Dio’s 8th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2016

Today is my 8th rezzing anniversary in Second Life. It has been a real addition to my real life throughout these years and I hope it will continue for more and more years, as it hasn’t lost it’s facination and it’s addiction for me. As every year on the occasion of my rezzing day I write a longer blog post summarizing the last year. I’m blessed with a stable environment in SL, a base from which I can explore and discover myself, my (not so secret) kinks as well as the beauty of Second Life and the creativity of the residents building this temporary virtual world.
We, Jenny and I and the whole Eurobrat family still live at Mount Everest Island. It’s great that we could keep it for all these years. Tyra (Tyra.Sciarri) and Virgo (Virgo.Babii) on one side and Sarah (Sarah.Fhang) on the other side are still our neighbours. Thank you! Our island didn’t undergo dramatic changes but we continued to develop it. Last year we moved the dungeon from a skybox to the ground level and covered it with a hill. I learned how to build rooms underground and how to make an entrance to it. It looked so easy, but it isn’t. And I know now how elaborated some other sims with large underground areas are. I was about to add more space underground but it means to raise the base level and will take a lot of more building work. This might be the next change for this year. As in RL, there’s always something to do.
Along with building the new dungeon we also build a small very private dungeon just for Jenny and me, where we can retreat to for some private playing.
20151231 Our new dungeon_003
With regard to our family we had again some changes:
We had to face reality and released our “poor” bondage victim qt (queen.takacs), aka, Maurer’s It and our inspiring sub Rona (ronapotter.resident), aka. Maurer’s Künsterlin. qt became the victim of a hackers attack. She was more than 4 years our bound victim. We miss her wit and the way she teased us about being not strict enough with her. She returned after the hacker attack with a provisional alt to tell us what happened, but after all she shyed away from building her world and avatar from the scratch again. She was always nervous when we had to change anything as the technique and software issues were something she really disliked. All the best for you, qt, from Jenny and me and the whole Eurobrat family and friends… mmmuuuhhhh *winks*.
We don’t know what happened to rona. It’s more than a year now that she left SL. This is really a downside of this virtual world, that you don’t know what happened to people who leave all of a sudden. We can just hope that rona is doing well.
20151231 Rona and qt
We collared Gebby as Maurer’s sklavin on August 11th, 2015. Gebby is a very obedient slave, always following her rules very attentively. She’s always in chains, or in a cell or restricted in some way. After some experiments we finally enforced spoke-when-spoken to on her permanently. Gebby can only speak when the trigger word “sklavin” is spoken in main chat and of course she has to answer then. This keeps her very attentive and we appreciate it. We might play around with this a bit more this year and make slight changes.
We collared Nina as Maurerien orja on December 15th. Nina is from Finland and Maurerien orja means nothing else than Maurer’s slave in Finish. Orja has a constant desire for bondage and we will certainly take advantage of it as we see fit. Slave Nina will also become kind of our phographer slave thus contributing to our blog and getting some work done for us. She has an own deviantart account and documents her Second Life with pictures there. This way we become aware of her activities when we give her some days off in addition to the steady control we enact. slave Nina will also support slave Flo in keeping our house clean.
Welcome to the family to both of you!
20151231 Gebby & Nina
We sold our slave Dana on December 27th, 2014, as I wrote here a year ago in my last anniversary blog entry. Dana was our collared brat for more than 4 years. To make a longer story short, Dana came back under our wings and under our control. Once again we had a good merchandise to offer for the right domme. Finally, Dec 31st, 2015, we sold Dana again. Her new owner is in her timezone. As we did the last time, we gave full warranty for the slave and will take her back within the warranty time. As we won’t reimburse the money, that’s always a good deal.
And as of today it looks as if we will get slave Dana back under our wings again very soon. Will we get rich?
So right now the family consists of the 3 slaves – slave Flo, sklavin Gebby and slave Nina – and Angelique and Kitty.
Slave Flo (florence.riddler) was around and with us most reliably of all of our family. She kept the house clean and spoiled us with her dedication. Of course she still tests her limits and needs to be punished and restricted every once in a while but beside her complains we know she enjoys that as much as her owners do. Thank you for your contribution to our family, slave Flo.
Angelique started a new adventure by joining the uniform punishment group, where she had some fun and she still is in this group (read: https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2015/09/06/angeliques-diary-the-uniform-punishment/). Beside that Angelique had a really hard time in RL that had it’s effect on her SL. Her online times changed and we don’t see her as often as we would like. As our niece she always enjoyed some special freedom and it is just great having her around. I’m quite sure that we will find ways of playing together again. Anyway, we love you, Angelique!
Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau) settled more and more in her female role. Jenny and I love to tease “her”. She really looks female now, more like a vamp and we support her change with advice and motivation. Beside diving deeper into her femsub role, Kitty still contributes with wit and silly jokes to our SL and makes it brighter. Thank you for being our’s, Kitty.

