Do you believe that your thoughts determine your destiny?

During the last weeks our Kitty spent a lot of time with Belle Fonda (kyttentoy) and Karina Fonda (karina983) and Mistress Jenny and I got regular reports and updates. In her last report Kitty recounted that she talked Belle and Karina into a cell at S & L Storage Facility. Kitty’s report was quite detailed and I asked her to make a blog entry of it for us. Well …. here it is 🙂

Do you believe that your thoughts determine your destiny?

Are we the products of our thinking? Maybe you already know that there is some kind of a mysterious link between the way your mind forms thoughts and the types of events you might be confronted with in the future.
Have you ever experienced strange coincidences? Maybe, in the midst of a terrible downpour,  you were desperately hoping for a parking spot to open up right in front of the store and just as you approached, another car pulls out of the spot closest to the entrance door. Got lucky? Or was there a greater force at work?
Try it out for yourself and see what happens. If you still have doubts, begin to pay close attention to your thoughts and then observe the outcome later on.
But before you go off attempting to bewitch the next lottery drawing, what about thoughts for things or events that we don’t desire? After all, the mind can’t ‘unthink’ a thought. At least not in the way we use the backspace key or undo button on a computer. For example, if you were told not to think of pink polar bears, guess what creature your mind visualized right at this moment? You can’t undo it anymore. The thought was there. But we’re not stopping here: To take it up a notch, are your thoughts even your own? Or are they someone else’s plug? And if your thoughts are someone else’s plug, is that someone even aware of it? Or did they fall victim to yet another person’s suggestions?
Sounds creepy? Confused? Here is where the fun begins… hehe:
Kitty and Belle have been at it recently, stealing each other’s keys, locking each other away only to stage an escape and get even. Tit for tat.
Along with the the usual banter, Kitty began teasing Belle about locking her away for good in the deepest and darkest pit that SL can offer.
Well, you can tell when your suggestions strike a nerve because Belle retaliated swiftly by capturing Kitty and even getting herself added on Kitty’s restraints.
When Belle began to tell Kitty about her upcoming longterm imprisonment, iso-cells and so on, Kitty knew for sure that she wasn’t just wishing it for Kitty. There was something much deeper. In her mind, Belle even visualized Kitty locked for many months inside an iso-cell in a pagoda-like structure on a small island in the middle of a lake, waiting for visitors to come.

Jan 29th: Kitty Maurer visiting Belle at S & L Storage Facility

Jan 29th: Kitty Maurer visiting Belle at S & L Storage Facility

So Kitty decided to push back, putting images, feelings and words in Belle’s head, describing how much Belle would love the emotional process of being locked away for many months in such a cell, how it would feel, the intensity of real emotions such as fear and love, deepest submission… and that Kitty that would make sure to stop by every few weeks.
Karina, Belle’s owner, happened to be part of the entire conversation.

Next thing you know… Belle and Karina are locked away at a sim called S&L Storage Facility… and not just for a few hours. Under normal circumstances, it will take them 3+ weeks to run down that timer. Stamkos, the sim-owner, caught them and made sure they won’t get out anytime soon.
Feel free to visit them and, like Kitty, have a good time sitting in front of their cell, sharing all sorts of cringe-inducing ideas on what their future might hold.
It is so much fun to watch them squirm (and: it prevents their minds minds from visualizing early release).
Is your mind already coming up with good ideas? What would you tell them?
And while we’re already on that topic, what are your ‘secret’ wishes and thoughts? What hidden desires does your mind harbor? Don’t be afraid – they might be bizarre.
Have you verbalized these thoughts or are they just emotions, feelings, pictures?
Go ahead and focus. Do you see it clearly? Can you describe it in words?
Feel free to write down your thoughts, maybe even as a comment to the blog.
After all, you’re only documenting your own destiny.

Thank you for your contribution, Kitty!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Flo - the former Doc
    Jan 31, 2017 @ 10:21:52

    very deep thoughts kitty – and so far I experianced also truth – my long term isolation close 4 month – was a special one as I did not knew who locked me and how long i will have to stay – and even after release – I never found out who did it.
    I just can say – I enjoyed because i was a Drone in public with no name, IM, Emote and anyone could restrict my hearing and my vision.
    compliment on your article kitty – kisses Flo


    • Kitty
      Feb 02, 2017 @ 05:57:29

      Thank you for your compliments, Flo! Glad to hear that you had experiences which confirm Kitty’s observations. As for Kitty, writing this article and all the talk about long-term imprisonment also did not come without consequences… It would be very interesting to find out what is on your mind these days.


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