Backflash October 2020 – Enjoying Bondage October 2015: Autumn event (October 29th, 2015)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.
For October 2020 I selected a post from October 29th, 2015. We had clean our bondage and play house, the dojo and made an open space play area from it, where we had several bondage nights, an ongoing Autumn Bondage event. But read yourself…

Enjoying Bondage October 2015: Autumn event

Last year we had an “enjoying bondage” event on our island. It was well prepared but it is not easy to get the right models online all at the same time and it is an effort to take the pictures. In addition you miss the fun part of teasing the lovely bound models. Nonetheless I wanted to have something similar for this year. We decided to make it a bit different. I removed all furniture from the dojo thus making an empty event room from it. With having the same background we could take pictures when it fit to our time frame and desire. The result is: The Enjoying Bondage Event Autumn 2015.

Sept 20th: Jenny Maurer

Sept 20th: Jenny Maurer

Sept 21st. Mii

Sept 21st: Mii

Oct 4th: sklavin, Ayatay (ajarja.resident), slave Flo

Oct 4th: sklavin, Ayatay (ajarja.resident), slave Flo

Oct 4th: sklavin, Diomita, Ayatay (ajarja.resident), Jenny, slave Flo

Oct 4th: sklavin, Diomita, Ayatay (ajarja.resident), Jenny, slave Flo

Oct 4th: sklavin, Diomita, Ayatay (ajarja.resident), Jenny, slave Flo

Oct 4th: sklavin, Diomita, Ayatay (ajarja.resident), Jenny, slave Flo

One night a lonesome slave explored our Island and locked herself up in our dungeon by walking into the isolation cell there. When I found her, just before going to bed myself, I locked the cell securely. So it was no surprise that we found her the next day still locked in our dungeon. She was tied up in a hogtie and told us that the tried out her cuffs and that she was locked in a hogtie by accident. We teased her about this hogtie accident and took her to our enjoying bondage event area for some pictures.

Oct 5th: The Hogtie Accident_(1)

Oct 5th: The Hogtie Accident_(1)

Oct 5th: The Hogtie Accident_(2)

Oct 5th: The Hogtie Accident_(2)

Oct 5th: The Hogtie Accident (3) with sklavin

Oct 5th: The Hogtie Accident (3) with Sklavin

It is always hard to tell what a slave or sub really likes when you don’t know them. It’s a risk for them, but then I personally think that’s not my problem. At least I won’t turn it into my problem. We had and have several slaves who enjoy time being locked and tied up and being alone. The hogtie accident had already spent 12 hours in the isolation cell without cheating out. I suspect she did that idling, but who knows. When we left that night, I left her caged into the little cage seen in “The Hogtie Accident (3) with sklavin” and she was upset that I set a timer of 3 hours (unfortunately this cage doesn’t offer to hide timers), blaming me to spoil her fun in SL, which is the reason that I don’t publish her name here.

On October 8th, we had another family night that ended with Mii being a model for us. We took Mii with us and selected some clothes and gear for her so that she fitted to our slave Flo and sklavin Gebby. It is another outfit from KaS than the one the slaves are wearing, but we were satisfied with the result. That had to be documented.

Oct, 8th: Mii surrounded by slave Flo and sklavin Gebby with Diomita and Jenny

Oct 8th: Mii surrounded by slave Flo and sklavin Gebby with Diomita and Jenny

Sunday Oct 11th, we got visit from Nina (snina93.resident). After chatting a bit we discussed Mii’s Outfit and Nina said, she’s had something nicer in her point of view. Of course she showed it to us (vero, slave Flo, Mii and myself) and she added some elegance cuffs …. it’s a futuristic scifi bane suit. Reason enough for a few more “Enjoying Bondage” pictures.

Dio taking vero, slave Flo, Mii and Nina to the event area

Oct 11th: Dio taking vero, slave Flo, Mii and Nina to the event area

Oct 11th - Dio inspecting her hard work at Mii, Nina, vero and slave Flo

Oct 11th: Dio inspecting her hard work at Mii, Nina, vero and slave Flo

On Thursday, Oct 15th, our former brat Danii, who is sort of a bane for quite some months (she’s trying to break records or to be a bane forever) visited. She worte a script to charge her bane batteries in a RR mousewheel and asked to rezz one. We did that in our event area and of course I took a picture.

Oct, 15th: Danii in the mouswheel - Dio watching with slave Flo and sklavin

Oct, 15th: Danii in the mousewheel – Dio watching with slave Flo and Sklavin

Finally, on our 7th wedding anniversary I first had a quite private bondage session with vero, who I suspended in a way that I could really tease her and she and I could enjoy her helplessness.

Oct, 24th: vero suspended (1)

Oct, 24th: vero suspended (1)

Oct, 24th: vero suspended (2)

Oct, 24th: vero suspended (2)

When vero reminded me that her suspension was close to the one she saw at a picture in our dungeon, I had the idea of taking a similar picture of her alone as a piece of art. Here it is:

Oct, 24th: vero suspended

Oct, 24th: vero suspended

That same day, Nina (snina93.resident) spent time on our island, mostly loitering and staying in a secure distance to me and us. I called her in to vero and me and took another piece of art…

Oct 24th: vero and nina

Oct 24th: vero and Nina

Finally when Jenny and slave Flo and sklavin joined us I put the two slaves into suspension as well. This picture will end our “Enjoying bondage” autumn event 2015. Now we have one year to think about something for 2016….

Enjoying Bondage October 2015: Autumn event

Enjoying Bondage October 2015: Autumn event

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Backflash July 2019 – Bondage Art (November 6th, 2015)

In the “Backflash” series I select an old entry once a month and present it here. This way I force myself to browse in the archive and to fresh up a few of the many memories. For our readers the new series shall provide an insight into our Second Life without reading back the many posts and it might also give reason to browse through the archives.