20151231 Dana & Kitty & AngeliqueIn May 2013 we started a little series “Enjoying bondage”. Surprisingly we could keep it up until today so we might reach the 3rd anniversary for this series soon. Last year we had 2 in my eyes extraordinary entries. The first was roaming around tied up, which is more fun than I thought and it offers a lot of opportunities to take pictures. The fun is more than doubled if you do it together with someone else as I did together with Jenny
(see https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2015/05/14/enjoying-bondage-may-2015-diomitas-and-jennys-tied-up-fun/). The second was about suspension. Several slaves and guests were excited about a picture in our dungeon, that shows a slave, fully encased in a latex catsuit and latex hood, that is suspended from the ceiling by her arms. Thus this became another theme for the enjoying bondage series. With the MD cuffs you can suspend a slave accordingly and we had several models for our series. Together with a simple plain white background it looks really artful (see https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2015/11/06/bondage-art/)

20151231 Enjoying bondage 2015
And this year started promising as we decided to choose a similar latex outfit for our 3 slaves. We called it living latex dolls and improved it more and more. As we did we even got 3 other living latex dolls to share the fun: slave L, slave Mii and slave cecy. In January we had several nights enjoying bondage and finally I succeeded to publish a picture of all of our living latex dolls.
Enjoying bondage January 2016: Living Latex dolls slave cecy, slave Mii, sklavin Gebby, slave L, slave Flo and slave Nina

Enjoying bondage January 2016: Living Latex dolls slave cecy, slave Mii, sklavin Gebby, slave L, slave Flo and slave Nina

Slave Flo contributed not only to our family by her submission and dedicated work but she also contributed to the blog by adding a little survey (The Health study, see https://themaurers.wordpress.com/2015/03/07/the-health-study-by-slave-flo-part-i/) and by writing a fiction (The Accountant, part I and II just published this week!). Both will be continued hopefully. Slave Flo had also an important part in Toy’s appearance last year. Toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) joined us last summer as a kidnappee and the roleplay with her was real fun. Unfortunately timezone and RL were against us and we had to let her go before we could collar her. Toy wrote a diary for us which I published in 3 parts in our blog.
20151231 Toy and Flo
Scrolling back in the blog I noticed that I did quite some simploring last year. As mentioned above, visiting sims is still one of my favourite activities in Second Life and it is again and again amazing what people build mainly for themselves but also for others to enjoy and share. I need to mention that most of my simploring tours have their origin in Inara Pey’s “Living in a modemworld”- blog, that became my never ending source of great places to visit in SL. Thank you, Inara! If you select the category “Exploring sim in Second Life” in the blog you will get a long list of blog entries about my tours. It is nearly impossible to pick just one as my favourite of last year. For sure my autumn tours were a highlight for me (see the 3 blog-entries “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are octobers”). Also before Halloween Ironwood Hills was another highlight. We visited this sim several times.
20151231 Simploring 2015
 Speaking of our activities in Second life beside our bdsm, I also enjoyed a lot the “hunts”. The hunts are organized by the store owners in SL and they take you around the shops with riddles to solve and you get a little giveaway in every shop. Some of the giveaways are really worth the long hunt, most are just giveaways that you store away or bin quickly. But it’s fun to solve the riddles and to search the giveaways and you get around in SL. In addition the hunt fulfills what it is intended for. We visted some of the stores again later to buy something.
My Second Life with Jenny couldn’t be better. Our relation is still developing and changing after all these years. For our 7th wedding anniversary I made a little video that also provides a bit of insight into our relation, but mostly it is simply a thank you to Jenny and what she is for me and the family in SL.
We switch control back and forth but there were some very intensive weeks for both of us. I pushed my beloved Ehesklavin into subspace for several weeks in the time before and around of her 7th collaring anniversary in June 2015. I remember, that it was not at all easy for me to let her get out of subspace again and recover. I for sure enjoy her submission. Also before our wedding anniversary last year Jenny allowed that I take control for a longer while. Having my Ehesklavin on a leash has become something very particular for me and I do enjoy every second. Last year Jenny became the one, who decides about granting control to me, whereas she takes control whenever she sees fit. She always tries to consider my mood as long as I make her not wait too long. But it is up to her.
Mistress Jenny herself put me into several also longer red lights, after which I had troubles to recover my dominant side. Mistress knows exactly which buttons she has to push. My submission to Mistress has become very strong and she brought it to the point by saying in passing “I could own you in an instant”, but she also added “but you will always own me”. Mistress Jenny’s will to control me is strong and I might experience longer phases in subspace in near future. I can’t be prouder owning her and being her property. Thank you, my wonderful wife!
20151231 Changing control
What is missing? Yes, an actual portrait picture of me as I start my 9th year in SL. For a change this year it won’t be just a portrait picture as my face and hair style didn’t really change and luckily you don’t get any unwanted wrinkles in SL (too bad you still get them RL). End of 2015 I bought a mesh Body, the Maitreya Lara mesh body. I did that mainly to play with it and to get familiar with the technique. But after a while I began to like it. One big downside is that I can’t use my skin anymore and my tattoos are on my skin. But you can wear tattoos with a mesh body with an applier. Unfortunately I’m not (yet) familiar how to make the tattoos myself. But I found someone who made them for me and they are at the right place marking me as Jenny’s wife and property. Once I had the tattoos, I began feeling very comfortable with my new body (once again, what a shame that you can’t just buy a new body in RL). Another downside is that you can’t wear the clothing layers from the prim body. You have to get so called appliers and beside that you have to wear mesh clothes. Now I needed some new clothes. I said it is a downside? Maybe that’s an upside indeed as I did some shopping and shopping is fun, isn’t it? Anyway, here are some pictures of me as I enter my 9th year in SL.
20160131 Diomita Maurer Maitreya Mesh BodyThank you all for making this world for me and for us. SL is first of all about people and it’s you all who make my and our SL what it is: Still going strong, still enjoyable and still exciting! It was a great 8th year in Second Life and I look forward to the 9th!

