Monochrome – black, white and red

Monochrome derives from the greek words monos (alone, single) and chroma (colour). In art monochromatic painting has been an important component of avant-garde visual art throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century. Painters have created the exploration of one color, the examination of values changing across a surface, the expressivity of texture and nuance, expressing a wide variety of emotions, intentions and meanings in a wide variety of ways and means (source wikipedia).

Ocotber 30th: A visit to Monochrome - black, white and red.

Ocotber 30th: A visit to Monochrome – black, white and red.

Sunday, October 30th, I visited Monochrome. Monochrome is an art installation of Giovanna Cerise and will remain on display until the end of December 2016. Giovanna calls her project “Soul of coulours”, the colours being black, white and red.
The  installation develops onto three levels, each dedicated to a single color: black, withe and red. The choice of black, white and red was dictated by my passion for these colors that evoke a multitude of contrasting references, in agreement or in continuation with each other. It is best to explore the installation simply walking through, but you get a good effect also flying between locations and by inserting the mouse look. You should try different settings of the environment setting to experience the different possibilities of light and ambience offering the virtual world.” (excerpt from the notcard you can get upon arrival at Monochrome)

Once again I came across this piece of art by following Inara Pey’s blog “Giovanna’s Monochrome in Second Life“.

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome black

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome black

The three levels couldn’t be more different and that is not only related to the monchromatic black, white and red. On the black level you experience different levels of cubes which offer new view angels everywhere and the three sculptured steel beings in the center of the black level provide an anchor and orientation – and are a perfect object for photographs. When I visited I was still wearing my Halloween make up in black and white and I think that my own person adds another semi monochrome aspect, yet provides some warmth in the cold black and gray world.

The white level is like a big maze and I lost my orientation quickly. It is not only white as the walls are transparent on one side and like milk glass from the other side. The lost feeling was for me similar to what you get when walking through winter sometimes – in the end all is just white.

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome white

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome White


And the red level? it is more like a 3 dimensional accumulation of red blocks in different sizes hoovering in the space. But when you dare to walk from the teleport point towards the red blocks you notice that there’s ground to walk on. Although red is a warm colour it didn’t feel warm at all for me.

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome white

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome red


To sum it up, 3 dimensional virtual temporary art at it’s best. You still have the rest of 2016 to visit and experience yourself.
Landmark to Monochrome
Inara Pey’s blog about Monochrome

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