Halloween tour 2016 – Templeton Cove

It’s the Season for Halloween tours, for scary sims, for fun. Saturday, October 15th, I continued my simploring for the Halloween season – I visited Templeton Cove. Templeton Cove is described in the SL Destination guide: “Can you survive the ride to hell? Climb aboard the ferry, and make your way through the Land of Hades on this award-winning roller coaster brought to you by the Templeton family, WolfSong Creations, and Torgon’s Development Service. Explore Templeton Cove’s Haunted House and forest and enjoy shopping in the Halloween decorated outdoor mall. “

October 15th: Visiting Templeton Cove

October 15th: Visiting Templeton Cove

Upon landing there’s nothing scary at all. As opposed to Templeton Cove is a lovely sim decorated by the colours of autumn and with typical Halloween decorations, just lovely eye candy. I roamed a bit over the sim and through the shops that offer a lot of decorations. Then I went over to the haunted house.20161015-templeton-cove_020 20161015-templeton-cove_021The house doesn’t offer too scary things, but it is worth to peek in. In the ballroom in the first Floor there’s a skeleton couple dancing, really funny. If you walk upstairs, there are two rooms, one is empty, in the other you’ll find a girl in a bloodied dress sitting by the window and starring outside, poor girl! What else is there in the haunted house? You need to  touch a wall to get into a hidden room, which is really lovely. There’s not really that much inside but a table with a skull in the middle and you can lay Tarot Cards. But the atmosphere in this room is just impressive.

Just across the haunted house is the entrance to the “Ride to Hell Rollercoaster”. Of course I tried it. It is fun if you like riding rollercoasters. To stay honest, it is nothing I would repeat, it’s nice but not really scary.20161015-templeton-cove_022Landmark to Templeton Cove
Templeton Cove in the SL Destination guide

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