Love from Diomita

Personal Journal of toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) – Part 3

Our toy began writing a diary when she was caught. It gives a lot of insight into her feelings and emotions as well as it describes what happened to the Karen, the former housewife and how she became our slave, our toy. I will publish her diary with her consent and I didn’t change anything. I just added some pictures as far as I took the according pictures. Here comes part 3:

Trial Period, still Week Two: I am changing. I kneel before her wanting to please her. I kneel before her gagged with my hips jerking and my nipples driving me insane! I lift my eyes, barely able to move my head with the strict posture collar, and I realize that I want to please her. I realize that I am property. I realize that I am her property. Why…why do I want to please her? She has been cruel to me, taking me against my will, enslaving me, piercing me! Yet, I am learning that because of this dominance over me, that I actually find the need to please her.

Toy riding the pony Bronco

Toy riding the pony Bronco

She is training me for my purpose. I was forced to kneel before the slave Gebby. She spread her legs far apart. I felt my stomach begin to bunch up. I kissed her soft pink petals, tasting a woman for the first time. I was instructed to kiss her harder and lick her mound. She stroked her fingers through my hair. It was humiliating! I would be rewarded if I were able to make her cum. I licked her well. I sucked on her wet folds. I was ordered to swallow all her juices, or there would be consequences. Her taste is in my mouth and on my lips every time I see her now. Her juices cover my face. I was allowed to cum, forced to sit on a large dildo. I came like a whore in front of Miss Diomita. I was then stored away in my cage with my hands painfully bound in a reverse prayer. Can you imagine how I feel, painfully restrained until she returns? I am forced to kneel with my pussy dripping and my legs can’t stop shaking. I am to taste the woman the entire night and feel my desire between my thighs. I am shaking. I am in pain. I will kiss my owner’s feet and thank them when they return.

I realize with fright what I am. Today, Miss Diomita ordered me to clean her boots. I am rarely allowed to use my hands; today was no exception. I leaned down feeling the weight of those terrible bells tug on my tender nipples, while I used my mouth to clean her boots. I licked them well. I could taste the leather. I could taste the dirt she walked on. I felt my stomach turn, but there was this feeling of being owned. She dominates me unlike anything I have ever experienced. I feel weak at her feet. I feel my legs shake when she leashes me like an animal. As I licked her boots, I had this terrible image of me between her thighs. I licked her boots until my tongue and jaw ached, but I never stopped until she was satisfied. Why am I so wet? I am learning. I am a Toy. I am a sexual Toy. I am a sexual Toy that breathes and if I am not pleasing, I will be punished. I saw the whip marks on the other slave. I will beg and plead to pleasure Miss Diomita. She never allows me to use my hands. I am only allowed to use my mouth and tongue. I watch the other slaves bound in extremely tight rubber and I realize with fright how lucky I am to have my elbows pinned together.

