Simploring 2019 (56) La Maison d’Aneli in May

On Wednesday, May 15th, a new exhibtion was opened to the public at La Maison d’Aneli. This month the gallery presents insights in the art of Giovanna Cerise, Mathilde Vhargon, Vroum Short, DELALUNE Ella, McGrafite and Tshirtkikill Straaf.

La Maison d’Aneli May 2019 – the entrance hall with Aneli Abeyante’s chessmen

The entrance hall of La Maison d’Aneli is used to display Aneli Abeyante’s own art, a chess in black, red and white with abstract, modern chessmen. You get to the exhibition of the above mentioned artists by teleporting from the entrance hall.

Vroum Short’s installation “Mirror” and Giovanna Verise’s Installation are 3D installations, while the other 4 artists display their pictures.

La Maison d’Aneli May 2019 – Marisa Camelo (mcgrafite)

McGrafite’s passion is drawing. The biography distributed by Aneli just reveals a bit about McGrafite “Since I was born that I always loved to draw, drawing is part of me, it is my therapy, my passion …
I started to make graphite portraits, through photography, about 10 years ago and I never stopped! I started drawing full-time making portraits, other kinds of realistic drawings and designs for tattoos.” I didn’t find an avatar of this name and the exhibited art was uploaded by Aneli. Hence asked Aneli and she told me that she got the pictures from McGrafite, who has problems connecting to SL at the moment.
I went to McGrafite’s gallery. Strangely enough, I could see Marisa Camelo (mcgrafite)’s profile there (when inspecting the exhibited art) – but not using the search function. McGrafite is Portugese and there’s more information about her and her art on her website.

La Maison d’Aneli May 2019 – Mathilde Vhargon

Mathilde Vhargon is “a former classical musician, she began making sculptures in Second Life 10 years ago, and soon became more focused on digital painting, which she creates using only Gimp and ArtRage programmes“. She loves strong colours and abstract forms. At La Maison d’Aneli her part of the exhibtion extends over 2 floors. The lower floor, shows colour compositions, some slightly reminding me of kaleidoscopes, the upper floor presents pictures of geometric abstraction. In my personal opinion the latter are quite impressive.
The notecard with Mathilde’s biography that you can grab at the exhibtion also lists her other current exhibtions in Second Life (quite some).
Remark: You can identify her art by searching the leaf in each of Mathilde’s pictures, it’s her kind of signature.

La Maison d’Aneli May 2019 – Giovanna Cerise

Giovanna Cerise is not unknow to me. I visited Flash Back / Flash Forward in 2017 (read Simploring 2017 (42) Flash Back / Flash Forward), in 2016 I visited her LEA-installation Monochrome (read here) and in April 2015 I saw Otium (read here: A visit to Otium). Giovanna is an Italian literature teacher and musician. In Second Life she’s active since Ende of 2008 and had many exhibtions and installations. She particpated in the LEA program participations and her list of activities and appearances is long. For more information look up her website.
The installation shown at La Maison d’Aneli has no specific name. It was inspired by poetry of Alda Merini “… one lies on the back of the world and feels…
The sculptures are no that easy to see when you’re too close to them, the room is filled with geometric forms, mostly transparent blocks and stairs. Between them you find the sculptures, or what appears to be a sculpture when you look not too close … they are puzzle pieces like the complex world around them, but then they are also individuals nonetheless.

La Maison d’Aneli May 2019 – Lune (delalune ella)

Lune (delalune ella) is French and she’s in Second Life since 2007. Her art is shown on 2 floors, one floor for her colourful kaleidoscope pictures, one for her photographs. Her kaleidoscopes animate to dive into them, to explore them, her photographs radiate peace and serenity.

La Maison d’Aneli May 2019 – Tshirtkikill Straaf

Behind Tshirtkikill Straaf in Second life is the French graphic artist Stéph Para. His work is kind of bizarre, funny and mostly just in black and white, hence if he uses colour it catches your attention much more. There are two websites (la bonne anime and la bonne illustration) where you could get more information, supposed your understand more French than I do.

