The accountant by Florence Riddler – part III

The accountant – part III

At the store

After the second bankers-meeting Madame drove out of town a few kilometers to a small village and parked in front of a fashion store.We could not leave the car that quickly, as a person opened the door and greeted with a warm smile.
“This is Florence – who I told you about and has joined us to take the place of our accountant” she started to introduce me. “and this is Sophie, she owns the nice fashion store and hides something new for us – don’t you Sophie?“ Sophie measured me and then spoke with a low tune voice “does she know about Diomita?” – “Yes – she has been informed, so to say – and she met Jenny in a bit unusual situation – Jenny is for sure now hardly waiting our return” – she winked at both of us.”Now then Florence – may I call you Flo?” asked Sophie and I agreed.
“What is your fetish? Is it close to what you already have seen at the Ladies’ home or something else ?” – “I had never thought about but the first moment when I saw the Ladies in her corsets, I really felt some excitement” – “Hey – that’s a first step Flo – come let us look for something similar for you.”
Sophie measured my waist, hip and chest, and soon she showed me a white corset. It looked marvelous and as I touched I felt the surface was made of soft leather and some boning.”Come try it –  and show me if Sophie’s measurements are correct.” I moved behind the curtain and started to change as Madame Dio opened and told me – “don’t be shy – we both like to help you and see its perfect fit.”
So they pulled and laced the corset until my body felt a wonderful grip from hip to chest.
I turned and slided my hands over the leather and noticed the strong steel boning and the tight grip on my waist – „that’s a fetish – make me feel much more feminine – I whispered“.”You know Diomita – I have a nice add-on that would complete this ensemble – may I show you ?” – “Yes please – let Flo see your taste of good looking fashion.”
Sophie came back with a much smaller white item.  She nestled the laces and then slid a long something around my neck. “This neck corset is made to complete the first part of this corset. See how it looks when tightly  laced – Flo you will look adorable for sure!“
As she pulled the laces my neck became more embraced and an increasing pressure was felt at my throat, while the flexibility of my neck become very restricted. It did not hurt at all but my mind told me that this could not become comfy for me, if I had to wear for long. Meanwhile my body reaction could be described as opposing – my most private part felt warm and wet.
The Ladies admired their work and I could not hide my excitement.
“I have never felt such a reaction by fetishism?“ – „sure you had no chance before now – and that’s just the beginning hun!“ was the comment of Sophie.
I felt my face turning in different shades of red and watched myself in the mirror. „Ok Sophie – for her first day it looks fine, we can make her the small present with these two items, so we start slow.“
Sophie turned and searched in a drawer before she came back.
„Just to complete the way Madam Diomita likes to see!“  she put 2 small padlocks on each item and locked them in place. I stretched my hand as I would get those keys but Madam Diomita just shook her head „no dear, I pay, you wear – are we all clear hun?“ I lowered my head. The feel of the corsets was so overwhelming I just agreed in silence.
“Let us rush home, Jenny would be happy to be released and to see our new employee in a Family Fitting fetish dress.”