Toy cleaning Diomita's boots

Toy cleaning Diomita’s boots


…. to be continued soon …

Dear Diary – Back in charge

It has been a bit more busy for us lately. Besides slave Flo and Sklavin, we took slave Ashley (AshleyAnnLove.resident) and will collar or sell her. So far we keep the young slave naked, she quite needs no clothes and is an eye candy. Also Paige visited us several times. During one of her visits I took the picture below of her with slave Ashley. Aren’t they cute?

Paige and slave Ashley

Paige and slave Ashley

We still consider to collar our toy (Karen.Emms). So far RL and timezone are against us and we decided to postpone her collaring but to keep her as our toy nonetheless. It is fun to tease her and to see how she struggles and squirms as we add rules and form her more and more from a respectable housewife into our toy. Her diary will be continued ….

Dio and toy

Dio and toy

As I hinted before, Mistress granted a green light to me. It’s my turn to take her slowly deep into subspace. I enjoy her submission and devotion a lot. It feels very particular having her at my feet again as my Ehesklavin, although I should be used to it after all these years.

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at DaD

20160917 My Ehesklavin and me_003Jenny got a new armbinder from Marine’s Real Restraints. It’s called highbinder and and offers quite some possibilites to adjust it and to colour it. And it looks simply great, particularly when Jenny wears it. Nothing can describe how it feels to have your Mistress bound like this. I get an idea now how it feels for her having me *winks*.

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at home cuddling at Angel Falls

Dio and Ehesklavin Jenny at home cuddling at Angel Falls

But even tied up and obviously controlled and owned herself, Jenny still stays superior for our brats, slaves and subs. Slave Ashley experienced it even although it is very rare that we expose eachother that obviously in front of them. She had to clean her boots (and more) and she could sense Jenny’s natural supremacy as we discussed our further plans for her.

My Ehesklavin and me and slave Ashley

My Ehesklavin and me with slave Ashley

And after all it is also very helpful to delegate surveillance and leashing to Jenny. Not only that I can tend to other things, no, it also helps her to direct her domanince to someone else but me *winks*. A real win-win-win  situation.

Janny and slave Flo and sklavin at Mesmerize Dungeon

Janny and slave Flo and sklavin

That’s it for now.


Dear Diary

It’s about time for another “Dear Diary” entry. So what is going on? First of all, Mistress Jenny took me into a longer, very intensive red light in the last week of August. She pushed me very deep into subspace. It is not easy to express in words what did happen but for sure Mistress is confirming her dominion. I am owned, I am hers and she sets the rules.

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny takes Dio into a red light

August 23rd: Mistress Jenny takes Dio into a red light

During my red light there was still a lot going around us. Mii (miisiek89.tenk) became closer to us. Mii loves bondage in particular and did appear already in the blog particularly when we had our bondage nights. This time it was more than just bondage. Mii became a submissive friend of ours. We used her and we introduced her to some basic rules. She had moments where we took advantage and others where we simply enjoyed her presence kneeling next to us. As our online times do not really match, for right now at least Mii will stay a close submissive friend of ours, following our rules when she’s around but free to follow her other activities during her online times.

Mistress Jenny and Mii in the dojo

Mistress Jenny and Mii in the dojo

We descided to keep slave Flo and Sklavin a bit like twins. First we had them in similar restraints and catsuits. The more important change for them is that we enforced their rule to speak only when spoken to. We used a nice little tool (the STFU gag from Daisy Creations) for enforcing. That worked out nicely and we were envied for the obedience of our slaves. But even harder then being forced by a tool is to be forced by a simple command. This way we taught slave Flo to use emoting for describing what you can see and not for communication. Both slaves managed the assignment pretty well and were rewarded as we allowed them to enjoy eachother  one night.

slave Flo enjoying sklavin

slave Flo enjoying Sklavin

We finished August with a family night, just chatting and that night our toy (karen.emms) did show up. It was fun having her around. We still don’t know how things will develop for and with her but right now, it is fun to tease her and to enjoy her helplessness.

A Family night August 31st: Mii, Mistress Jenny, Dio, slave Flo and toy

A Family night August 31st: Mii, Mistress Jenny, Dio, slave Flo and toy

While this was going on, Mistress Jenny kept me in deep submissiveness. And she exposed me in public when we had a quiet moment together. I could sense her pride as well as her strictness and power. As mentioned in the beginning of this post it was a very intense experience for me.

