Diary 2017 (49) April 3rd – Silent island gone again

Every once in a while we visit Silent Bondage Island. Our Kitty and Adara Kattun do have a quite strange relation. She hates our Kitty with her 9 lifes but she also likes teasing her. Silent Bondage Island was always different. Never really full, never laggy, full of traps and cages, a large dungeon, every once in a while you saw people there imprisoned. There were big boards remembering you to keep your subs and slaves gagged. And last but not least, Adarra has a talent for planning and building. The sim itself was beautiful with a Mediterranean touch and contained several levels of underground structures. Then the island was gone :-(. But Adarra buildt a new one a bit different but as beautiful as before and with the same adult features. Then this island was gone :-(. It didn’t take long and we discovered the next rebirth of Silent island, this time smaller and in the skies. No harbour anymore, no hills, instead the familiar big villa in the center of a park and… yes, traps, cells, dungeon and a big board “Keep your subs and slaves gagged” – just as the name implies… silent island.

Jan 3rd at Silent Island: slave puppy Adarra, Diomita, slave cecy, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny

This last rebirth is about 6 – 9 month old, honestly I don’t remember. I myself went there last time a few weeks ago. On April 3rd I got a message from Kitty that the latest rebirth of Silent Island is again gone 😦 And she also send me a little chat that she had with our former slave Dana:
Kitty told Dana the same (that Silent Island is gone again)
Dana: of course
Dana: she is in
Kitty: in?
Dana: shes out
Dana: shes in
Dana: shes out
Kitty: copulation with SL… In-Out-In-Out
Dana: nice kitty
Kitty: must be one of the stranger fetishes out there… hehe

All joking apart, we will miss Silent Bondage Island! And I hope that Adara just tore it down in order to build a new, even better island. Let’s look out for it!

April 3rd at Lochme: slave slut cecy, Diomita, slave Flo and Mistress Jenny

Anything else? Monday night, April 3rd was relaxing. After we put the slaves in their April outfit it was about time to relax and to expose them. We went to Lochme with slave Flo and slave slut cecy and we had fun chatting and talking with each other and with other visitors – and we got the first application for our key holding service *winks* (read about this service here).
P.S.: As Kitty was able to find out about Silent Bondage Island’s (preliminary?) end, she must be free again. I suppose she has herself talked out – and talked someone else into the cage at S&L Storage Facility now 🙂

Diary 2017 (47) April 1st – Fool’s Day

Saturday, April 1st, I met with Mistress Jenny in the afternoon. My green light ended Friday night with the party and I had taken full advantage until the last minute before the party started. This afternoon we first tried out our newest gear, a pet nose ring, that we bought spontaneously Thursday night. I will write about that soon.
When we met at night Mistress told me that our favourite club, club DeLust is going to move. She got a group message:
From Monday the 3rd of April, DeLust will be moving to a Gorean sim and be re-styled into medieval style instead. I got a good deal on land in a Gor-sim and look forward to a smooth transition in cooperation with their admin team. So, time to drop the latex and get into those silks! *licks* Nicole“.

What a shame! It was a quiet night and after making a tour through our favourite clubs we went early to club DeLust to enjoy it as long as it is there. We won’t go there when it moves to a Gorean sim. Club DeLust was really full, seems we were not the only guests who made a sort of farewell visit. And then Mistress Jenny realized the date: April 1st – Fool’s Day! And we both bought it first. So this won’t be our last visit to club DeLust.

April 1st at club DeLust: Mistress Jenny, Diomita and Kitty

While we were there, we got a rare visit, rare because of RL and timezones. Our Kitty came online and Mistress summoned her immediately. She didn’t wear her March outfit anymore, so she had something to report:
Mistress Jenny: are you ready to tell us the tale about how you came to lose your clothes Kitty?
Kitty: well…Kitty will give you the short version. Kitty got kidnapped last week by some noobs who got their hands on too many scripted toys and gadgets. It happened at S&L Storage Facility
Mistress Jenny: yes?
Kitty: The one who kidnapped Kitty pretended to be a Mistress and the script took Kitty automatically to their sim and into a cage… pretty neat so far, turns out that she was actually subbing to another ‘Mistress’ who owned the sim and wanted to turn it into a brothel, needing ‘girls’ – LOL
Mistress Jenny: and they chose you, lovely
Kitty: Both were just a few days old in SL and you could tell their inexperience and insecurity because they were overcompensating so badly, it was actually hilarious…
Diomita: I hope you had your nails polished, Kitty
Kitty: well… yes. Kitty did. So Kitty decided to just play along for a while to see what would happen… and of course the uber-Miss somehow messed up the island with all her scripts and the #2 Miss had to rebuilt everything. Meanwhile they got into all sorts of heated debates…
Kitty: meanwhile, Kitty was inside a cell, logging in every now and then for a few minutes to get an update
Kitty: well, then they got a John for Kitty …
Kitty: anyways, that’s how Kitty managed to get unlocked and bailed

April 1st at home: Mistress Jenny and Diomita with Kitty

After this report, and as it was April 1st, our Kitty was the first to get her April outfit. It consists of a transparent latex catsuit, KaS Ballet boots, chastity belt and RR armbinder. It is a very basic outfit again for our subs and slaves to relax. And to be ready for our teasing *winks*. The picture above of Mistress Jenny, Kitty and me at club DeLust and the one at home shows our Kitty already in her April outfit.