At our Friday night party on July 13th I had a private chat with vero Hartmann, the partner and sub of Sarah Fhang. Sarah Fhang is one of our oldest friends. We know her since 2010. She moved to our island in 2011 and is our neighbour ever since. In the first years we often played at Sarah patio and had some very nice sessions. In 2014 Sarah got closer to vero and collared her. And today they are also partners. Sarah and vero’s online times don’t fit well to ours anymore and we haven’t played with them for quite some years. When I talked with vero that Friday, I mentioned that I hadn’t seen her tied up by Sarah for a long while and I asked her frankly, if she doesn’t miss it. Her answer was a surprise. She told me how busy she is in her RL and that I was the last one who tied her up. I can hardly believe that. We both could only guess how many years ago that must have been.

It was almost 4 years ago, in October 2015 and I had a blogpost about this bondage session. I still remember it quite well – and now even more after reading my own post from november 6th, 2015. I still like the pictures a lot! The post was titeled “Bondage Art”:

Oct 24th: vero and nina

During Sarah’s absence in October we cared a bit about her sub vero. And of course we put her into various restraints and bondages. During her time with us we had not only our slave Flo and sklavin Gebby in their tight hoods (the mesh hood from Restrained Freedom) but we also got visited by Nina (snina93.resident) and by our ex brat Dani (danii.szydlowska). Vero really liked the the hood and also the tight catsuits she saw and thus it didn’t take long until we got her into an according outfit herself. Inspired by a picture we have in our dungeon we suspended “poor” hooded vero in her latex catsuit in a similar pose as shown in this picture in our dungeon. The result is pure bondage art and I share the pictures here. Enjoy!

vero Hartman suspended in full Latex (1)

vero Hartman suspended in full Latex (2)

vero Hartman and Dani (1)

vero Hartman and Dani (2)

P.S: Danii wrote about her drone suit and it’s restrictions in her blog, if you interested what’s behind the latex. See:

Remark July 30th, 2019:
slave Gebby and slave Nina have both vanished. Danii wasn’t our Sub anymore already in 2015 and visited us sometimes. But now we haven’t seen Danii for at least a year or two. We hope she’s doing well.

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Dio’s 9th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2017

Today is my 9th rezzing anniversary in Second Life – just incredible that I’m entering my 10th year as a part of this virtual world. SL has contributed a lot to my life during the last 9 years and I hope that I can spend a part of my free time for many more years in SL. For my anniversary I always write a longer blog post looking back to the last year, summarizing it and I try to look out a bit. Overall nothing has changed as I am still together with my beloved partner in SL, Jenny. We still live at our own homesim Mount Everest next to our neighbours Tyra (Tyra.Sciarri) and Virgo (Virgo.Babii) on one side and Sarah (Sarah.Fhang) and vero (vero.Hartmann) on the other side. We still have several subs and slaves in our family. We still like bondage and visit kinky places. And I still explore the beauty of Second Life on my exploring tours. But in detail a lot has happened!
Let’s start with our homesim. We had an accident end of February 2016 (Saturday mess) and the whole sim was a big big mess. Thanks to Linden Labs who provided a roll back. After the mess and the sim roll-back, I started with refurbising our island at Mount Everest and just after one week the work was done (Eurobrats Headquarter – work in progress (II) and Eurobrats Headquarters – refurbishment mainly done). Besides the new layout we won a lot of underground space with this refurbishment and I built a dungeon maze into it. During 2016 we noticed that the space above the dungeon wasn’t really used and honestly I wasn’t really happy with the big large rock after a while. So I refurbished the island again in December 2016 removing the rock and adjusting the underground dungeon maze. I also moved our private skybox a bit outside which allows to make separate settings in the viewer for it. Later we installed a “slut and slave wall” with a patio, which has a touch of the old Stonehaven patio, quite close to the landing point. And just recently we added the “Fetisch Club Chez Maurer” in the underground. Right now, we’re happy with the layout, but we might further develop our home this year.fccm1

We also had again some changes in our family. Our slave Nina aka Maurerien orja (snina93) left Second Life without any word. She left the family group and i can’t find her with the search anymore. We don’t know what happened and can only hope that she’s doing well. And also our slave Gebby aka Maurer’s sklavin (gebby) didn’t get online anymore since July 26th, 2016. We have no clue what happened. That people leave with no explanation is a clear downside of this virtual world, but nothing we can change unfortunately. We released Nina and Gebby her from our collar October 6th, 2016.

July 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Nina and sklavin Gebby at MD

The last picture I found with sklavin Gebby and slave Nina is from July 10th 2016 showing them with Jenny and me at MD

On the other side slave cecy (cecysumi) was collared as Maurer’s Aztec slave and slave Adarra (AdarraMorgan) was collared as Maurer’s Maple slave both on May 18th, 2016. And we collared Christa (christa.windlow) on July 2nd, 2016 as Maurer’s slavin C. Just lately we also have slave D (scarfdaniela) quite close to us and might collar her some day.20170128-slave-cecy-slave-adarra-slavin-cOver the last years Angelique literally grew as our niece, she persued her own way and her own way of roleplay. And more and more we became her aunts rather than her owners, providing a stable family and base for her just like in RL. Angelique was never officially released by us, and we love to have her around – as our niece nowadays. And of course we won’t refrain from educating her or even punish her for disobedience even nowadays (if needed). Angelique is and will always be our beloved niece and has a place at home. She was collared by Zoey (zolene) on November 20th, 2016.