Dio at her place at Mistress Jenny's feet

Dio at her place at Mistress Jenny’s feet

We started September with a mini “Enjoying bondage” night as we took Mii and sklavin to Ropers playground and secured them nicely next to eachother. We ourselves were sitting comfortably on a couch and watched Paige (paige.umino) who danced for us on a dance pole. Paige is another submissive friend of ours who we lost contact with. She developed a lot in our opinion and we enjoyed her presence which is rare due to timezones. In the second picture you can see a young woman standing behind the couch near me. This is Ashley (AshleyAnneLove.resident). She was a stray slave, very willing and watched us quite a while. We took her home and claimed her. We might sell her or use her or simply have fun. We don’t know yet.

Sept 1st: Mii and sklavin tied up at Ropers playground

Sept 1st: Mii and sklavin tied up at Ropers playground

20150901 sklavin at Ropers (her view)_001

Sept 1st: At Ropers playground, sklavin’s view on Mistress Jenny, Dio and Paige (dancing)

By the end of the first September week Mistress Jenny released me of my red light. She intends to grant a green light to me soon but I need time to recover in order to get out of subspace. We continued to form twin slaves from slave Flo and sklavin. So one night we took sklavin to our dungeon and shaved her hair with a razor and cutted out the word “slave”. Now sklavin wears the same hair cut as slave Flo. But her hair can grow again as opposed to slave Flo’s hair that is not growing anymore because of a disease. After shaving her hair we dressed the slaves simliar but in different colours. Well you still can tell who is who but both please us as we have fun. If your take a closer look you might see that I wear my jewelery collar again :-).
20150905 Cutting sklavin's hair_003

Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and sklavin at DaD

Dio, slave Flo, Jenny and sklavin at DaD

Dio, Ashley, Jenny and sklavin at Gwen's slave storage

Dio, Ashley, Jenny and sklavin at Gwen’s slave storage

On September 6th we had a rare visit: Coco McGinnis. For us she’s still Dana (dana.drezelan), our former slave who we sold last year. Coco is still having fun exploring the more extreme sides of slavery in SL. She does look ..ehm.. extrem *winks*. I’m sure that just looking a her does scare our slaves.

Dio with Coco McGinnis (dana.drezelan)

Dio with Coco McGinnis (dana.drezelan)

I’ll end this post with a family picture that I took on Monday, September 7th. Funny but we really had our Sunday night on a Monday. Usually at a Sunday night everybody drops in and it isn’t possible to do anything else but chat. That Monday we had our Sunday night. And we enjoyed it! Jenny and I were cuddling at the decking and were surrounded by our slaves and subs and Argi added the spice and fun to our conversation not only with her very particular Argi-vocabular.

Sept. 7th: A Sunday night on a Monday. Jenny and Dio cuddling surrounded by Gero, Ashley, Flo, Paige and Argi (standing)

Sept. 7th: A Sunday night on a Monday. Jenny and Dio cuddling surrounded by Gero, Ashley, Flo, Paige and Argi (Standing)

Personal Journal of toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) – Part 2

Our toy began writing a diary when she was caught. It gives a lot of insight into her feelings and emotions as well as it describes what happened to the Karen, the former housewife and how she became our toy. I will publish her diary with her consent and I didn’t change anything. I just added some pictures as far as I took the according pictures. Here comes part 2:

Day Four: The Belt. Today they fitted me with a belt. I thought there was a fight in me, but I can’t take this much longer. They are giving me rules. Today I learned to kiss their feet when greeting. I barely resisted and they gagged me for speaking out of turn. They fitted the belt and turned on a bullet vibrator. Do you have any idea how badly my body was shaking? They took me to another public place and flaunted my cumming body. It’s only been four days and I am already giving in. I keep telling myself, I don’t like woman. I will escape and have my revenge, but I am losing it. They locked me up in the cage again. I know when they return tomorrow, I will bow to them and greet them by kissing their feet and I will not speak unless allowed. What the hell is happening to me? Why the fuck are my legs still shaking and why is my pussy wet and aching? I hate them!

Day Five: I slept from complete exhaustion. Today I immediately greeted both woman as Miss Diomoita and Miss Jenny and leaned down to kiss their feet. I guess I was slow, so I will need to do better. I was given rules. Lots of rules. I’m afraid I will forget a rule. They told me my nipples will be clamped soon. I can’t even imagine the pain I will feel. I wanted to scream, but I knew they would simply gag me. They took me out again in public. Strangers look me upon and many whisper in my ear. I wonder if my owners know? I can’t believe I am calling them my owners! They brought me home to a different room filled with painful pictures of woman in bondage and a large bed. I am to pick one picture that excites me. What am I to do? If I pick the one that excites me the most, they will bind me in such a manner, but maybe if I lie, they will take it easy on me. I think I am about to be placed in an armbinder. Oh God. I don’t think my arms can bend like that anymore. Tonight I cried myself to sleep and thought about the pictures and what tomorrow brings. I hope they don’t have clamps.

