The Jungle of Sin

April 8th: A visit to the Jungle of Sin

April 8th: A visit to the Jungle of Sin

I got an instant message on Thursday from Marja Geesink. She read my simploring post about Noelia Island and she recommended to visit the
Jungle of Sin

At the landing point you get some information about the sim and the roleplay. It is not Gor, but for playing you’ll need to get a free meter and for your own safety get a bow and arrows. I didn’t get both as I wanted to explore first and my main interest wasn’t CARP nor fighting. It simply depends what you’re looking for. A teleporter pad brings you to the jungle, well first it brings you to the comunity area with further information about events, parties, opportunties to rent, or scheduled group roleplays. But from there you’ll enter the Jungle of Sin.

April 8th: A visit to the Jungle of Sin - at the landing point

April 8th: A visit to the Jungle of Sin – at the landing point

The jungle is, like Marja said, beside being an adult roleplay sim, a place to enjoy. There are waterfalls, spots to sit and mediate, several places to dance and for a kinky person like myself there’s more to discover. I first explored the beautiful side of the jungle, the spots to stop and enjoy the view, the shore and some ruins.
20160408 Jungle of Sin_026
When you walk around like I did, you certainly will notice the temple that is placed on the top of one of the hills. It caught my attention and I climbed up there. What a strange place. It seems that is a made for sacrificial rituals. I couldn’t resist to try the spot for the victim. I can imagine that you can realize some adult fantasies at this spot. Nonetheless it is a bit scary.
20160408 Jungle of Sin_027After visiting the temple I found the entrance to a vast maze that seems to spread quite far across the whole sim. I did loose my way in there. There are several dead ends in the maze, and my way back was blocked more than once by the collapsing of the tunnel. If you’re lucky, you’re in a cave with a bed or with a couple dance animation. Well, the couple dance will only help, when you’re not discovering on your own. In the maze I found a secret treasure of gold. But once again the tunnel was collapsing behind me making it impossible to retrieve the treasure, shame!
20160408 Jungle of Sin_028After finding a way out of the maze, I discovered a camp with a red flag. I assume it is the camp of the red group for carp roleplay scenes. There are possibilites to keep a victim and to play. I also found a spot with cages that is made for selling slaves. Approaching the temple from a lower level, I discovered that it is the place of the blue group. Below the temple is a dungeon and prison and in one dead end there lives a dragon. When I woke up the beast it began to spew fire. With an active relay I’d be killed.
20160408 Jungle of Sin_029As you can see, there’s a lot to discover and I’m sure that I didn’t see all yet. There were some hunters and players present when I visited but beside the dragon none attacked me. I could discover undisturbed. I assume that there was no roleplay ongoing that I disturbed, otherwise I might have got a warning. Anyway, that’s still not all what I discovered. There’s a sky village where you can rent a hut with an view down to the jungle. There’s a traning area for those who want to get familiar with bow and arrow and with combat in the jungle and there’s a lovely game area with greedy and cards against humanity. So quite a lot to explore at the Jungle of Sin!

April 8th: A visit to the Jungle of Sin - sky village

April 8th: A visit to the Jungle of Sin – sky village

April 8th: A visit to the Jungle of Sin

April 8th: A visit to the Jungle of Sin

Thank you Marja for the recommendation.
The Jungle is owned by the Jungle of Sin group. As far as I understood Marja, the sim was owned first by Ida Carlberg, the owner of Noelia Island.
I enjoyed my visit and it might not be my last. If you visit be aware of the dragon and have fun. And if you’re a roleplayer and love combat and adult play, this could be your playground, your jungle soon.

P.S.: I got an IM from Marja lateron, who told me that Ithian (ithian.resident) is the owner of the sim nowadays. So thank you Ithian for providing this peice of SL for all of us.

Landmark to the Jungle of Sin:

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Marja Geesink
    Apr 12, 2016 @ 08:18:32

    Thank you so much Diomita for the wonderful blog about the jungle , good story and great pictures ,it was a surprise for me you already had done it !!
    It is also pleasant to read how someone explores the jungle sim;-))


  2. Marja Geesink
    Apr 12, 2016 @ 18:17:08

    Thank you for the great blog about the jungle !!!
    the pictures are good too ! i will try to share this and to post but it seems
    it doesnt work ?? greetings !!


    • diomitamaurer
      Apr 12, 2016 @ 19:17:40

      Usually you can use the reblog function to share it. An alternative is to share the link.
      You’re very welcome. I enjoyed my visit!


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