But that was not all for April 1st. At least not for Kitty in her timezone. When I came online the next day, Sunday April 2nd, I found the following message of the S&L Storage Addicts group – sent by mikhayla (mikhaylameow) together with an attached picture:

April 1st: Kitty Maurer kidnapped at S & L Storage Facility

Bratty kitty in captivity
Sat, Apr 01 2017 10:08:40 PM PDT
We have a bratty kitty in captivity. Feel free to come by and tell this one she needs to behave. Such a bad one. She’s complaining because the cage doesn’t have a sofa.
Doesn’t our Kitty look nice in a cage? Well, I only wonder who is the blacksmith, who removed Kitty’s chastity belt? We need to find out and to take according actions.

Diary 2017 (44) March 25th / 26th – Key-holding Service

The last days were quiet. There’s not that much to report from them. I had stored our slut cecy at S&L Storage facility where she was quickly attracting some attention and as always was drippin’ wet.

March 22nd: Diomita storing slave slut cecy at S & L

Except Friday night, March 24th, when we had our regular party, we spent the last nights in one of our usual clubs with slave Flo. Saturday night, March 25th, we were at Mesmerize Dungeon with slave Flo. A newbie approached Mistress Jenny and me as she was attracted by slave Flo’s current outfit (NGW corset, NGW hood, KaS neck corset, KaS chastity belt, KaS ballet boots). It turned out that the newbie was no newbie (no surprise) but a startover avatar and she was looking for someone who locks her down. She had already all the gear that slave Flo was wearing. We refused her application as we want to provide enough attention for our slaves and we also need time for ourselves. But afterwards Mistress Jenny and I began to discuss the founding of a key-holding service. Within an hour we elaborated all details and founded a group: “Maurer’s Keyholding Service”

On Sunday, March 26th, I wrote down all the ideas for a notecard describing the service:


Self-bondage is fun. And in SL you can also easily add a timer to increase your fun. But still something is missing, isn’t it? The kick of helplessness, to be depending on someone else’s mercy. We offer this kick with our key-holding service. To enrol for this service you’ll have to join our group Maurer’s Key-holding Service. We set a small fee of 100L to join the group.
How does it work?
1. You join our group Maurer’s Key-holding Service
2. You set yourself up in the bondage of your desire
3. You go to our home sim (landmark here) and wait there, locked and with your keys out
4. When we meet you we will take the keys and take control
5. The service is provided by Mistress Jenny or by Mistress Diomita
5. We will keep you locked at least one week, the length of time can be agreed or decided by us.
6. We demand a fee, that is usually 100L per week as a rule of thumb.
7. To be released you’ll have to tip the DJ of our regular Friday night party (9 PM GMT / 1 PM SLT). We expect at least 100L tip.
8. You desire to stay in one of our (isolation) cells? We charge an additional fee of 100L per week for this service.
That’s it. 
RLV? Cheating?
Should you destroy your fun by cheating out, we will not refund the fee for joining the Maurer’s Key-holding Service group. You will be ejected from it.
We don’t provide technical service. You have to set up your desired bondage yourself and you have to lock yourself.
We don’t offer particular attention. You have to entertain yourself. Once we hold the keys we MIGHT take advantage of you as our victim in any way WE desire, we might also be way to busy and MIGHT not care about you in any way. That simply depends on our mood and availability.
Mistress Jenny and Mistress Diomita are on GMT / GMT+1 time zone
The Key-holding Service is not to intended to raise money for us. We ask for fees just to prevent being pestered by every wannabe. All revenues will be used to support our Friday night fun.
Enjoy and have fun!
Mistress Jenny and I are curios how the new service will develop.

Diary 2017 (18) – green light (III)

Sunday night, January 29th, was quiet and relaxing. We visited slave cecy, who was still exposed at S & L Storage facility, together with slave Flo and “motivated” to stay another day *laughs wickedly*. We had fun doing so and slave cecy will for sure be a very good and obedient slave maid supporting our head slave maid Flo more eagerly after this experience.
When slave Flo went to bed, I took my property to club DeLust where we winded down.

Jan 29th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at club DeLust

Jan 29th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at club DeLust

I did enjoy this short green light. You should stop, when it is at it’s best. I willingly ended my green light before we went to bed. Thank you, Mine. Thank you, Mistress Jenny.

Diary 2017 (17) Jan 28th – green light (II)

Saturday night, January 28th, I enjoyed taking advantage of my property. When I cam online slave cecy was cleaning the house and slave D was also online, but couldn’t stay long. I tried out a new suspension rack at our club (not yet officially opened) and stored slave D there.

Jan 28th: Slave D at the Suspension rack in our new slub. slave cecy enjoys a spanish horse and Diomita is making notes.

