Different Kinks

I often realize that Second Life is just a mirror of real life even when it comes to fetishes and kinks. We do have already quite some different fetishes and kinks in our family and I do not need to list them here as you read about them often enough (including my own). Of course Mistress Jenny and I do not practice or like all  of the different flavours on offer – and occasionally we find some of them just funny. I secretly watched a scene and it just made me laugh and I couldn’t resist to take picture ….

November 13th: A funny trio

November 13th: A funny trio

Do I need to comment how tall the smoking woman is (2,60 meter?) and how short the poor submissive male it? No.
Then just a few days later we got visit at our home – and I was sooo tempted to push a needle into the balloons, just to see the rebound….

November 19th: Balloons

November 19th: Balloons

But to make it very clear: I like the variety, I like the diversity and I like the freedom for everyone to live out their kinks. Second Life is really a place for everyone! And there’s no offense meant with this blog post. I just wanted to save my own thoughts and the pictures here.


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