November 20th: Zoey and Angelique after the collaring ceremony

November 20th: Zoey and Angelique after the collaring ceremony

As of today the family consists of the slaves Flo, cecy, Adarra and Christa, of sub Kitty Maurer and of our niece Angelique Maurer (though not collared by us anymore). slave Flo is our oldest slave now and she fills into this role very well and loves to be the head slave. We enjoy her presence, her reliability, her devotion and dedication to us. Hopefully she starts something like her fantasy “The Accountant” (part I to IV, part I see here) some time soon again. And Kitty? She’s still our’s and causes trouble and fun and provides interesting links and expierences. She also keeps us connected with our ex-slave Dana and with other people from the US who we meet only rarely. Thank you for being ours over all these years, Kitty.20170128-slave-flo-and-kitty

Writing the blog was also a major activity for me during the last year. I began to blog almost daily which is a real challenge but fun. I also read back myself quite often in the blog. And thinking of something to write about also inspires me to experiment, to try out new things, to build and last but not least to go simploring. In my 9th year I visited around 90 sims on my exploring tours. Second Life and the possibilities for creative people are amazing. The graphics are becoming better every year and the impressions are getting close to reality. Here I want to pick Mont Saint-Michel, which is already a classic sim and Furillen which is inspired by real places. And every season of the years brings  new sims and expierences. Just think of the magic that I found at Telrunya Winter, the lovely fall at It all starts with a smile or at Templeton Cove, think of a summer at Noelia, of Frisland, Hide&Seek, La Vie, Eclectica, Byrd Island, Binemust, and many others. And then there’s the art I could see in SL Evre, Cica’s library, artSpace UTSA, Ephemeral, Monochrome, All_Most Real, Keys and so many more. I visited some scary sims around Halloween like Woodbury Falls, Arranmore, Neverland, The Fallen and Halloween town. And I also explored some kinky sims of course like Bondage & Storage Project, Dreamshire, Black Mill, Headlights, Surrender Cove, S&L Slave Storage, Xaara, Lick ….20161105-furillen_017

We continued the enjoying bondage series. The slaves get a new themed outfit every month which is often the subject for the enjoying bondage picture of the month. But there were also other subjects for this series. I remember in particular the June 2016 entry “The ropes” where I tried out a new set of ropes on myself and I got some really nice pictures of me tied up.

Enjoying bondage June 2016: Diomita in Tight Rope (Shop Makiko) (3)

Enjoying bondage June 2016: Diomita in Tight Rope (Shop Makiko) (3)

The most important issue of my 9th year in Second Life was for sure my changing relation to Jenny. Our relation is constantly further developing and changing. In spring 2016 Jenny took more and more control and even a long green light that I got on the occasion of Jenny’s 8th collaring day on June 5th, 2106, didn’t stop this change of control. It was a slow change in mutual consent that was already ongoing for the last years. On our wedding anniversary, October 24th, we made it official as I said my vows submitting to Mistress Jenny and she said her vows confirming it. Mistress Jenny bought a new collar for me. It is thicker than our mutual jewelery collar but still jewelery. Mistress continues wearing the small jewelery collar, and I wear a thicker collar, Mistress Jenny’s collar, for everyday life.

October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary (3)

October 23rd, 2016: The different 8th wedding anniversary (3)

Along with this major change our private skybox got a little refurbishment. The main part is now reflecting Mistress Jenny’s position and the decoration and pictures show her in control. That is where we begin our time together online every day and where we log out every day. Our private dungeon has been teared down as it wasn’t needed or used anymore. Instead I build an small annex to our skybox, that I use for green lights, when Mistress Jenny grants me controlling her and taking care of her sub side and her kink for being tied up, locked and controlled. Beside this major change we continue to own eachother mutally and this is not going to change at all. And Mistress Jenny also insists that I head the family although nothing will happen without her consent (actually we decided everything together for many years now). Nonetheless my submission to Mistress brought a lot of new experiences for me and for Mistress Jenny. We both enjoy that and it is ongoing. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

December 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at our private skybox

December 1st: Mistress Jenny and Diomita at our private skybox

With my rezzday anniversary posts I always have at least one picture showing myself and the changes. In Second Life there’s no aging. As opposed to with the increasing quality of graphics we become more and more beautiful. Such a shame that we can’t transmit that to real life. In my last anniversary blog entry I reported about my new mesh body. This year the most visible change is my new thicker jewelery collar. The other change of this year is more intimate. Mistress and I wear several fitting tattoos, the rose on our right breasts together with “Dio’s” and “Jen’s”, a tattoo on our left shoulder blade saying “Dio’s wife” and “Jen’s wife” and a tattoo on our back saying “Diomita’s property” and “Jenny’s property”. We also both have an intimate tattoo. Mine was “Besitz”, being owned by Jenny, her’s was “Ehesklavin” being owned by me.

February 2017 entering my 10th year in SL - showing Mistress Jenny's collar and my Ehesklavin tattoo

February 2017 entering my 10th year in SL – showing Mistress Jenny’s collar and my Ehesklavin tattoo

In May 2016 Mistress Jenny added a tattoo on my right shoulder blade showing a stylized woman, the first sign of my submission to her as she doesn’t wear something correspondent. Then in December we got new intimate tattoos as our personal Christmas gift. We said, we both had a little surgery to remove the old tattoo’s. My intimate tattoo now says “Ehesklavin”, Mistress Jenny’s tattoo says “Eheherrin”. What a change considering that Jenny was my Ehesklavin for many years. And now I am her Ehesklavin. That completed my submission to Mistress Jenny and I am proud to be her Ehesklavin now.

Thank you all for making this world for me and for us. SL is first of all about people and it’s you all who make my and our SL what it is: Still going strong, still enjoyable and still exciting! It was a great 9th year in Second Life and I look forward to the 10th!
Love from Diomita

slaves Nina and Gebby released

We have a rule number 1 for our Second Life family that Real Life is always priority number 1. We think that this is quite obvious as there is just one life and SL is part of our life. Of course there are may reasons why one has to stay offline for a while, even months and longer.
We also think that it is a matter of respect and just good behavior to let know those around you and those who care, that you’re not able to get online or will be away for a longer time – and that has nothing to do with bdsm but should be just normal in my honest opinion. It would be enough to send an offine IM or any sign of life every once in a while – or to simply be courageous enough to say that you want to follow other ways or adventures or whatever. But unfortunately Second Life is a place where people come and go, and often they simply stay away or create another account, giving no explanation, no sign of life, simply nothing and leave those behind who cared and who might worry – and unfortunately you have to get used to that in this virtual world.
Jenny and I decided to release Maurerien orja (snina93 Resident), who has obviously left Second Life without any notice to us. We also decided to release sklavin Gebby (gebby Resident), who hasn’t shown up for 10 weeks now without any sign of life.

