Simploring 2017 (2) – ragVR

I picked a recommendation of Inara Pey again reading her post “ragVR: imagination and expression in Second Life“. ragVR is the portfolio sim of RAG (rag.randt), in RL the artist Richard A. Goldberg, an illustrator/Designer looking at SL as a source of inspiration and new experiences. He creates virtual objects and environments. ragVR was created to showcase a wide variety of things such as gachas, graphics, buildings, and vehicles.20170113-ragvr_030

Jan 13th: The airplane at ragVR

Jan 13th: The airplane at ragVR

You arrive just next to an airplane that is parked at the end of a runway, just before a steep cliff. If go go upstairs you see two kiosks. These kiosks deliver pertinent information about things in proximity to the kiosk. There’s an art deco elevator door and when you click the elevator buttom the elevator will come. There is no elevator panel, instead there’s an operator who will take you to the main level of ragVR. Walk through the main building to gain more information on RAG’s past, present and future.
The showroom you reach with the elevator contains RAG’s earliest work for SL, beginning with 2D illustrations up to creating a LEA sim in 2011 “Am I dreaming”. From the showroom a path leads out to the sim where you can see other examples of RAG’s work, like the flying pigs or the snowmen (both created for MadPea). RAG also contributed to a fundraise event of Feed-A-Smile (FAS) (a charitable organization for the children of Africa) with creating a stage/sim setting that you can see on your way through the sim. At the highest point there’s an observatory giving you a view at the zodiac signs. Outstanding is also the Ice Cream Alien, a submission of RAG to a creative challenge. If you click on the bottom of the cone a ladder slides out and you can enter and discover the inside.20170113-ragvr_031
Once you finished your round through the sim you’ll come back the showroom. But there’s more to see. On the ground level (where you arrived, you can also follow the runaway and furtheron a path that leads you around the sim. Here RAG plays with textures and light and you can get some extraordinairy pictures and views.20170113-ragvr_033
ragVR is for sure a great example of the possibilites of Second Life which still continue to facinate me, although I’m just a resident and my building knowledge is limited. According to Inara you can can contact RAG about projects and ideas and to discuss rates via IM, notecard or through e-mail (
Thank you RAG for providing the ragVR to the public, although it is not fully completed yet – which is a good reason to return soon :-).
Landmark to ragVR:
Inara Pey’s blog entry about ragVR:

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