Day Six: I’m losing track of time. I feel total and complete frustration! I am a slave. I am left bound in a cage with my arms bound painfully behind my back. I feel like a whore! Why the hell am I so excited? Why is my pussy dripping? FUCK! I am obeying her…both of them. I lean into her hand when she pets my hair. I am quicker to kiss their feet to greet, but I still must be faster. Today I was fitted with an armbinder. I’m too old to have my elbows pinned together and locked in a sleeve, it hurts to strain my body! I have no choice. Someone help me please! I will learn. I am being trained. I thought I would be able to resist, but the fight in me is already lost. My body has become needy. My body is arched to relieve the pressure of my pinned arms and it pronounces my pressed out and exposed tits. I want to scream, my nipples are now hard. You try being chained up and restrained like I am and not give in. It’s not easy!

One Week: Has it really been one week? It feels like a year. They tell me my family has stopped looking for me. The reports of a missing housewife have stopped. There is no escape. My arms hurt so bad, my shoulders ache bound in this armbinder. I cried most of the night, but now I understand the reason my elbows are pinned together. My body is forced to arch, and with that my tits are pressed out to present themselves and more pronounced. They pulled and pinched my nipples until they became very hard, then pierced them! They placed small bells on my nipples. I screamed. I am screaming now. Just when I think there is nothing left in me, they take something else. I can’t go on. I leaned down to kiss their feet as they left me in the cage to heal and I thanked them. I could feel the weight of the bells pull on my hardened nipples and jingle when I move. It’s the most humiliating thing I have ever experienced. I don’t wish to move. Just the slightest movement of my body causes my tits to swing and jiggle. I believe they are there to remind me each and every moment that I am a slave. I will cry the entire night.

Week Two: I will not be marking the number of days anymore. What’s the point? I did not sleep at all last night. I am still hyperventilating! The bells. The bells jingled the entire night. The bells weigh enough to constantly tug on my nipples. I am aroused constantly. My hips never stop jerking, pulsing, and twitching. My nipples are swollen. My nipples ache. My nipples hurt so bad. Why am I so wet? I am filled with anxieties to kiss my owner’s feet because when my body leans over, the bells swing and jingle. There is nothing left of me that was a housewife. I am a slave. I kissed their feet to greet and when they went to sleep. I am conforming to their rules. My body aches so much. I cry the entire day and night. I can’t possibly make it. I don’t care to move. The bells jingle. I keep telling myself I will get used to it. Somebody help me please!

toy Karen with a stranger exposed at Ropers playground

toy Karen with a stranger exposed at Ropers playground

toy Karen with a stranger exposed at Ropers playground - in the background: Dio, slave FLo and Jenny

toy Karen with a stranger exposed at Ropers playground – in the background: Dio, slave Flo and Jenny

I am leashed and dragged along, as if I am an animal. I am placed on public display. Strangers are entertained by my arousal brought on by the constant teasing of my owner. I am so humiliated! Today I actually started begging Miss Diomita. What is becoming of me?

…to be continued soon …..

Personal Journal of toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) – Part 1

Our toy began writing a diary when she was caught. It gives a lot of insight into her feelings and emotions as well as it describes what happened to the Karen, the former housewife and how she became our slave, our toy. I will publish her diary with her consent and I didn’t change anything. I just added some pictures as far as I took the according pictures.

I decided to keep a journal, though I find it very hard to write in the conditions that I am kept. For now, I will try to keep the thoughts in my head, though I doubt I could ever forget them. Where do I begin? Well, lets start with:

Day One: I was out meeting some friends at a restaurant. I wore my best short pleated leather skirt with that white shirt that I like to button once and tie at midriff. It was girls night out, so I put on a pair of black nylons with a garter belt and a matching pair of silken panties. Oh, and let’s not forget the Louboutin high heels!

That’s when I was taken. I decided to keep a journal of my feelings, not necessarily the details of what happened. I want to keep track of what I am feeling, because once I get out of here, I am so calling the police and tracking this bitch down! I will get out! The lesbian bitch raped me! I was completely humiliated when she began fingering me and to my surprise I had an orgasm. I doubt I will ever tell anyone this outside of my journal. I would never have sex with another woman!