Thank you for the time with us. We hope that both are doing well and are healthy.

July 10th: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Nina and sklavin Gebby at MD

The last picture I found with sklavin Gebby and slave Nina is from July 10th 2016 showing them with Jenny and me at MD

Dio’s 8th year in Second Life Feb 11th, 2016

Today is my 8th rezzing anniversary in Second Life. It has been a real addition to my real life throughout these years and I hope it will continue for more and more years, as it hasn’t lost it’s facination and it’s addiction for me. As every year on the occasion of my rezzing day I write a longer blog post summarizing the last year. I’m blessed with a stable environment in SL, a base from which I can explore and discover myself, my (not so secret) kinks as well as the beauty of Second Life and the creativity of the residents building this temporary virtual world.
We, Jenny and I and the whole Eurobrat family still live at Mount Everest Island. It’s great that we could keep it for all these years. Tyra (Tyra.Sciarri) and Virgo (Virgo.Babii) on one side and Sarah (Sarah.Fhang) on the other side are still our neighbours. Thank you! Our island didn’t undergo dramatic changes but we continued to develop it. Last year we moved the dungeon from a skybox to the ground level and covered it with a hill. I learned how to build rooms underground and how to make an entrance to it. It looked so easy, but it isn’t. And I know now how elaborated some other sims with large underground areas are. I was about to add more space underground but it means to raise the base level and will take a lot of more building work. This might be the next change for this year. As in RL, there’s always something to do.
Along with building the new dungeon we also build a small very private dungeon just for Jenny and me, where we can retreat to for some private playing.
20151231 Our new dungeon_003
With regard to our family we had again some changes:
We had to face reality and released our “poor” bondage victim qt (queen.takacs), aka, Maurer’s It and our inspiring sub Rona (ronapotter.resident), aka. Maurer’s Künsterlin. qt became the victim of a hackers attack. She was more than 4 years our bound victim. We miss her wit and the way she teased us about being not strict enough with her. She returned after the hacker attack with a provisional alt to tell us what happened, but after all she shyed away from building her world and avatar from the scratch again. She was always nervous when we had to change anything as the technique and software issues were something she really disliked. All the best for you, qt, from Jenny and me and the whole Eurobrat family and friends… mmmuuuhhhh *winks*.
We don’t know what happened to rona. It’s more than a year now that she left SL. This is really a downside of this virtual world, that you don’t know what happened to people who leave all of a sudden. We can just hope that rona is doing well.
20151231 Rona and qt
We collared Gebby as Maurer’s sklavin on August 11th, 2015. Gebby is a very obedient slave, always following her rules very attentively. She’s always in chains, or in a cell or restricted in some way. After some experiments we finally enforced spoke-when-spoken to on her permanently. Gebby can only speak when the trigger word “sklavin” is spoken in main chat and of course she has to answer then. This keeps her very attentive and we appreciate it. We might play around with this a bit more this year and make slight changes.
We collared Nina as Maurerien orja on December 15th. Nina is from Finland and Maurerien orja means nothing else than Maurer’s slave in Finish. Orja has a constant desire for bondage and we will certainly take advantage of it as we see fit. Slave Nina will also become kind of our phographer slave thus contributing to our blog and getting some work done for us. She has an own deviantart account and documents her Second Life with pictures there. This way we become aware of her activities when we give her some days off in addition to the steady control we enact. slave Nina will also support slave Flo in keeping our house clean.
Welcome to the family to both of you!
20151231 Gebby & Nina
We sold our slave Dana on December 27th, 2014, as I wrote here a year ago in my last anniversary blog entry. Dana was our collared brat for more than 4 years. To make a longer story short, Dana came back under our wings and under our control. Once again we had a good merchandise to offer for the right domme. Finally, Dec 31st, 2015, we sold Dana again. Her new owner is in her timezone. As we did the last time, we gave full warranty for the slave and will take her back within the warranty time. As we won’t reimburse the money, that’s always a good deal.
And as of today it looks as if we will get slave Dana back under our wings again very soon. Will we get rich?
So right now the family consists of the 3 slaves – slave Flo, sklavin Gebby and slave Nina – and Angelique and Kitty.
Slave Flo (florence.riddler) was around and with us most reliably of all of our family. She kept the house clean and spoiled us with her dedication. Of course she still tests her limits and needs to be punished and restricted every once in a while but beside her complains we know she enjoys that as much as her owners do. Thank you for your contribution to our family, slave Flo.
Angelique started a new adventure by joining the uniform punishment group, where she had some fun and she still is in this group (read: Beside that Angelique had a really hard time in RL that had it’s effect on her SL. Her online times changed and we don’t see her as often as we would like. As our niece she always enjoyed some special freedom and it is just great having her around. I’m quite sure that we will find ways of playing together again. Anyway, we love you, Angelique!
Kitty (Santana.Thibedeau) settled more and more in her female role. Jenny and I love to tease “her”. She really looks female now, more like a vamp and we support her change with advice and motivation. Beside diving deeper into her femsub role, Kitty still contributes with wit and silly jokes to our SL and makes it brighter. Thank you for being our’s, Kitty.