Jan 28th: Slave D at the Suspension rack in our new slub. slave cecy enjoys a spanish horse and Diomita is making notes.

Then I sent slave cecy back to work to finish cleaning everything. When Jenny came online, we took slave cecy to S & L Storage Facility. Our Kitty recounted that two friends of here are stored over there: Belle Fonda (kyttentoy) and Karina Fonda (karina983) – see yesterday’s blog post “Do you believe that your thoughts determine your destiny?“. And yes, they were present and the place was nicely crowded. Just exactly what we were looking for our slave cecy to store and expose her :-).

Jan 28th: slave cecy stored at S & L Storage Facility

Jan 28th: slave cecy stored at S & L Storage Facility

For tonight I wanted my property nicely tied up and I choose a sleeveless bondage top that my naughty wife bought a few weeks before (most probably she was eager that I use it during a green light). Then I took her to Domme a Domme, to The Secret House and to club DeLust. It is really a pleasure to have her at my feet, gagged and unable to IM (except with me of course). We both had a very relaxing night. And I can tell that I can’t be more proud of my property.

Jan 28th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at DaD

Jan 28th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at DaD

Jan 28th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at TSH

Jan 28th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at TSH

Jan 28th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at club DeLust

Jan 28th: Mistress Diomita and Jenny at club DeLust

Do you believe that your thoughts determine your destiny?

During the last weeks our Kitty spent a lot of time with Belle Fonda (kyttentoy) and Karina Fonda (karina983) and Mistress Jenny and I got regular reports and updates. In her last report Kitty recounted that she talked Belle and Karina into a cell at S & L Storage Facility. Kitty’s report was quite detailed and I asked her to make a blog entry of it for us. Well …. here it is 🙂

Do you believe that your thoughts determine your destiny?

Are we the products of our thinking? Maybe you already know that there is some kind of a mysterious link between the way your mind forms thoughts and the types of events you might be confronted with in the future.
Have you ever experienced strange coincidences? Maybe, in the midst of a terrible downpour,  you were desperately hoping for a parking spot to open up right in front of the store and just as you approached, another car pulls out of the spot closest to the entrance door. Got lucky? Or was there a greater force at work?
Try it out for yourself and see what happens. If you still have doubts, begin to pay close attention to your thoughts and then observe the outcome later on.
But before you go off attempting to bewitch the next lottery drawing, what about thoughts for things or events that we don’t desire? After all, the mind can’t ‘unthink’ a thought. At least not in the way we use the backspace key or undo button on a computer. For example, if you were told not to think of pink polar bears, guess what creature your mind visualized right at this moment? You can’t undo it anymore. The thought was there. But we’re not stopping here: To take it up a notch, are your thoughts even your own? Or are they someone else’s plug? And if your thoughts are someone else’s plug, is that someone even aware of it? Or did they fall victim to yet another person’s suggestions?
Sounds creepy? Confused? Here is where the fun begins… hehe:
Kitty and Belle have been at it recently, stealing each other’s keys, locking each other away only to stage an escape and get even. Tit for tat.
Along with the the usual banter, Kitty began teasing Belle about locking her away for good in the deepest and darkest pit that SL can offer.
Well, you can tell when your suggestions strike a nerve because Belle retaliated swiftly by capturing Kitty and even getting herself added on Kitty’s restraints.
When Belle began to tell Kitty about her upcoming longterm imprisonment, iso-cells and so on, Kitty knew for sure that she wasn’t just wishing it for Kitty. There was something much deeper. In her mind, Belle even visualized Kitty locked for many months inside an iso-cell in a pagoda-like structure on a small island in the middle of a lake, waiting for visitors to come.

Jan 29th: Kitty Maurer visiting Belle at S & L Storage Facility

Jan 29th: Kitty Maurer visiting Belle at S & L Storage Facility

So Kitty decided to push back, putting images, feelings and words in Belle’s head, describing how much Belle would love the emotional process of being locked away for many months in such a cell, how it would feel, the intensity of real emotions such as fear and love, deepest submission… and that Kitty that would make sure to stop by every few weeks.
Karina, Belle’s owner, happened to be part of the entire conversation.

Next thing you know… Belle and Karina are locked away at a sim called S&L Storage Facility… and not just for a few hours. Under normal circumstances, it will take them 3+ weeks to run down that timer. Stamkos, the sim-owner, caught them and made sure they won’t get out anytime soon.
Feel free to visit them and, like Kitty, have a good time sitting in front of their cell, sharing all sorts of cringe-inducing ideas on what their future might hold.
It is so much fun to watch them squirm (and: it prevents their minds minds from visualizing early release).
Is your mind already coming up with good ideas? What would you tell them?
And while we’re already on that topic, what are your ‘secret’ wishes and thoughts? What hidden desires does your mind harbor? Don’t be afraid – they might be bizarre.
Have you verbalized these thoughts or are they just emotions, feelings, pictures?
Go ahead and focus. Do you see it clearly? Can you describe it in words?
Feel free to write down your thoughts, maybe even as a comment to the blog.
After all, you’re only documenting your own destiny.

Thank you for your contribution, Kitty!