When I opened my page at deviant Art Sunday morning I came across a picture of Chisato Watanabe who I watch on dA. It shows her surrounded by keys and is titeled “Arrival at Keys“. That really caught my attention and I commented: “I’ll have to visit this sim! I knew that all the keys I grabbed and lost must be somewhere – there!”. It didn’t take that long to find the place she visited in Second Life – Keys by Cica Ghost.

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (1)

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (1)

Cica Ghost is an artist from Serbia who’s in Second Life since 2010. She created a lot of sims and her art has it’s own handwriting. I visited several of her installations but searching this blog I found just one post about her work: Ruins.
Keys is a sim filled with pipes, grid flooring, screws, steel frames, containers, chains and …. keys! Upon your arrival you will notice the first huge key in the door behind which you enter the sim. I haven’t seen so many keys on one spot ever. They are everywhere and many of them are dangling on chains and seemingly build a curtain.

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (2)

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (2)

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (3)

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (3)

Take a closer look on the picture above. Some of the keys have letters, so they are marked, they belong to someone’s cuffs maybe … just as if here is the storage of all the keys I lost in my time in Second Life. The containers that are spread within the gigantic chaotic mess of pipes, platforms and frames are locked with the huge keys just like the door through which you enter the sim. Of course I entered not just one of the containers. Inside of every one is a giant lonely guy with a scary white face. Beside of him all containers are empty. Maybe it is the same person … or a family … who knows?

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (4)

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (4)

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (5)

June 19th: Keys by Cica Ghost (5)

I searched for a description of Cica Ghost’s keys on the internet as the landmark description simply says “Twisted in a special way…” and found that there’s also a post on Inara Pey’s blog about Keys, that I simply missed – “Cica’s Keys in Second Life“. There you’ll find a more detailled interpretation about Keys and it’s meanings. But I guess everybody has an own interpretation or feeling. For me here are the keys that I lost and in the containers are the souls of the “poor” slaves and subs that I forgot. I am aware that this is a quite individual and opinionated interpretation *winks*.
Last but not least I also visited Cica’s store inworld. The landmark to it is at the landing point to Keys. Here you find some of the stuff Cica Ghost used in her artwork and I remembered that I saw some of it in Cica’s previous installations.

June 19th: visiting Cica Ghost's inworld store

June 19th: visiting Cica Ghost’s inworld store

I am really impressed. Thank you, Cica!

Landmark to Keys by Cica Ghost:

Landmark to Cica Ghost’s store inworld:

Related link in Inara Pey’s Living in a Modemworld blog:

Chisato Watanabe’s deviant Art page:


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