20151231 Dana & Kitty & AngeliqueIn May 2013 we started a little series “Enjoying bondage”. Surprisingly we could keep it up until today so we might reach the 3rd anniversary for this series soon. Last year we had 2 in my eyes extraordinary entries. The first was roaming around tied up, which is more fun than I thought and it offers a lot of opportunities to take pictures. The fun is more than doubled if you do it together with someone else as I did together with Jenny
(see The second was about suspension. Several slaves and guests were excited about a picture in our dungeon, that shows a slave, fully encased in a latex catsuit and latex hood, that is suspended from the ceiling by her arms. Thus this became another theme for the enjoying bondage series. With the MD cuffs you can suspend a slave accordingly and we had several models for our series. Together with a simple plain white background it looks really artful (see

20151231 Enjoying bondage 2015
And this year started promising as we decided to choose a similar latex outfit for our 3 slaves. We called it living latex dolls and improved it more and more. As we did we even got 3 other living latex dolls to share the fun: slave L, slave Mii and slave cecy. In January we had several nights enjoying bondage and finally I succeeded to publish a picture of all of our living latex dolls.
Enjoying bondage January 2016: Living Latex dolls slave cecy, slave Mii, sklavin Gebby, slave L, slave Flo and slave Nina

Enjoying bondage January 2016: Living Latex dolls slave cecy, slave Mii, sklavin Gebby, slave L, slave Flo and slave Nina

Slave Flo contributed not only to our family by her submission and dedicated work but she also contributed to the blog by adding a little survey (The Health study, see and by writing a fiction (The Accountant, part I and II just published this week!). Both will be continued hopefully. Slave Flo had also an important part in Toy’s appearance last year. Toy (formerly known as Karen Emms) joined us last summer as a kidnappee and the roleplay with her was real fun. Unfortunately timezone and RL were against us and we had to let her go before we could collar her. Toy wrote a diary for us which I published in 3 parts in our blog.
20151231 Toy and Flo
Scrolling back in the blog I noticed that I did quite some simploring last year. As mentioned above, visiting sims is still one of my favourite activities in Second Life and it is again and again amazing what people build mainly for themselves but also for others to enjoy and share. I need to mention that most of my simploring tours have their origin in Inara Pey’s “Living in a modemworld”- blog, that became my never ending source of great places to visit in SL. Thank you, Inara! If you select the category “Exploring sim in Second Life” in the blog you will get a long list of blog entries about my tours. It is nearly impossible to pick just one as my favourite of last year. For sure my autumn tours were a highlight for me (see the 3 blog-entries “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are octobers”). Also before Halloween Ironwood Hills was another highlight. We visited this sim several times.
20151231 Simploring 2015
 Speaking of our activities in Second life beside our bdsm, I also enjoyed a lot the “hunts”. The hunts are organized by the store owners in SL and they take you around the shops with riddles to solve and you get a little giveaway in every shop. Some of the giveaways are really worth the long hunt, most are just giveaways that you store away or bin quickly. But it’s fun to solve the riddles and to search the giveaways and you get around in SL. In addition the hunt fulfills what it is intended for. We visted some of the stores again later to buy something.
My Second Life with Jenny couldn’t be better. Our relation is still developing and changing after all these years. For our 7th wedding anniversary I made a little video that also provides a bit of insight into our relation, but mostly it is simply a thank you to Jenny and what she is for me and the family in SL.
We switch control back and forth but there were some very intensive weeks for both of us. I pushed my beloved Ehesklavin into subspace for several weeks in the time before and around of her 7th collaring anniversary in June 2015. I remember, that it was not at all easy for me to let her get out of subspace again and recover. I for sure enjoy her submission. Also before our wedding anniversary last year Jenny allowed that I take control for a longer while. Having my Ehesklavin on a leash has become something very particular for me and I do enjoy every second. Last year Jenny became the one, who decides about granting control to me, whereas she takes control whenever she sees fit. She always tries to consider my mood as long as I make her not wait too long. But it is up to her.
Mistress Jenny herself put me into several also longer red lights, after which I had troubles to recover my dominant side. Mistress knows exactly which buttons she has to push. My submission to Mistress has become very strong and she brought it to the point by saying in passing “I could own you in an instant”, but she also added “but you will always own me”. Mistress Jenny’s will to control me is strong and I might experience longer phases in subspace in near future. I can’t be prouder owning her and being her property. Thank you, my wonderful wife!
20151231 Changing control
What is missing? Yes, an actual portrait picture of me as I start my 9th year in SL. For a change this year it won’t be just a portrait picture as my face and hair style didn’t really change and luckily you don’t get any unwanted wrinkles in SL (too bad you still get them RL). End of 2015 I bought a mesh Body, the Maitreya Lara mesh body. I did that mainly to play with it and to get familiar with the technique. But after a while I began to like it. One big downside is that I can’t use my skin anymore and my tattoos are on my skin. But you can wear tattoos with a mesh body with an applier. Unfortunately I’m not (yet) familiar how to make the tattoos myself. But I found someone who made them for me and they are at the right place marking me as Jenny’s wife and property. Once I had the tattoos, I began feeling very comfortable with my new body (once again, what a shame that you can’t just buy a new body in RL). Another downside is that you can’t wear the clothing layers from the prim body. You have to get so called appliers and beside that you have to wear mesh clothes. Now I needed some new clothes. I said it is a downside? Maybe that’s an upside indeed as I did some shopping and shopping is fun, isn’t it? Anyway, here are some pictures of me as I enter my 9th year in SL.
20160131 Diomita Maurer Maitreya Mesh BodyThank you all for making this world for me and for us. SL is first of all about people and it’s you all who make my and our SL what it is: Still going strong, still enjoyable and still exciting! It was a great 8th year in Second Life and I look forward to the 9th!

Love from Diomita

Season Greetings & Merry Christmas 2015

The season was busy as every year. Now it is time to relax and enjoy, first in RL but when there’s a bit of time also in SL. This year we don’t have any snow in Central Europe. So it was and is a particular fun to enjoy winter in Second Life. It brings us into the right mood, while we have spring temperatures outside.
We put the the slaves Flo, Gebby and Nina and our Kitty into nice christmas outfits. Kitty made the Galadhon White Christmas tour on her own, but she enjoyed it.
On December 22nd, we visted Puerto Esclava, which has been redesigned. We sat on the court and had a nice chat while the slaves just enjoyed our presence and follwed the talk silently.

Dec 22nd: A visit to Puerto Esclava with slave Flo and sklavin Gebby

Dec 22nd: A visit to Puerto Esclava with slave Flo and sklavin Gebby

Yesterday we went to Linden’s Winter Wonderland. It was very enjoyable. We, Jenny, slave Flo and I, started with the Ferris wheel where we got a nice view over the whole area.