Dio inspecting the new slave Karen

Dio inspecting the new slave Karen

Day Two: I hardly slept at all. I imagined that I would be home by now. I slept in a cage with my arms bound in front of me and my ankles restrained. I was then chained to a post in the floor. I am completely humiliated baring my naked body and chained like some sort of animal. Once I get out of here and notify the police, this lesbian bitch will have me to deal with! I’m not sure I will ever get over what happened yesterday, but today has only become worse. She pulled me out once again and had me stand in front of another slave. This poor black girl was directed to lick my pussy! I couldn’t even look at the girl. Her nipples are cruelly pierced! The girl did not stop until I relented and came like some whore. To make matters worse, she bit my clit once finished! I would never admit this to anyone, but that was probably one of the biggest orgasms I ever experienced. I can’t explain it, but the pain did something that I have never experienced. My legs were shaking the rest of the day.

slave Flo spoiling Karen with her tongue - Kitty and Dio supervising

slave Flo spoiling Karen with her tongue – Kitty and Dio supervising

Day Three: I hardly slept again. When the lesbian bitch pulled me out from the cage like an animal, she told me I am to be referred to as “Toy”. She then introduced me to her lover, another lesbian. I tell you, once I am out of this place, there will be hell to pay! They forced me up on my feet and slipped a metal hook into my ass, then pulled me up on my feet! I was freaking out! My wrists were placed in a spreader bar attached to my neck. They also attached some sort of large posture collar, so that I cannot move my head much. I am extremely vulnerable and you can imagine how humiliating it was for me to be on my tippy toes straining my calves, trying not to have this hook pull any harder in my ass. The lesbian bitch, who I must now refer to as Miss Diomita, cupped my pussy and very lightly played with it as if she owned it. Can you imagine? I was so embarrassed because I knew what she would find. I was as wet as can be. I don’t know why, its not like I like woman. She slapped my pussy and to my humility, I became even more excited. I was extremely angry with myself. I was then put on display in public! I was forced to kneel in some public place filled with other people with the same interest. Naked. Leashed. Restrained. I wanted to SCREAM!


Jenny, slave Flo, and Diomita exposing toy Karen at The Secret House club

Jenny, slave Flo, and Diomita exposing toy Karen at The Secret House Club


…. part 2 following soon….

Dear Diary

It’s time for another diary post about what’s going on with the Eurobrats besides the collaring of sklavin (gebby.resident) last week.
There’s still the new maid Sophie (justacow) who had been rarely online latest. But she showed up again yesterday and cleaned the house. Thus she helped slave Flo at least a bit as slave Flo has to do at least the dusting as long as we have no regular maid. We will see if the maid can serve more often.

Dio and maid sophie

Dio and maid Sophie

Then there’s also our “housewife” karen (karen.emms), the “toy”, who we kidnapped weeks ago. We decided to demand a ransom for her – and will either take the money or keep her. That might take a bit time though, so we will have to see what will happen. We’re going to publish the diary of toy that we found in her room (I know some would call it a cell).
(Remark: We will have to wait if RL and timezone issues can be resolved)

Toy aka Karen, the housewife (karen.emms)

Toy aka Karen, the housewife (karen.emms)

Last week we began to change our homeplace Mount Everst. We’re planning just moderate changes. So far we moved our dungeon from a skybox to an hidden cave on our island. We plan to have all family activities on our island itself and to have the skyboxes just as a retreat for Jenny and me. That kept us busy during the last week and will take several additional weeks as we don’t want to rush and want to have enough time left for playing and for ourselfs. When we’re done, there will be a post and some pictures.
When we were not building last week we relaxed in the clubs. One night slave Flo was a bit bigheaded again which provided a nice reason to discipline her with a tight hood and a chastity belt. We decided that slaves should show solidarity and thus sklavin was also hooded. Don’t they look just perfect like this?

Jenny and Dio with slave Flo and sklavin at the club "The Secret House"

Jenny and Dio with slave Flo and sklavin at the club “The Secret House”

Well, that’s it for right now…..

Enjoying Bondage July 2015: Home party

Enjoying Bondage July 2015: The home Party starts with Kitty watching slave Flo teasing toy Karen

Enjoying Bondage July 2015: The home party starts with Kitty watching slave Flo teasing toy Karen

I had in mind a “classic” bondage night for July’s entry about enjoying bondage. But sometimes things change spontaneously and thus we had a home party for this month’s post. Jenny was at work and I had to keep the family under control. That’s usually not a difficult job but that night we had quite a full house. It started with one of our newest additions: “toy” Karen (Karen.Emms) who was online. And also our Kitty was online (rare enough during our European prime time) and slave Flo was there too. As I still had to test and stretch “toy” Karen’s limits I ordered slave Flo to tease her. I can tell slave Flo had success *winks*.
Later sklavin Gebby joined the Party …. and then there was Virgo, who was still under our control after a Friday night party. Virgo is not really a short woman, as opposed to she’s really tall even without heels, but she had her plateau heels on and that made her towering the group of bond women. I think, that picture alone is worth a post.

