Angelique’s diary: The Uniform Punishment

Our niece Angelique sent me her diary about her experiences in the “Uniform Punishment Group”. According to the group profile, the group is founded for long-term behavioural control. Angelique had attended several institutions for behavior control as well as for manner education. But none of these schools and institutions did really change her and she’s still our brat and behaves like a brat if she’s up for it – and we love her.
The Uniform Punishment Group had attracted her attention for quite a while already. Nothing excites Angelique more then being exposed in public. If anyone notices her plastic panties she wants to hide and to sink into the ground. So this group seems to be made for her. And finally Angelique started her experience 3 weeks ago. This is her diary and I kept it mostly unchanged and just formated it. So it is just like Angelique presented it to me and also the illustrating pictures were taken by her. Enjoy reading….
Log started Sunday 2015/08/03
(As this is a log from days I am online it could be there are days missing)
Day 1
Several months after joining the group “Uniform Punishment” I started the training. My trainers looked all nice and helped me with the ten rules.
1. The uniform should be uncomfortable to wear
2. She should look childish or silly in it, not ‘sexy’, so that she feels ridiculous wearing it;
3. It should require effort to keep it looking clean and smart so that it is an irksome task to prepare it for her punishment session
4. It should be awkward to attire herself in it and fiddly to keep looking precisely right
5. It should offer plenty of scope for failing to reach the required standard of presentation
6. Uniform rules should encompass all aspects of her personal presentation and grooming, not just the clothes themselves
7. She must know the uniform rules in detail and be able to recite them or write them down on demand
8. She must know how to present herself for any aspect of uniform inspection and the correct responses to give to any enquiry concerning her uniform
9. She should be required to consider why she has been put into uniform and acknowledge how she looks in it and why she deserves to have been put back into uniform.
10. Anything which increases for her the humilation of being put back into uniform is to be considered as an advantage
But soon I noticed I was in trouble. Sir C showed up and told me I had to change clothes. He handed a few basic things I had to wear for at least one week, no exceptions:
– a pair of heavy pvc wellingtons
– a heavy pvc rain coat
– pvc bloomers
– as top there were no restrictions as long it was simple and sober.
I looked stupid in them, and felt humiliated. From moment I was wearing it I started sweating getting hot. Sir C just laughed at my request to take at least the raincoat off.3HIJAB humiliation suit, hood Balloon, Shorts rubber Yellow
Day 2
Nothing much happened until the moment trainer Lady D took me and a few others apart for a lesson. She told us we were similar a animals. I hate her for that. Anyway she taught us some basic commands that we had to follow. It was an awful lesson, and I had troubles staying focussed. Lady D noticed it and took me apart, telling me that my thoughts and opinion don’t make any difference for her. I decided to myself to avoid her as much as possible. Nothing more noteworthy happened afterwards.
Day 3
I saw Sir C, after greeting properly he told me I was a good student and deserved a treat. He gave me a lovely dress that I had to wear with some high heels. I was happy and proud about myself for this nice complement.
Tank Dress with Bow Belt (pink)
Then he said I had to wear plastic panties under the dress. I couldn’t believe my ears and looked desperate at him, begging to reconsider it and letting me wear normal panties. But, as I should have known, he was inexorable and I had to wear plastic panties. “Nobody will know besides me and you”, he said. That thought reassured me, but later he ordered me to tell Madame A what kind of panties I was wearing. I wanted to vanish … but of course that didn’t happen, and I told Madame A deeply blushing about my plastic panties. She just smiled and said “very good, you need it”.
Day 4
When  arriving several trainers were present and one said “It’s time for your nose piercing ring Angelique”. My eyes widened shocked not believing my ears and I looked almost begging at Sir C “please say something”. Of course he didn’t, instead he took position behind me and placed his hands at my head fixating it. My protests were ignored as Lady D took some tools from out of her purse.
The following minutes felt like hours. I sensed an intense stabbing pain at my nose, my knees twitched and tears popped out my eyes. The nose ring was placed.
I got a few minutes after that to take grip of myself before I got ordered to redress in some embarrassing uniform.
Day 5
Today Sir C ordered me to redress in my cleaners outfit but had to left out the pants.Cleaner (red) without pants, rough green boots [front] Cleaner (red) without pants, rough green boots [back]
“Go cleaning the toilets, when I am back make sure they are clean”, he said, “If you are done with your task before I am back you are allowed to go to HBC (Heavy Bondage Club). But, ….you are not allowed to change uniform”.
I looked upset at him , whispering “I will stay here Sir.”
He raised an eyebrow and said “No, you will not!”. I don’t know why, but somehow he saw I was far from happy with that order.
“What’s wrong girl?”, he asked. I hesitated to answer, because I did know he didn’t want to hear complains. He must have noticed what was bothering me because he started laughing and said “you are allowed to add the cleaning pants”.
I sighed in relief “thank you Sir”.
After my task I went to HBC as told and there I saw my aunties. I felt ashamed they had to see me in my cleaning uniform, as my aunties asked several questions about it. Ashamed I did my best to answer all the questions they had truthfully but they seemed not convinced. I was relieved as their attention turned to someone else after a while.
Day 6
After greeting everyone I was allowed to change in something more decent, the Sunday uniform. Yay at last. Strangely enough, I had to wear it with the heavy pvc wellingtons in black. But it felt clearly like Sunday.Ladies Blouse with Pencil Skirt (sundaydress)