Linden's Winter Wonderland - the view from the Ferris wheel

Linden’s Winter Wonderland

We also tried the zip wire and we tried snowboarding and snowmobile. Well it was more a beer barrel with horns, but worked fine. The ride down the winter track is pure fun, if you don’t begin to fly over the fences due to lag, what I did several times. Nonetheless, real fun!

Dio on the zip wire at Linden's Winter Wonderland

Dio on the zip wire at Linden’s Winter Wonderland

Jenny and Diomita snowboarding

Jenny and Diomita ready to start snowboarding


A very particular snowmobile

A very particular snowmobile (“Winter Clunkermobile”)

Jenny, slave Flo and Diomita at Winter Wonderworld village

Jenny, slave Flo and Diomita at Winter Wonderland village

We ended our visit at the Winter Wonderland village. If you find time during the holidays, have fun visiting as we had.
Here’s the landmark to Winter Wonderland:

To all our slaves and subs, to the whole family and friends, to all readers of this blog: We wish you a Merry Christmas, some time to recover and a good year 2016!

Merry Christmas 2016

Love from
Diomtia & Jenny Maurer



Dear Diary

November 21st - Eurobrats: Kitty, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Nina and Flo

November 21st – Eurobrats: Kitty, Mistress Jenny, Diomita, slave Nina and Flo

It’s time for another diary entry to this blog, just to tell what happened beside the 7th collaring anniversary of Kitty (Nov 22nd), the 2nd collaring anniversary of Flo (Nov 29th) and the beginning of Nina’s Trial (Dec 1st).  To start with, on November 21st we had a little family photosession from which I selected the above picture for the blog. You may notice that I still wear my thick leather collar in this picture, which indicates that Mistress Jenny is in control. In November Mistress kept me quite a while in subspace while ensuring that I continued to take care of our subs and slaves. Actually, it were two weeks and it was the longest time that I am aware of.

November 21st - Mistress Jenny and Dio

November 21st – Mistress Jenny and Dio

Finally, Mistress took the thick collar off again replacing it with my jewelery collar on November 22nd. This time it took long for me to recover my domme side. Even a week later I still felt her strength very intense and without any warning Mistress Jenny took control again pushing me back into my place at her feet. She even demonstrated her power in front of the slaves and a visiting friend. I still shiver remembering that scene. It came that surprisingly that I even forgot to take a picture (well, maybe it’s better that I forgot).
Just the other day, Mistress granted a green light to me allowing me to control her again. With the just fresh expierence that brought back my domme side quickly: Jenny is mine, my property just as I am hers. What a great feeling having control back. I took full advantage and put her into a very sexy latex dress that reveals her lovely backside. And I administered a nice spanking giving her bum a lovely colour in additon. When we started Nina’s trial, on December 1st, Jenny’s bum was still glowing somehow. Here is another picture of the beginning of Nina’s Trial.

Slave Flo, Sklavin Gebby, Dio, Kitty, Jenny and Dharmy Ying looking at Nina in her tube cell as Nina's trial began December 1st, 2015

Slave Flo, sklavin Gebby, Diomita, Kitty, Jenny and Dharma Ying looking at Nina in her tube cell as Nina’s trial began December 1st, 2015

In this picture you may also notice that I put mittens on my property. They fit very well with the dress, don’t they? I had the opportunity to fully enjoy my Ehesklavin in many ways and not everything is documented here. The two following pictures were taken during the first days of December.

Mistress Diomita and Ehesklavin Jenny at Heavy Bondage Club (HBC)

Mistress Diomita and Ehesklavin Jenny at Heavy Bondage Club (HBC)

Mistress Diomita and Ehesklavin Jenny at The Secret House (TSH)

Mistress Diomita and Ehesklavin Jenny at The Secret House (TSH)

I truely enjoyed my green light. It is not easy to let go again. Jenny and I did agree to enjoy acting as the domme couple who we are and to have shorter periods switching back and forth as we see fit and according to our mood. So I ended the green light on Friday, December 4th. Thank you my Ehesklavin, my wife Jenny *mmmmwah*

Nina’s trial began

Nina (sNina93) - Picture taken by Nina

Nina (sNina93) – picture taken by Nina

Yesterday, December 1st, we started Nina’s trial, her last step becoming ours, our slave and brat. Nina is now bound naked and gagged in the tube cell in our main house at home.
Nina came to us by discovering and reading our blog. She explored our island and modelled for us in different catsuits and restraints. And as we love bondage and taking pictures she found herself in our blog very soon. Nina is beside her addiciton to bondage a passionate photographer (seems we share two passions) and she publishes her pictures on deviantArt. Her account there is sgunjin (Shikara Gunjin), the link is in the other links section. Together with her pictures Nina writes what she had experienced in Second Life. This way, her deviantArt account is also her diary. I recommend taking a look.

December 1st: Nina in "her" tube cell

December 1st: Nina in “her” tube cell

We know Nina now close to 2 months and she’s fitting well. Her main focus is not sex but bondage and she loves being restrained and controlled. The control part is what caught my attention quickly. And we took control. Soon she wore an implant allowing us to summon her whenever whereever we want. I welded the implant in the meanwhile. Nina met most of the family and friends already and spent some time in her favourite position (bound helplessly and restricted). And in the meanwhile I can report that she does enjoy sex although it is not her main focus *winks*.
Diomita, sklavin Gebby, slave Flo, Jenny, Kitty, Nina and Dharma Ying (a friend of Kitty)

Diomita, sklavin Gebby, slave Flo, Jenny, Kitty, Nina (in the tube cell) and Dharma Ying (a friend of Kitty)

During her trial we will work on her rules, get known to her even closer and just tie the bonds tight and tighter for her upcoming collaring. Feel free visiting Nina and to talk to her, she’s quite easy to find. Well, talking might be a bit difficult with the gag, but then we do understand gaggish, don’t we?
We look forward to the next days and to collaring our next slave.

