Visiting The Fallen in Second Life

On Monday, October 17th, I visited The Fallen City as Inara Pey’s blog post inspired me. It is spooky, has great sound and some nice effects and is what you expect from a sim for Halloween. There’s not that much to add. The card playing Skeletons, the nun circling around a child Skeleton, spooky houses with dead bodies, ghosts, screaming voices of kids … pumpkins… and what I liked in particular the billard table in form of a coffin. For me a “must-see” during Halloween Season. I add some of my pictures for myself (this is a diary too) and for those who want to get an impression before visiting. Have Fun!

October 17th A visit to The Fallen City

October 17th A visit to The Fallen City


Inara Pey: Living in a Modemworld

The Fallen CityThe Fallen – click any image for full size

Halloween is always a time when ghostly goings on and ghoulish gambits of games and explorations take over many parts of the grid. The Destination Guide can be awash with places to visit, so much so that those who love this time of years have both a cornucopia of places to visit, and a bit of a headache in choosing where to go and what to do.

The Fallen, open for the month of October, offers a destination which includes touches of Salem, Sleepy Hollow and Transylvania gathered around a small urban setting overlooked by castle and mansion. It’s a dark, mysterious place which extends over a rolling, misted landscape – and also under it at the couple of locations.

The Fallen CityThe Fallen

A visit starts towards the south of the region, beneath the roof of a circular gazebo. menacing sounds…

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