Enjoying bondage July 2015: Virgo towering the scene with Dio and the bound girls sklavin, toy, slave Flo and Kitty

Enjoying bondage July 2015: Virgo towering the scene with Dio and the bound girls sklavin, toy, slave Flo and Kitty

Last but not least a close up from me and sklavin Gebby, toy Karen and slave Flo:

Enjoying bondage July 2015: Dio and the bound girls sklavin Gebby, toy Karen, slave Flo and Kitty

Enjoying bondage July 2015: Dio and the bound girls sklavin Gebby, toy Karen, slave Flo and Kitty

Looking forward to the next bondage night!

sklavin and toy

We would like to make it known that we are claiming the right to own two slaves that have come into our possession.

Gebby (gebby.resident) was roaming free and seemed lost. Since we have taken her under our wing and kept her secure she has responded well and will be an asset to us.
Karen (Karen.Emms) was unfortunate enough to stray too close to us when Diomita was in a particularly forceful frame of mind. We may have taken Karen, the former housewife, against her wishes but she has lost her will to escape.

Both slaves are going to be officially collared by us soon. Should anyone wish to show us that they already own either of these slaves they have to present us with the evidence soon.

slave Flo with her sister slaves to be "toy" Karen and "Sklavin" Gebby

slave Flo with her sister slaves to be “toy” Karen and “Sklavin” Gebby

Dear Diary

It’s about time to write a little bit about our new guests at our homesim. After our family shrunk we were open for new subs and slaves and we went out hunting. So far there is in particular Gebby (gebby.resident), who is already on trial for our collar. So she might be our second slave besides slave Flo. Gebby is a slave who is held leashed and restricted all the time. It’s better for her to know that there’s no way out and it motivates her to obey. To differentiate the two we call her sklavin and Flo is called slave. Be aware that sklavin should only speak when spoken to and we enforce that most of the time.

Diomita and sklavin Gebby at The Secret House

Diomita and sklavin Gebby at The Secret House

slave Flo, Jenny, Diomita and Sklavin Gebby at Persian Lesbian Palace

slave Flo, Jenny, Diomita and sklavin Gebby at Persian Lesbian Palace

In addition we “hired” a maid, if hiring is the right word. Her name is Spohie (justacow.resident), but the name doesn’t really mind, she’s simply the maid. The maid caught our attention by her profile text about maids that I’ll share here: “A good maid must be almost invisible. As a maid you are a useful addition but not family or a friend. You are something they need, not someone they want around. You are noticed either when you demand attention, which means you are violating the privacy of your betters, or because you don’t do your job properly, which makes you a useless burden. Serving properly as a maid is a very demanding job. All of your senses must be focused on your service, obedience must be outstanding. At the same time it can be very lonely. Even in social events, or especially during them, you will be nothing more than animated furniture. And you will do your best to be the most useful piece of furniture. You are no more than a piece of the backdrop. And how good it is depends on how you perform your duties.” We will of course help the maid to live up to her attitudes.

The maid Sophie

The maid Sophie

What else? I caught a housewife. Yes, really! I met her at HBC and she is seriously roleplaying a housewide, with husband and two kids, who got into trouble and who’s way more horny than you would suppose. Her name is Karen (karen.emms). Slave Flo calls her “mum Karen”, I tend to call her by her future position “slave”. We’ll certainly find a fitting nickname for her later, maybe “toy”. So far, we explore and test what she’s good for. And I can tell, she forgets the world around her, once she’s excited *winks*

Diomita inspecting

Diomita inspecting “housewife” Karen. What might slave Flo smell?

20150718 wasteofspace_002Last but not least we gave home to a slave that was abandoned by her owner. Slaves should be sold and not simply left alone. Anyway, we wrote to her owner that she can pick her up from us, otherwise we’ll claim her. This slave, her slave name is still Cocoo (wastofspace00.resident), is held by us in a tiny head cage. Although she’s a bit more talkative than qt was, she kind of reminds us of qt. Cocoo is our new bondage toy, kept bound and restricted permanently. So if you see the tiny head cage in front of the slideshow filled…the one inside is slave Cocoo. If we claim her, we’ll select a nicer name for her and of course we will avoid wasting too much space for her.

Diomita with Cocoo (wasteofspace00) locked into her tiny cage

Diomita with Cocoo (wasteofspace00) locked into her tiny cage

That’s about the news to be saved here in our diary blog.