Enjoying Bondage November 2015: slave Nina’s subsuit

slave Nina in her subsuit at Dio's feet (picture by Nina)

slave Nina in her subsuit at Dio’s feet (picture by Nina)

Again something different for this month’s enjoying bondage series. On Tuesday, November 17th, slave Nina (sNina93.resident), who is getting closer to us week by week, put herself into a Restrained Freedom (RF) subsuit after she had finished her dusting and cleaning chores at our main house. She also put her RF Mesh hood on. She called it a self-bondage and made some lovely pictures that she published on her deviantart page (link to her dA page is under “Other links”). Once locked she couldn’t get out of it anymore without our help.

A visit from Angelique: Diomita with slave Nina and Angelique (picture by Nina)

A visit from Angelique: Diomita with slave Nina and Angelique (picture by Nina)

Of course I couldn’t resist to keep her in her self inflicted bondage and made it even worse. Thus she layed at my feet while I was recovering from a long day at work. That night we got visit from our niece Angelique who shared her latest news with us. It was a nice chat and when Jenny and slave Flo and sklavin Gebby and even another not to be named slave joined us, we just sat and talked all night. But what happened to slave Nina?

Mistress Jenny and slave, who's name is not revealed

Mistress Jenny and slave, who’s name is not revealed

A chat night: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, sklavin Gebby and slave, who's name is not revealed

November 17th: a chat night: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with slave Flo, sklavin Gebby and slave, who’s name is not revealed

Well, as mentioned above we kept her in her subsuit and put her into our dungeon cell. This is a quite quiet place during daytime and so we gave her an assignment: “Create a story about your self-bondage, add some fiction, share your thoughts and feelings about your situation”. Nina did very well and we think it is perfect for a different “Enjoying bondage” post. Here is, of course uncensored, Nina’s fiction about how she got into the RF subsuit and hood. I just put it here how Nina wrote it. You’ll find the story as well on her dA page as a text to the picture at the end of this post. Enjoy Reading….

Nina’s current accommodations. As if the subsuit wasn’t enough, she is now placed in a deep underground dungeon cell, and chained to the wall. Tightly restrained and securely locked under a thick layer of leather she can only wiggle helplessly on the hard stone floor. Deprived of sight and sound, she senses nothing except the ever present restriction of her bonds, and the smell and taste of leather. Of course, being the bondage addict she is, this is exactly how she wants to be. It excites her greatly to think how the world above her cell goes on, people going on about their daily lives, unaware of the secret prisoner beneath their feet. Isolated from everything else, Nina is lost in her headspace, and she begins to imagine how she came to be like this…
A brief fictional account of how Nina ended up  in the subsuit:
Nina rang the bell three times before she used the key given to her to open the apartment front door. “Hello, is anybody home,” she called out as she stepped in. Receiving no  answer, she proceeded without delay to the broom closet and started gathering the cleaning supplies. Lacking the advantage of a wealthy family, Nina was forced to work as a part time cleaning lady to fund her college education. It was definitely not a glamorous or well-paid job, but it covered her expenses, so she was somewhat content. The agency Nina was working for had provided her a list of apartments to houseclean each week. They had also given her a ring full of spare keys in case nobody was at home when she arrived, which seemed to be the norm rather than the exception. In fact, during the entire semester, Nina had met face-to-face with a client only twice.
Like she was wont to do, Nina went swiftly from room to room, gauging the messiness of the place, and checking if there was anything she needed to fix or arrange before she began to clean up proper. When she entered the master bedroom, she stopped on her tracks and stared in disbelief at the items neatly arranged on the lavish twin bed. Being no stranger to BDSM images, she instantly recognized that she was looking at some sort multipart leather suit with lots of straps and buckles. She gingerly moved towards the bed, and hesitantly touched one of the many small locks that lay there. Nina felt incredible arousal as she imagined what it would be like to actually wear that suit; how helpless she would be with all straps tightened and locked up. As she stood there, wetness swelling between her thighs, an idea began to form in her lust-crazed head: she’d have to try out the suit!
‘No! Are you out of your mind!?’ her rational self told her. ‘The owner – or owners – may return in any moment. Think how embarrassing it would be if you were caught in act! And what’s worse, it would probably cost you your job too.’
But she was too lost in haze of excitement to listen to the voice of reason. Feeling extremely naughty, she began to strip, her whole body shivering from arousal and the sense of danger. In a few moments she had shed the last item of clothing, and stood stark naked before the bed.
Slowly she took the jacket portion of the suit, feeling the material first, then slipping her arms into its sleeves. The jacked fit Nina surprisingly well, almost as if it had been made to her measurements. She reached behind her back, trying to buckle up at least few of the straps. After a while, and a lot of struggling, she had managed to close some, and stopped to pose in front of the bedroom mirror.
“Mmmm-mm,” Nina said to her reflection. “You do look very sexy!” Her hand slowly wandered down towards her aching pussy, but halted before she reached it. ‘No, not yet,’ she thought. ‘I need something more before I’ll enjoy myself.’
slave Nina in "her" cell (picture taken by Nina)

slave Nina in “her” cell (picture taken by Nina)

