Diary (119) Dec 1st – 4th The season begins

The season began very early this year but in Second Life we started it December 1st with covering our sim with snow, setting up our christmas gaszebo and having the first dance in it. Mistress Jenny and I were absent last weekend and hence we’re a little bit behind with decorating our home in SL. But we will add more decorations in the course of this week.

December 4th: slavin C, Diomita, slave D, Mistress Jenny and slave Flo in front of the Christmas gazebo at home

December 4th: slavin C, Diomita, slave D, Mistress Jenny and slave Flo in front of the Christmas gazebo at home

For our weekend away the slaves had the assignment to look for a December outfit for themselves and we were curios what they would come up with. Of course it should be something for the season and it should be a bit restrictive. Yesterday night, Sunday, December 4th, we had slave Flo, slave D and later slavin C with us. slave Flo choose the Restrained Freedom (RF) subsuit in red with green straps for herself – very nice and also restrictive. slave D surprised us with a Christmas tree outfit that we finished with a RF hood and a green latex catsuit to wear under it. It’s funny, humiliating, decorative and also restrictive because of the hood. Later slavin C showed up. She wasn’t online for a week and still stuck at Bondage & Storage Project (BSP) and wasn’t aware of the outfit assignment that we gave out for the slaves. Therefore we selected an outfit from Mesmerize Dungeon for her and enhanced it with MD cuffs and head harness.
The December outfit seems to become pretty individual. We will see what proposals slave cecy and slave Adarra will come up with. But by now we have already developed our own plan for them. And Mistress Jenny has already picked an outfit for our Kitty. So you can expect another picture of Mistress Jenny, me and the slaves in their seasonal outfit very soon.

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