Day Four: The Belt. Today they fitted me with a belt. I thought there was a fight in me, but I can’t take this much longer. They are giving me rules. Today I learned to kiss their feet when greeting. I barely resisted and they gagged me for speaking out of turn. They fitted the belt and turned on a bullet vibrator. Do you have any idea how badly my body was shaking? They took me to another public place and flaunted my cumming body. It’s only been four days and I am already giving in. I keep telling myself, I don’t like woman. I will escape and have my revenge, but I am losing it. They locked me up in the cage again. I know when they return tomorrow, I will bow to them and greet them by kissing their feet and I will not speak unless allowed. What the hell is happening to me? Why the fuck are my legs still shaking and why is my pussy wet and aching? I hate them!

Day Five: I slept from complete exhaustion. Today I immediately greeted both woman as Miss Diomoita and Miss Jenny and leaned down to kiss their feet. I guess I was slow, so I will need to do better. I was given rules. Lots of rules. I’m afraid I will forget a rule. They told me my nipples will be clamped soon. I can’t even imagine the pain I will feel. I wanted to scream, but I knew they would simply gag me. They took me out again in public. Strangers look me upon and many whisper in my ear. I wonder if my owners know? I can’t believe I am calling them my owners! They brought me home to a different room filled with painful pictures of woman in bondage and a large bed. I am to pick one picture that excites me. What am I to do? If I pick the one that excites me the most, they will bind me in such a manner, but maybe if I lie, they will take it easy on me. I think I am about to be placed in an armbinder. Oh God. I don’t think my arms can bend like that anymore. Tonight I cried myself to sleep and thought about the pictures and what tomorrow brings. I hope they don’t have clamps.

Day Six: I’m losing track of time. I feel total and complete frustration! I am a slave. I am left bound in a cage with my arms bound painfully behind my back. I feel like a whore! Why the hell am I so excited? Why is my pussy dripping? FUCK! I am obeying her…both of them. I lean into her hand when she pets my hair. I am quicker to kiss their feet to greet, but I still must be faster. Today I was fitted with an armbinder. I’m too old to have my elbows pinned together and locked in a sleeve, it hurts to strain my body! I have no choice. Someone help me please! I will learn. I am being trained. I thought I would be able to resist, but the fight in me is already lost. My body has become needy. My body is arched to relieve the pressure of my pinned arms and it pronounces my pressed out and exposed tits. I want to scream, my nipples are now hard. You try being chained up and restrained like I am and not give in. It’s not easy!

One Week: Has it really been one week? It feels like a year. They tell me my family has stopped looking for me. The reports of a missing housewife have stopped. There is no escape. My arms hurt so bad, my shoulders ache bound in this armbinder. I cried most of the night, but now I understand the reason my elbows are pinned together. My body is forced to arch, and with that my tits are pressed out to present themselves and more pronounced. They pulled and pinched my nipples until they became very hard, then pierced them! They placed small bells on my nipples. I screamed. I am screaming now. Just when I think there is nothing left in me, they take something else. I can’t go on. I leaned down to kiss their feet as they left me in the cage to heal and I thanked them. I could feel the weight of the bells pull on my hardened nipples and jingle when I move. It’s the most humiliating thing I have ever experienced. I don’t wish to move. Just the slightest movement of my body causes my tits to swing and jiggle. I believe they are there to remind me each and every moment that I am a slave. I will cry the entire night.

Week Two: I will not be marking the number of days anymore. What’s the point? I did not sleep at all last night. I am still hyperventilating! The bells. The bells jingled the entire night. The bells weigh enough to constantly tug on my nipples. I am aroused constantly. My hips never stop jerking, pulsing, and twitching. My nipples are swollen. My nipples ache. My nipples hurt so bad. Why am I so wet? I am filled with anxieties to kiss my owner’s feet because when my body leans over, the bells swing and jingle. There is nothing left of me that was a housewife. I am a slave. I kissed their feet to greet and when they went to sleep. I am conforming to their rules. My body aches so much. I cry the entire day and night. I can’t possibly make it. I don’t care to move. The bells jingle. I keep telling myself I will get used to it. Somebody help me please!

toy Karen with a stranger exposed at Ropers playground

toy Karen with a stranger exposed at Ropers playground

toy Karen with a stranger exposed at Ropers playground - in the background: Dio, slave FLo and Jenny

toy Karen with a stranger exposed at Ropers playground – in the background: Dio, slave Flo and Jenny

I am leashed and dragged along, as if I am an animal. I am placed on public display. Strangers are entertained by my arousal brought on by the constant teasing of my owner. I am so humiliated! Today I actually started begging Miss Diomita. What is becoming of me?

…to be continued soon …..

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