Nina’s trial began

Nina (sNina93) - Picture taken by Nina

Nina (sNina93) – picture taken by Nina

Yesterday, December 1st, we started Nina’s trial, her last step becoming ours, our slave and brat. Nina is now bound naked and gagged in the tube cell in our main house at home.
Nina came to us by discovering and reading our blog. She explored our island and modelled for us in different catsuits and restraints. And as we love bondage and taking pictures she found herself in our blog very soon. Nina is beside her addiciton to bondage a passionate photographer (seems we share two passions) and she publishes her pictures on deviantArt. Her account there is sgunjin (Shikara Gunjin), the link is in the other links section. Together with her pictures Nina writes what she had experienced in Second Life. This way, her deviantArt account is also her diary. I recommend taking a look.

December 1st: Nina in "her" tube cell

December 1st: Nina in “her” tube cell

We know Nina now close to 2 months and she’s fitting well. Her main focus is not sex but bondage and she loves being restrained and controlled. The control part is what caught my attention quickly. And we took control. Soon she wore an implant allowing us to summon her whenever whereever we want. I welded the implant in the meanwhile. Nina met most of the family and friends already and spent some time in her favourite position (bound helplessly and restricted). And in the meanwhile I can report that she does enjoy sex although it is not her main focus *winks*.
Diomita, sklavin Gebby, slave Flo, Jenny, Kitty, Nina and Dharma Ying (a friend of Kitty)

Diomita, sklavin Gebby, slave Flo, Jenny, Kitty, Nina (in the tube cell) and Dharma Ying (a friend of Kitty)

During her trial we will work on her rules, get known to her even closer and just tie the bonds tight and tighter for her upcoming collaring. Feel free visiting Nina and to talk to her, she’s quite easy to find. Well, talking might be a bit difficult with the gag, but then we do understand gaggish, don’t we?
We look forward to the next days and to collaring our next slave.

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  1. hornedwolfbeast
    Dec 04, 2015 @ 05:11:09

    Have fun!


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