Something to smile inbetween

We often visit clubs where people just stand around or parade themselves. When we’re not busy chatting or catching up with latest news, be it RL or SL, we like to read profiles. Sometimes it is really funny, other times it is worth a second thought. We found this text in a profile while standing at the Heavy Bondage Club, October 8th. The text is intended to chase seeking subs off. It is funny on one side but also worth a second thought for many subs:
You are a sub or slave looking for a new addition to your domme stable ? Already owned, free to play, Mistress or Master have not been on for a while etc. ? Good luck on your search.”

October 8th: Diomita and Jenny at HBC

October 8th: Diomita and Jenny at HBC

Sadly this text is quite hitting the nail’s head, particular at a place like HBC. I don’t mind playing with owned or unowned subs, as long as I get my fun. But there’re way too many subs who just collect dommes, who seek being collared and then leave at the very first opportunity. By the way, the same is true for many dommes, who only play when they can take ownership or who collect subs and then don’t care about them. I know that the begin of a D/s releation is always the most exciting part, but that should not be a reason to reduce a D/s relation just to the beginning. Enough ranted :-). I really liked the text above.







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