slave cecy

Those reading this blog or knowing and meeting us inworld know also our slave cecy (cecyme at deviant art, see here). She’s close to steadily “melting”, being wet and horny. And she also can’t resist to be humiliated as it excites her even more. Having that in mind, Mistress Jenny did extend slave cecy’s SL a bit to RL as I wrote in yesterday’s entry.
An extension from SL to RL and vice versa can be done in different ways and all of them are used in SL by many people, some are at least scary for my taste and not my cup of tea at all – and not a subject I write about here in this blog but to keep in privacy. Mistress Jenny teased slave cecy giving her RL orders what to do while being online in full mutual consent. I won’t go into details here but one detail I’ll reveal is that slave cecy has a collar in RL.
On Friday night, January 13th, we had our regular party. It was great as always by the way, you should come and attend it. slave cecy was melting and drippin’ wet (just the way she is *winks*) and I felt forced to put “caution wet” boards out in order that none complains about slipping.

January 13th: slave cecy dancing at our Friday night party

January 13th: slave cecy dancing at our Friday night party

slave cecy got an assigment by Mistress Jenny on Thursday, January 12th. She had to take a picture of her collar and provide it to us. And she did provide it Friday night. Good slave girl! Now her 1st life section in her profile is finally filled, showing the picture below.

January 13th: slave cecy's RL collar

January 13th: slave cecy’s RL collar

slave cecy submission to us and her devotion is particular and she was eager to get this picture published in this blog to prove it, that’s why I publish it here. It’s in her public profile anyway. Thank you, slave cecy. So far we rarely touched this area of play in this blog and we do not intend starting that now. As opposed to we will only write about this kind of extending SL to RL on rare occasiona like the one with slave cecy Friday night.

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