Maid slave cecy

It is always a task to keep our house clean. Yes, it is virtuell and made of bits – how can it be dirty? In Second Life there’re some scripts that add dirt depending on time and the amount of people coming close to the objects with the scripts. Then it is time to work. Of course that’s an assignment for the slaves. Our niece Angelique did the cleaning quite a long time, then slave Flo took over this assignment and she did it quite long (several years already) and reliable and she still does. We placed slavin C at slave Flo’s side to support her and to share the burden. Slavin C does the cleaning whenever she finds time for it. In addition we have a sissy subbie (subbie5) who comes by regularly and helps. And now we have also slave cecy. slave cecy made some pictures of her dusting work and published them on her dA account (the link to her dA account is in the “Other links” section). I downloaded two of her pictures for this blog. Isn’t she a lovely slave maid?

July 20th: maid slave cecy dusting our house (1)

July 20th: maid slave cecy dusting our house

July 21th: maid slave cecy dusting our house

July 21th: maid slave cecy dusting our house

You may ask yourself where is the benefit – as we could also simply remove the scripts and then would have a clean house all the time. That’s Second Life and everything depends on your ability to imagine, to feel and sense your own reality. Yes, it is a Sisyphean Labor, once your done and it takes about 90 minutes to do all the cleaning the dirt begins to return again. For me it is a pleasure to see the slaves doing this work. It proves their dedication and their will to submit whithout questioning the sense, just to please us.

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