Lady Diomita with the accountant in her new corsets

Lady Diomita with the accountant in her new corsets

Madam did not talk much while driving back, and I was fidgeting to settle my thoughts while feeling the rigid corsets on my waist and neck.
My office was for me next step to check mails. This was not easy as my head was pretty rigid fixed.
Madam went upstairs and released poor Miss Jenny from her sweating latex prison.
Dinner time, we have been all together at the table – even Nina joined us but in silence.The lady’s where dressed both as the evening before in her black gown with corset and Nina had changed into a maiden dress made of black shiny latex looking material.The meal was fabulous, the wine superb with a taste of blackberry and cinnamon.
It was a silent dinner, except the noise i heard from the less ladylike table manners of Lady Jenny, until Lady Diomita started „now Flo, first day – first fetish experiences, tell us about your feeling please“.
This time she really waited my answer and all eyes looked at me in my new white corset and the rigid neck corset.
I hesitated to tell about my own feeling as my body reaction, what was so arousing.
„I felt kind of excited” and answered shy “I have never been aware of such things like Jenny had been in.“
„Tell us – you like the corset you wear – do you?“ I tried a nod and whispered „yes“ – „and the neck corset – did it make you aroused Hun?“
I made another faint attempt to nod and whispered „yes“ –  „and the job as our accountant – is the one you dreamed about?“ another „yes.”
„We cut your connection to your former life by taking your cellphone, removing your ability from owning a car and we canceled the contract to your apartment – that forces you to stay with us – did you notice that, Flo?“
I nodded and whispered „Yes, I never expected you would do that all – and so fast Madam.“
„See, we are rich, we can buy what we like, we can nearly manipulate all – and we are into bondage and fetish. The first step you have already mastered – started into fetish, the next step is up to you, stay with us on a fetish level…….. or raise up and explore the world like Jenny, me and Nina – its your choice, no one forces you, just tell us your decision.“

After dinner: Maid Nina serving coffee for the ladies and the accountant

After dinner: Maid Nina serving coffee for the ladies and the accountant

All three ladies are into strict bondage!, my mind was racing – I saw the picture of that sculpture in my mind, wearing a gas mask, I tasted the scent of the warm rubber when I was close beside Jenny, I recognized my body reaction ….. and all started with the add for a new job some hours ago.
Madame Diomita stood behind me, pulled the small key and opened the padlocks who locked my corsets. „You have 2 choices now – go to change into something you like, or to stay with us this way until we go to bed – However I know for sure that you will stay“ she answered for me.
„Our plan is Flo, that you dress most time in white, so the cabinet is full of such dresses – and tomorrow please show up in white, with the corsets – Nina will help to lace them the way we like“ – „think about the salary and the success we demand.“
Then Jenny started to tell about her day – how she loved to feel the cold latex sliding over her skin, the moment when her arms and hands lost freedom , followed by the big plug filling her mouth and kept in place by the hard tied muzzle harness. The gas mask and the breather bag with the valve drove me close to crazy – can you imagine Flo?”
I used all my courage and asked shy what reaction her body shows while in such a bondage. “Dear Flo, what do you really felt today? – have you been close to ask to touch yourself or to let someone play with your paradise?“
I blushed because I was not used to talk in public about sexuality.  „yes or no Flo?“ pushed Madam Dio. I nodded for yes.
“have you had ever be in lesbian relation Flo?“„In what? ehhhmmm……… no no never“
„Why do you have no male relationship Flo? Bad experiences? Yes sure, I would bet.“ „we found your toys when we canceled your flat – you like to masturbate – don’t you?“
Madame Dio pulled all registers to humiliate me here in front of Miss Jenny and Nina.
„We can offer what you are looking for – clear statement, see we are one family, so relax and think about.“
I peeked at Nina, silently listening and I might have seen an smile during discussion.” We have no limits what we do and like – feel free to share in – the faster you do, the quicker you might believe to be in heaven……… or in hell!“
Hell – what contrast to the words before – I was worried. “Hell? Madame what does that mean – please I am worried – I thought you …….“ – „Shhhh…. Flo – as long as you are successful…….. this could be heaven …… or as close as you can get!“”Now its getting late – and I’m in charge for tomorrow early morning tea – we all should go to bed“ – “see you and sleep well.“
Madame removed the small padlocks and I went into my Room.It hasn’t been easy to slip out of these wonderful and for sure very expensive corsets. As I looked my skin I saw the traces left by the boning over my waist and my neck.
I plunged into bed and very fast I dived into new world of dreams.

end of part 3

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  1. jennymaurer
    Feb 17, 2016 @ 21:18:40

    Flo is writing very well and is giving us more ideas on how we should be keeping her in strict bondage.
    Watch this site for further developments both in the story and in Flo’s world.
    Thank you Diomita for editing it and adding the pictures


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