Nina knelt on the bed, legs spread open. She picked up the suit’s hood part, and held it up before her face, examining the formidable looking item. There was some sort of gag inside, and two holes for nostrils, but no other openings; when fastened in place the hood would make its wearer a blind, faceless thing. Nina opened her mouth wide open for the gag as she began to don the hood. She imagined someone else forcing the hood on her, pushing it firmly in place, then tightening it around her head and closing the locks. It took some tries until she finally got everything aligned right. Even though it wasn’t properly strapped up, the smothering closeness of the hood was intense. She had to steady herself, calm her breathing down, to avoid going into panic mode. Yet, despite the fear, she couldn’t remember ever being so excited.
Nina was about to start rubbing herself, when someone suddenly grabbed her arms. She tried to yell a protest, but it came out as an incoherent mumble. She struggled in vain as her hands were inexorably drawn behind her back and cuffed together.
“Hold still, silly girl,” said a woman’s voice sternly. “You’ll only make this harder for yourself if you resist. I have a taser and will use it if you don’t comply.”
Nina had no way knowing whether or not the speaker was telling the truth, but she decided to play it safe. She ceased her struggles, waiting what would happen next.
“Good girl,” said the unknown woman, patting Nina’s hooded head. Despite the humiliation, Nina couldn’t help feeling yet another tingle of arousal.
“You have made a decent start,” the voice continued. “Now let’s get you properly restrained, darling.”
Nina’s heart skipped a few beats when she heard the words; was her assailant going to fully encase her in the suit? She knew that she should be scared stiff, and yet she was dripping wet and dizzy from sexual arousal. ‘What’s wrong with me?’ she thought. Nina felt the hood beginning to tighten around her head; straps were pulled and buckled up, small locks clicked shut one by one. Her captor worked with a firm and experienced hand, never fumbling or making unnecessary moves. Soon the hood was secured in place, leaving Nina no hope of removing it by herself.
Unseen hand held Nina’s leather covered chin and lifted her head up somewhat. “It looks good on you, slave,” proclaimed the voice.
“Please, let me go,” Nina mumbled into her gag.
“What was that pet?” the voice asked with a mocking tone. “Yes, I too do believe we should set up the rest of your outfit.” With that Nina’s captor began to tighten straps on the jacket part. With each tightened and buckled up strap Nina became more and more helpless. She could feel freedom slipping away from her, and replaced with an inescapable bondage. Her shoulders protested with pain as an armbinder was applied to her. She was put into an extremely tight-fitting full-length leather skirt, and ballet heels that made walking or standing without assistance impossible.
“Well, aren’t you a pretty sight,” said the voice, admiring the fully restrained Nina who could only feebly wiggle in her confines. “I hope you enjoy your suit, slave, because you’re going to spend a long time in it.”
Nina waited with a bated breath what would happen next, but for a very long time nothing did. Apparently her assailant had left, leaving her alone in the bedroom. Then she sensed commotion nearby, despite the hood effectively reducing her senses. She felt hands grabbing her, hoisting her up like a package. Nina mumbled in protest, but again without any effect. She was slowly lowered into something soft, while her legs were forcibly contorted so that she would fit into a specific shape. There was a muffled thud and Nina felt she was now completely encased by the soft, spongy material. ‘They’ve put me into a case or a box!’ she realized. Then she was again hoisted up and her container swayed as it was being carried. ‘Carried to where?’ Nina thought. What would happen to her now? Where were they taking her?
Yes, dear reader, this was my modest attempt to put in writing what sort of things Nina thinks while she languishes in her bondage. The story could’ve been longer and more detailed, but my time in RL is limited, so this have to do for now.
slave Nina in her RF subsuit, and RF Hood, leashed in our dungeon cell and enjoying her bondage and the silence

slave Nina in her RF subsuit, and RF Hood, leashed in our dungeon cell and enjoying her bondage and the silence

Thank you slave Nina, well done!

Dear Diary

20151108 Mistress Jenny back in control_001Again something for the diary. For those who haven’t noticed yet in the pictures of the previous posts Mistress Jenny is back in control since November, 8th, and she fitted the thick leather collar around my neck, nothing changed for our subs and slaves though.
I leashed slave Dana (dana.drezelan) at Gwen’s storage for a whole week so that she can readjust to her enslaved life. I can report it was the right thing to do. She is very obedient and willingly again. Mistress Jenny and I plan to transform her into a cow again – and might expose her to the public a bit more after the transformation is completed.  As mentioned before slave Dana is on sale for the best offer (not the highest bid necessarily).

Nov 15th: Dio and slave Dana

Nov 15th: Dio and slave Dana

You might have noticed in the picture above that the house is spotless clean. While slave Flo had a week off to recover from some RL issues the house got more and more dirty. We decided to instruct slave Nina so that she can clean the house if and when slave Flo isn’t availabe.  So slave Nina got a maid outfit and the according cleaning gear and cleaned the house. Well done, slave Nina. Those who follow this blog and my deviant art (dA) account know that slave Nina has also a dA account (link is in the other links section), you will find more pictures of the slave maid Nina there.

slave maid Nina in her cage (picture by sgunjin)

slave maid Nina in her cage (picture by sgunjin)

slave maid Nina after finishing her wor (picture by sgunjin)

slave maid Nina after finishing her work (picture by sgunjin)

Last Friday Mistress Jenny and I had an enjoyable time with a friend, who’s name I won’t reveal here (at least not now). We had a little bondage session with her and I’m going to publish some of the pictures taken in the next enjoying bondage entry. Here’s just a little teaser. After this session we took the bondage model to the cage club for winding down a bit.

Mistress Jenny and Dio with suspended bondage model

Mistress Jenny and Dio with suspended bondage model

Mistress Jenny winding down at the cage club

Mistress Jenny winding down at the Cage Club, Dio holding the leash of our bondage model

Last Sunday, Nov 15th, I had another simploring tour, visiting “It’s a New Dawn“. I’ve visited Silvermoon Fairey’s different sims already before. Search for the tag “Dawn of Radiance” or have a look at this older Dear diary entry ( The new homestead is called “It’s a New Dawn” and does reveal memories and deja vue’s.  It’s rural, the colours of Autum are lovely.

Diomita taking a rest at "It's a New Dawn"

Diomita taking a rest at “It’s a New Dawn”

I explored and discovered the whole sim and took a bunch of pictures. There are uncountable great views and the selected windlight setting adds to the calming effect of this silent island. The animals graze peacefully all over the island’s meadows, benches and loungers on porches invite to sit down and to take a rest. Or you take a walk along the beach. I myself enjoyed my visit. Thank you Silvermoon! There’s again a more detailled description in Inara Pey’s blog “It’s a New Dawn in Second Life“.

It's a New Dawn (1)

It’s a New Dawn (1)

It's a New Dawn

It’s a New Dawn (2)

It's a New Dawn (3)

It’s a New Dawn (3)

Beach View at "It's a New Dawn" (1)

Beach View at “It’s a New Dawn” (1)

Beach View at "It's a New Dawn" (2)

Beach View at “It’s a New Dawn” (2)

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