Surrender Cove

Tuesday night, October 18th, we Mistress Jenny, vero, slave Flo and slave cecy went exploring Surrender Cove. Mistress got the Landmark from our exploring Kitty, who had some fun there. Surrender Cove is a sim with (many) RLV traps, quests a hangout for BDSM-centric people. The arrival at Surrender Cove is part of the fun. The landing point is in a warehouse. You have to proceed through it and see the customs agents behind the gates. And they get you ready for your visit as a dominant or as a submissive.
SC Passport Gal: “Welcome to Surrender Cove, Diomita Maurer.  Are you dominant, submissive, switch or none of them?”
Diomita Maurer: “A Dominant”
SC Passport Gal: “I am issuing you a passport for Surrender Cove. Please wear it while being here and enjoy your stay with us.”
For a submissive the procedure is different ….
SC Passport Gal: “Welcome to Surrender Cove, vero Hartmann. Are you dominant, submissive, switch or none of them?”
SC Passport Gal: “Florence Riddler, please wait there until i am done processing vero Hartmann. I will call you by name when it is your turn.”
(slave Flo was not Patient enough and stepped to close to the customs as it wasn’t her turn yet)
SC Passport Gal: “I will now check if you have an active RLV-relay…”
SC Passport Gal: “Good. My scanner detects RLV and a running relay. You will be classified as submissive.”
SC Passport Gal: “Do you have your passport?”
SC Passport Gal: “Please wear it now so I can stamp it.”

Ocotber 18th: A visit to Surrender Cove

Ocotber 18th: A visit to Surrender Cove

After this procedure you can go and explore. As mentioned before, there are many RLV traps. Most of them a funny and embedded in little stories, not just simple traps. For example we visited a shop for fruits and Mistress Jenny clicked on an apple …
Clerk shouts: “Thief! Stop Thief!!”
That person: “Look at that!! Another thief???”
vero: “poor Jenny”
Someone: “Wow… sexy shoplifter!!”
This Person: “Such a pitty… How hungry she was…”
Diomita Maurer: “that didn’t work as planned”
That man: “She must be sold as a slave soon.”
(Mistress Jenny was locked and chained in fron of the shop. I had to free her)
Diomita Maurer: “you were lucky that I was close, Mistress”
Diomita Maurer: “tze tze tze”

Our slave cecy was caught as she touched a goldfish….
Pretty Fishpond: “Oh…  look at that!  Goldfish !!  Little tiny ones..”
Pretty Fishpond: “Wait… GOLDfish?    GOLD???  You dont suppose……”
Pretty Fishpond: “It might be a trap….  OR it might be a clue to the gold…”
Pretty Fishpond: “Maybe click on the goldfish?   Or…  maybe ignore it….”
Suddenly a thick vine shoots out of the ground and wraps around cecysumi Resident’s midriff, causing them to struggle and squirm in the tight grip.
Maurer’s Aztec s.lave: mghhh
The vines start dragging the captive body into the center of the trap.
cecysumi’s body gets securely wrapped up in the vines, held captive in a spread-eagled position.
vero giggles
The vines slither all over cecysumi, cutting off circulation from the trapped body.
Another vine coils around cecysumi’s head, effectively gagging the poor prey.
Diomita Maurer sighs “these slaves”

Ocotber 18th: A visit to Surrender Cove - slave cecy caught

Ocotber 18th: A visit to Surrender Cove – slave cecy caught

slave Flo and vero had to leave as it was their bedtime and Mistress Jenny, slave cecy and made one of the quests, searching the gold in an old mine. We got caught several times and had fun but we solved the quest and even won a Little prize for it. Then we tried the quest for a collar, a quest just for two, a dominant and a submissive. I did it with slave cecy and Mistress Jenny watched. Again it was very funny how slave cecy was prepared for the quest. I won’t spoil the fun and add the texts, but it is hilarious. slave cecy was also washed and dried (those who know slave cecy might suspect that the drying failed).

Ocotber 18th: A visit to Surrender Cove - slave cecy washed and dried

Ocotber 18th: A visit to Surrender Cove – slave cecy washed and dried

The quest itself was quite serious. The sub and the dominant have to select likes and dislikes from a long list but they don’t see eachothers selection. Only if both selections fit, the quest goes on (with another list of likes and dislikes). So that can be really and seriously a helpful test before collaring a Sub.

We will go back to Surrender Cove for the other quests but our time was over for that night. If you like RLV traps, adventure and quests – visit Surrender Cove!

Landmark to Surrender Cove:


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