Day 7

Today Sir C said that it’s time for me to wear just a cute apron. I had to wear the heavy pvc wellingtons in black as shoes. And as my plastic panties are obligatory they were very exposed, which made me feel deeply embarrassed. Besides that I had a hairstyle, that I used to have when I was way younger. My request to change in something less revealing was denied, as well as changing my childish hairstyle. I had to face the fact I had to wear what I was wearing for longer time.Heart Apron [back] Heart Apron [front]
Day 8
Still in my silly yet cute apron and plastic panties.
Day 9
I visited home and saw my beloved auntie Diomita. We had a nice talk, although I found myself ashamed in my outfit that I did wear now for more then one day.
Day 10
I saw Sir C and was hoping he would allow me to change outfit. And yes he did, but was I happy with it? Not really, no I was not. Sir C called it a dress, but it was more a blouse then something else.  It was short so my plastic panties peeked out under it. I was also not allowed to change my hairstyle. Alternatively, if I really wanted it, I was allowed to change it in a ponytail. Which I did later that day.
When I asked permission to change my panties I was told to come with an alternative. I was not allowed to come up with something I would feel comfortable in. I didn’t had an alternative, so I got an assignment to have an alternative within two days.
Nightwear Robe (red blouse) [detail] Nightwear Robe (red blouse)
Day 11
I did a lot of shopping today trying to find the alternative panties, without success.
Nothing more noteworthy happened afterwards.
Day 12
An other attempt to find alternative panties, again without success. Madame A told me to change Outfit. It was a relief seeing what she choose for me. And she also allowed me to change my hairstyle.Doll Collar Long Sleeve Dress (Total innocence)

Day 13

A big day today, I am extremely nervous as I will have to face Sir C. He summoned me the moment he arrived, and was very direct with his question. My heart stopped for a moment when i showed him the panties I had chosen. He didn’t say a word, instead he gave me a blouse, “wear it now, leave the panties on” he said.
I felt so embarrassed having to change my Outfit in front of all the others. My panties were extremely exposed because the blouse was very short and reached just above my belly button. It felt like I was standing like this for ages, but it were just a few minutes until Sir C gave me a leather skirt. “Wear this too”, he said, “and some nylons”. I slipped quickly into the skirt hoping it would cover my panties completely but it didn’t. Bad luck for me, the skirt was short too, the panties peeked out above the skirt and …. well … everyone who would look closer could see them under it. I didn’t dare to protest knowing it would only get worse. Sir C nodded approvingly and said “this will be your uniform for the coming days.”Detail Ladies Slim Blouse Tucked for High Waists, black leather mini
Nothing more happened afterwards.
Day 14
Nothing happened today.

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