La Maison d’Aneli May 2019 – Vroum Short

Vroum Short is a French SL artist since 2007. She created VeGeTaL PLaNet, about which I read already and which is on my list of places to visit. According to the artist notecard that I got at La Maison d’Aneli VeGeTaL PLaNet is “a world where everything becomes possible and achievable where the barriers of reality fade away to let the imagination flood it with life. In her underwater exhibitions, living plant sculptures and luminous paintings, animated in 3D, mingle
The installation a La Maison d’Aneli is called “Mirror” and should be seen with your windlight set to midnight. The reflections of the geometric objects are amazing, it is a world of itself that you can walk through.

La Maison d’Aneli is owned by Aneli Abeyante. Through her gallery she brings together all forms of creativity in RL and SL and the featured artists come from around the globe. Aneli’s intention is to “put her gallery in the service of artists, so that the world can be better, exchanges and meetings probably contribute even though it seems to be particles.”

Thank you Aneli for another great exhibition and thank you to all artists. Enjoy your visit – I did.

Landmark to La Maison d’Aneli
McGrafite’s gallery
McGrafite’s website
Giovanna Cerise’s website
Stéph Para aka Tshirtkikill Straaf’s websites
Landmark to VeGeTaL PLaNet

Simploring 2017 (42) Flash Back / Flash Forward

Sunday, June 4th, I went simploring in the morning. Kitty accompanied me on this tour. I selected “Flash Back / Flash Forward” from the SL destination guidewhere the description caught my attention “Flash Back / Flash Forward, Giovanna Cerise’s newest installation, takes an abstract and dreamlike approach to time’s passage, our tottering on the precipice between past and future, and the commingling of time and space. Showing at Split Screen through July 31.” The featured abstract picture tempted me to explore it as well as the name Giovanna Cerise rang a bell. I visited Otium in April 2015, where some of her art was exhibited (read here: A visit to Otium). Unfortunately this sim does no longer exist. In 2016 I visited her installation Monochrome that was buildt within the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) program (read here).

Giovanna wrote that the idea of Flash Back / Flash Forward is “transporting the present into the past and projecting it into the future, aware of the implacability of temporal laws, for what is present today will tomorrow be the past, and what is future will be present. The tendency to emphasize and almost exacerbate the instability and impermanence of the perception of what has passed and of what is not yet is the leitmotif of Flash Back / Flash Forward.”

Flash Back / Flash Forward is mostly made of simple forms, which are arranged and piled up, most of the elements are transparent, you can walk and see through them, sometimes they appear, from another angle they are invisible. There’s no visible floor on the first glance, hence you walk and fly through the installation. Within this build are 6 different spaces that vanish in the complex but, depending on the angle, they are perfectly visible. Giovanna named them “The dream, The point of view, The desire, The lighteness, The impossible choice and The birth”

3D-art in Seond Life has the distinctive feature, that everybody sees it different, depending on light settings and viewing angle. Hence nobody sees exactly the same and each picture taken is at least a bit different and unique. I was impressed about the vanishing and appearing of elements and walls, sometimes I saw just a shadow of myself, and from another angle I could see myself clearly. My favourite space within Flash Back / Flash Forward is the one that Giovanna named “The impossible choice” as it expresses a lot about myself and about my Second Life.

Flash Back / Flash Forward is located at Slpit Screen Installation Space. Split Screen is an artist cooperative sim where all resources and expenses are shared equally by its members. The sim’s primary purpose is to provide working space for its members, as well as exhibitions and other special events. Giovanna’s installation can be visited until End of July 2017. I was impressed and am happy that I saw it. Thank you Giovanna!

Landmark to Slpit Screen Installation Space
Giovanna Cerise’s Website

Monochrome – black, white and red

Monochrome derives from the greek words monos (alone, single) and chroma (colour). In art monochromatic painting has been an important component of avant-garde visual art throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century. Painters have created the exploration of one color, the examination of values changing across a surface, the expressivity of texture and nuance, expressing a wide variety of emotions, intentions and meanings in a wide variety of ways and means (source wikipedia).

Ocotber 30th: A visit to Monochrome - black, white and red.

Ocotber 30th: A visit to Monochrome – black, white and red.

Sunday, October 30th, I visited Monochrome. Monochrome is an art installation of Giovanna Cerise and will remain on display until the end of December 2016. Giovanna calls her project “Soul of coulours”, the colours being black, white and red.
The  installation develops onto three levels, each dedicated to a single color: black, withe and red. The choice of black, white and red was dictated by my passion for these colors that evoke a multitude of contrasting references, in agreement or in continuation with each other. It is best to explore the installation simply walking through, but you get a good effect also flying between locations and by inserting the mouse look. You should try different settings of the environment setting to experience the different possibilities of light and ambience offering the virtual world.” (excerpt from the notcard you can get upon arrival at Monochrome)

Once again I came across this piece of art by following Inara Pey’s blog “Giovanna’s Monochrome in Second Life“.

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome black

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome black

The three levels couldn’t be more different and that is not only related to the monchromatic black, white and red. On the black level you experience different levels of cubes which offer new view angels everywhere and the three sculptured steel beings in the center of the black level provide an anchor and orientation – and are a perfect object for photographs. When I visited I was still wearing my Halloween make up in black and white and I think that my own person adds another semi monochrome aspect, yet provides some warmth in the cold black and gray world.

The white level is like a big maze and I lost my orientation quickly. It is not only white as the walls are transparent on one side and like milk glass from the other side. The lost feeling was for me similar to what you get when walking through winter sometimes – in the end all is just white.

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome white

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome White


And the red level? it is more like a 3 dimensional accumulation of red blocks in different sizes hoovering in the space. But when you dare to walk from the teleport point towards the red blocks you notice that there’s ground to walk on. Although red is a warm colour it didn’t feel warm at all for me.

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome white

Ocotber 30th: Monochrome red


To sum it up, 3 dimensional virtual temporary art at it’s best. You still have the rest of 2016 to visit and experience yourself.
Landmark to Monochrome
Inara Pey’s blog about Monochrome

A visit to Otium

Exploring sims: OTIUM

Exploring sims: Otium

The “Living in a modemworld”-blog of Inara Pey provides me with places to visit. This time I visited Otium, first alone and then together with Jenny.
The name of this sim has a meaning that I looked up at Wikipedia for a correct description:
Otium, a Latin abstract term, has a variety of meanings, including leisure time in which a person can enjoy eating, playing, resting, contemplation and academic endeavors. It sometimes, but not always, relates to a time in a person’s retirement after previous service to the public or private sector, opposing “active public life”. Otium can be a temporary time of leisure, that is sporadic. It can have intellectual, virtuous or immoral implications. It originally had the idea of withdrawing from one’s daily business (negotium) or affairs to engage in activities that were considered to be artistically valuable or enlightening (i.e. speaking, writing, philosophy). It had particular meaning to businessmen, diplomats, philosophers and poets

What you can experience at Otium fits perfect to the name. First of all there is a Mediterranean village with small alleys, lots of cosy places, benches and pavement cafes. And the village is not empty. There are little shops and the houses can be rented. Where you land when arriving at Otium, there’s a gallery. The exhibtion there shows Giovanna Cerise’s art and is called “LINE”. This Exhibition isn’t restricted to the gallery itself but is spread over the whole island. Giovanna herself wrote about her permanent exhibition “Creation of a path-research on the infinite freedom hidden in two-dimensional and three-dimensional size. The line, with its lightness incisive, inspired the Transposition of the complexity of the solid structures of some of my work in new areas, expression of pure essentiality.”

"LINE" exhibition permanent of Giovanna Cerise

“LINE” exhibition permanent of Giovanna Cerise

When exploring Otium you will come across Giovanna’s art everywhere, her filigrane “line”-art is non physical, thus you can walk through it and it changes it’s look depending from which angel you look at it. The art provides a perfect background for creating your own photo art, something to publish at deviantart. At the beach there’re other 3 dimensional pieces of her, of which some are also changing permanently. All of Giovanna Cerise’s art can be purchased directly. And I’m pretty sure that I saw her art before at some other places. I consider to get a piece for our island as well.

"LINE" exhibition permanent of Giovanna Cerise in the streets of Otium

“LINE” exhibition permanent of Giovanna Cerise in the streets of Otium

Coming back to the name of the Island: Otium. I visited Otium together with Jenny and after roaming through the alleys we walked down to the beach which offers some places to cuddle, to watch the waves of the ocean and even for sport activities like Taichi. Thus Otium provides everything to recover, to enjoy simply being yourself or to refresh your mind with art: relax, unwind, soothe your soul. The name Otium does really fit.

Taichi at the Otium beach

Taichi at the Otium beach

Jenny and Diomita enjoying at Otium beach

Jenny and Diomita enjoying at Otium beach

Otium is owned by Franz Markstein. Thank you, for your hospitality.